Sunday, March 6, 2011

a gentle drum.....

Honey and I were awaken this morning by the gentle drumming sound of a happy little woodpecker.  Rushing to the window to see just where the sound was coming from, there he was way atop a wooden pole this pretty little woodpecker drumming away.:o)  Honey hurried to get dressed, grabbed  his camera and off he went.  Our pics were not the best so that lead to an online search for a perfect liking of our little Sunday morning visitor.   

What a beautiful red crown he had, even more than this one in the pic.  The males have red crowns while the female crowns are black.  These beautiful birds are quite common throughout the United States and Canada, but are much rarer in southern parts of California.   They use their stiff tail feathers to cling and balance on tree trunks and branches and are quite territorial.

This little sweetie went on drumming his territory for quite a while.  I sure hope he comes back for another visit soon.  I found him quite wonderful.:o) 

Happy week to each and everyone of you♥



Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Hello to each and everyone of you.  March is here and promises of spring are near.  A field of flowers, big puffy white clouds, blue skies, caterpillars, butterflies, birds singing songs of springtime, the laughter of children at play....Oh the lovely sights and sounds of spring.

The old world beauty of the calla lily is certainly a spring bridal favorite.   An unfussy flower, beautiful in its simplicity.  This lovely lily was photographed a few springs ago inside our court garden, simply beautiful don't you think.  What will you be growing in your garden this spring.

Continue to enjoy a lovely week.  Hang in there Spring is on the way!