Tuesday, September 13, 2011

autumnal dreams.......

This feels wonderful!!  Hello all!  I hope each and everyone of you are enjoying a lovely week.  I certainly have missed meeting you here.  I thought of you often as I went busily about my work and hope you forgive me for such a long absence. 

Summer is coming to a close and beautiful autumn is making her presence.  Just a few days ago I shared with Honey just how much I am looking forward to our new season.  Autumn is such a lovely, gentle and quiet season.  I've been thinking of warm throws, hot chocolate, cookies right out of the oven, knitting and tea. :) The evenings are growing cooler with recent early mornings carrying a chill.  Out for a drive a few evenings ago and I found myself reaching for a light shawl...oh yes those little signs of autumn. :)

By the way, the lovely leaves above are from a book I purchased several years ago.  I wish I could show you the entire book, it is beautiful!  Its actually a book for those who love to collect leaves and have lovely pages of parchment for pressing leaves right in the book.   I found this beautiful book while browsing through the bargain book section at Barnes and Noble.  For you book lovers, don't you just love the bargain book section!  You can find some treasures there! I think I find myself spending more time there than any other part of the bookstore, I just love it! 

 The coming weeks will be busy ones for me, but I promise to make it back here soon. :o)  Take care dear friends.   Enjoy a lovely week!




Inspiration from Nature said...

Ah yes, I agree with you. Autumn is the most beautiful season and like you I love to collect leaves, press them in a book and store them in a little herbarium my daughter gave me.
Enjoy your week Beverly.

Tracy said...

When I saw those vibrant leaves pop up, I sighed... So lovely, and what a special book you have to keep them in. I love pressing leaves. In fact, last week I took four from a walk and have them pressing between parchment paper now! Autumn is very much in the air here right now...we've been dipping into the hot chocolate already... LOL... ;o) Happy Days, Beverly ((HUGS))

Magnolia Tea said...

Hi Beverly! I've had a lighter step since fall has started chasing summer away, too. I love this time of year and hope to make the most of it.Your pictures are always gorgeous!
Have a wonderful week. :)

Anne said...

Soft autumn colours are preserved inside an old book : it is surely a beautiful picture which makes us think of how words and memories can be linked.
Enjoy the beginning of autumn, Beverly!

Chris said...

Hi Beverly!

Than is a gorgeous photo! I would have snatched up that book too! It sounds lovely.

Enjoy autumn as it unfolds. My favorite time of year...

Cynthia said...

Though I live in the tropics, if I could choose one season in which I would like to live, it would be autumn. It is not just the weather that is perfect but the colours! Oh the colours!!!

Judy Hartman said...

Oh yes, Beverly, I too love autumn so much!! What a wonderful book for saving leaves and memories! Do you remember pressing leaves and flowers in phone books between sheets of waxed paper?
Enjoy the crisper weather! I'll be over for home baked cookies one of these days!! :)

Marilyn said...

It is lovely to see you hear as I visit right now. Love browsing the book store. I will have to check out the bargain book section more closely. Have a delightful week.

Anonymous said...

Love and hugs and many blessings
Love Jeanne

Amy said...

Hi Beverly,
I too love fall. Even though it's technically the end of the year, it sure feels like the beginning. Enjoy the season :)


Jeanne said...

I love you my sweet friend.
My blog is back up.
come visit if you can.
I love you
Hugs and smiles across the miles
Love Jeanne

Lynda said...

It's such a pleasure to find leaves that were pressed into a book long ago and forgotten. Autumn is my favourite season too ... enjoy your week!

Anonymous said...

I did try to leave a comment on your TTR the shoppe but was unable to do so.
Something must be wrong with my computer, so sorry.

Hélène Glehen

Helmbunch said...

Fall is truly a wondrous time of year. I hope you have a fantastic Autumn season! Remeber to find the joy in each day, friend.

Wild Rose said...

Hi Beverly,

I am so late in returning your last visit, but your comments are always appreciated and it is good to know that friends are thinking of me, even when I'm too busy to blog.

I hope that you are enjoying this season of mellow fruitfulness.

Have a lovely weekend.

Marie x