Friday, February 25, 2011

thinking of you.....

Been thinking of you today
Wondering how you are
Though distance separates us
 You're always in my heart
I pray that you will always know
How much you mean to me
And that the Lord loves you so
And He's all you'll ever need.

M.S. Lowndes

As I sat here in my little studio, thoughts of you came to mind.  Enjoy a beautiful weekend each and everyone of you.




Becky K. said...

Oooh and with a pretty flower too.
Have a fabulous weekend, Beverly.

Deanna said...

You as well sweet Beverly!

Deanna :D

Auntie Bliss said...

Hey Beverly!!! Whatcha doin?
Is it warm out there? Didn't we just say Merry Christmas the other day?
Have a sweet weekend friend!

Hélène Glehen said...

How kind of you Beverly to give us a thought and this beautiful poem.
Have a nice weekend too.

Hélène Glehen said...

oh and I congratulates you for your new Syrenity rose blog and website. Very very inspiring and beautifully done.
All the best for your coming new brand shop.

tea time and roses said...

Thank you so much dear Helene! I am indeed quite excited! Enjoy a lovely weekend dear friend.


Anne said...

Thank you for such delicacy, dear Beverly, through this charming poem. I think of you friendly. Enjoy a lovely weekend!

Jeanne said...

Beautiful my lovely friend and the same to you
Love Jeanne

Tea Party Daily said...

Oh my, what a beautiful rose!
Have a great weekend, my friend! :)

Marilyn said...

What a special poem, I love it. I hope your weekend it extra special.

Tracy said...

That pink rose is perfect...*swoon*... Happy Days, Beverly ((HUGS))

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

Thinking of you often my friend...m...

YayaOrchid said...

Beautiful poem, beautiful thoughts! Such beautiful photo too!