Wednesday, April 27, 2011

linen and lace.....

I still remember the grandness and beauty of my grandmother's linen closet.  Stacks of beautiful sheets, pretty aprons, linen hand towels and hankies, crocheted doilies and beautiful handmade quilts.  As a little one it indeed was a nice place to visit, but now as a big girl I realize what a real treasure grandma's linen closet was.

It has been a real treat collecting these tiny treasures of vintage linen and lace.  In no way will I ever have a linen closet like grandmother, but these lovely pieces certainly make me smile.

Pretty lace napkins make tea time even more special.  The treat of a linen hand towel and a beautiful bar of hand milled soap...sweet little indulgence and no added calories!:o)   One of my favorites books on the care and collecting of vintage linens and lace is Linens and Lace by Tricia Foley.  A beautiful book full of lovely photos and decorating ideas.

Wishing each and everyone of you a beautiful and joy filled week!:o)   Remember, it is sometimes the small things that can bring the biggest smiles.  Chat with you soon♥



Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Easter!

Hello!  Hope your week has been a beautiful one.  This week has certainly been filled with thoughts of our risen Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  Oh my how I love Him so.  He is good beyond measure.  My dear sweet Mother would often say "if I had ten thousand tongues, it still would not be enough to tell of the goodness of God". 

It is my prayer that you and your family enjoy a beautiful Easter weekend.  Happy Easter to each and everyone of you!

But the angel answered and said to
the women, "Do not be afraid, for
I know that you seek
who was crucified.

He is not here; for He is risen,
as He said.  Come see the place where
He lay.

Matthew 28: 5-6 (NKJV)



Friday, April 8, 2011

spring break.....

Another week's end has come.  I hope yours was a lovely one and you have plans for a beautiful weekend ahead.  Mine was a wonderful one, but I must say I miss visiting all of you.   My computer simply did not want to cooperate for a few days, but all is well now I hope.:o)

Honey and I will be heading up the coast for a much needed and anticipated spring break.  Bags are packed and ready to go! :o)    My new Syrenity Rose shop will remain open, and would like to thank those of you who sent such lovely feedback regarding my new jewelry shop home!  I think I am going to love it here!  I will always have Etsy love:o)  So many talented artist and crafters there.  It is indeed Etsy that taught me a whole bunch about e-commerce.  For anyone new to the handmade business,  I recommend Etsy for sure.:o)  The support is awesome!!

Any special plans this weekend?   Simply curling up with a good book or venturing out,  make it a beautiful one.   Chat with you in a few weeks♥



Sunday, April 3, 2011

butterfly kisses......

Beautiful butterflies, one of the delights of springtime.  Lately I have had to ask....where have all the butterflies gone.  I remember as children the smiles they brought to our faces.  Colorful, delightful, graceful, playful, so beautiful the butterflies.  Quietly approaching for a chance to feel the feathery softness of their wings.

With just a little research,  I come to learn that my observation was true.  Many are asking where have all the butterflies gone and bumble bees too.  Lots of different theories but one thing I know for sure...I miss them so.

Enjoy a beautiful week each and everyone you.

Flutter by butterfly,
Floating flower in the sky.
Kiss me with your petal wings,
Whisper secrets,
Tell of spring.

author unknown



Friday, April 1, 2011

enjoy a beautiful one......

Wishing you the biggest and brightness weekend ever!   The morning is beautiful, the breezes warm, the skies a beautiful blue...spring has certainly sprung!   Go out and make it a good one! 

By the way,  I would love for you to stop by and take a peek at my brand new shop home.  I think I am going to love it here.:o)  Happy weekend to each and everyone of you♥