Tuesday, June 28, 2011

a little summer break....

Hello all!  Hope the start of your week is a beautiful one.  Mine is moving along just wonderfully.  Just a few days ago I celebrated yet another birthday!  Yep, June 23rd a little girl was born whom my dear sweet mother gave the name Beverly.:o)  I had a quiet and wonderful day and some presents too!  I count it a Blessing to have celebrated another year of life...by the way, I am 57 years young.:o)  I know many do not like to share their age, but I don't mind at all.:o)

We are having a lovely summer here in southern California.  It seems as though each day is even more beautiful than the day before.  Honey and I will be taking some time to relax and enjoy.  I will also be taking some time to finish up some projects and do some writing.  I am so looking forward to it all.  I'm going to take the full month of July.  I hope to return with lots to share with you.:o)  Happy summer to each of you!  Take care and will chat with you in a few weeks♥

By the way, the photo above was a sweet little discovery made while taking a stroll through the neighborhood.  Wonder just what the owner would have done upon finding me sitting there quietly reading a book.:o) 




Becky K. said...

A happy belated birthday, dear Beverly. Warren's was June 24th. A great month for a birthday!

Enjoy your time to just work and enjoy this interesting Summer.



Jeanne said...

Beautiful my lovely friend.
Much love and many birthday blessings.
Gorgeous picture

Magnolia Tea said...

Happy Birthday, Beverly!!
Enjoy your break, and can't wait to see all you accomplish. :)

Marianne said...

Happy Birthday Beverly! Have a nice time. Work on your projects and relax a little!

Anonymous said...

Dear Beverly,

I hope you have had a beautiful birthday :o)

The little place you found in your neighborhood is lovely and inviting for a rest on this little bench. Peaceful place.

I wish you a very nice break. Enjoy.
Chat with you soon my frien.


Hélène Glehen

Marilyn said...

The owner of that bench would probably just smile and say enjoy. Happy summer to you too. Now if we only had sunshine so it felt like summer.

Tracy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY belated, Beverly! Glad you had a beautiful day. LOVE the photo... that is the perfect nook to while away the summer in...*sigh*... It's been a sweet summer here so far, we make the most of the days just now too. Enjoy your summer break, my friend, savor every drop. :o) ((HUGS))

Ki said...

Happy Birthday Mrs. Beverly!! I know you had a wonderful and lovely day. God's blessings for many many more birthdays to come. In the meantime enjoy every minute/hour/day for everyday is a day to celebrate:) And that beautiful spot you found..mmmm I would be asking for written permission to spend time there myself:)

Wild Rose said...

Belated birthday greetings Beverly. I hope that you have a wonderful July and enjoy many special times.

Marie x