Sunday, April 3, 2011

butterfly kisses......

Beautiful butterflies, one of the delights of springtime.  Lately I have had to ask....where have all the butterflies gone.  I remember as children the smiles they brought to our faces.  Colorful, delightful, graceful, playful, so beautiful the butterflies.  Quietly approaching for a chance to feel the feathery softness of their wings.

With just a little research,  I come to learn that my observation was true.  Many are asking where have all the butterflies gone and bumble bees too.  Lots of different theories but one thing I know for sure...I miss them so.

Enjoy a beautiful week each and everyone you.

Flutter by butterfly,
Floating flower in the sky.
Kiss me with your petal wings,
Whisper secrets,
Tell of spring.

author unknown




Hélène Glehen : The Painted Rose Studio said...

Dear Beverly,
This is a beautiful butterfly and you are not the only one to ask where they gone.
The declining population of butterflies, bees and bumblebees is due to the heavy and indiscrimate use of pesticides by farmers and individuals.
The number of butterflies visiting our garden, where we do not use chemicals, has greatly decreased and I no longer see the species that I used to see and it saddens me very much.

Tracy said...

We don't see to many butterflies here I either. They seem to be disappearing fast... it is so sad. I remember childhood summers seeing lots of butterflies--even just tons of those "simpler" white or yellow butterflies--always a magical delight to see. With building & housing developments moving further & further into rural areas, the suburbs spreading, very sadly butterfly habitats are being eroded. But we can plant flowers in our gardens & window boxes to help attract butterflies. :o) Happy Day, Beverly ((HUGS))

Becky K. said...

We still enjoy quite a few butterflies here in Lancaster County...It helps that my MIL has a lovely butterfly bush in her front yard which is right beside ours.

I am sure, though, that you are right about the overall population. "We" are not kind to our environment.


Becky K.

Anne said...

Butterflies are so beautiful around flowers! Here in Limousin we can see them in spring, but it's a bit too early and the temperature is too fresh. They appear later, rather in may and june, when the weather is warmer and more flowers open.
Enjoy a nice week, dear friend! :)


Have a wonderful week as well. It was good to hear from you. Be sure to enjoy your spring.

Lisa xx

Jeanne said...

Beautiful postings
I love butterflies and spring
and YOU

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

I so love butterflies...Have a great week...hugs..m....

Pauline said...

Dear Beverly, you are so right, I see so few butterflies any more. It makes it all the beter to appreciate them when they do flutter by :o)
Be blessed, dear friend.

Rebecca said...

What would summer be without butterflies?! They're so peaceful and beautiful. But unfortunately, like the honey bees and many other of God's little creatures, the pesticides and chemicals we use here in the US are causing them to disappear quickly. It's so very sad.
But your blog is so uplifting and it!

Ki said...

Mrs. Beverly, you write the most beautiful post:) Thank you for sharing your lovely thoughts and the kinds words you always left me. You have a kind heart. I've also wondered where they have gone, it used to be the first sight of spring when you see them. I love butterflies (hince the tattoo I have on my foot - regret of tattooing my foot YES but I do love butterflies) I've saved your picture of the butterfly as my work computer screen saver:)