Tuesday, October 5, 2010

oh my.......

Hello all!  Hope each of you are enjoying a most beautiful week.   I spent the weekend in bed nursing a sore toe:o)  Well it all happened like this....on Thursday morning while sliding out of bed I twisted my toe just a little, I  mean no pain of any sort.  On Friday all seemed well but I did notice a little soreness, but nothing major.  But oh my goodness on Saturday afternoon I was in full blown misery!:o)  I thought I better stop all I was doing and rest it for a while.  Well here I am Tuesday and my little toe is just beginning to feel better.  Wow what happened!  Oh my goodness is it age or what!:o)  I am going to take the rest of the week easy and make sure I am careful with it.  Hmmm something tells me the golden ages will not be all golden:o)  Take care dear ones; chat with you soon.




Anne said...

Dear Beverly, I hope that you will be in good health very soon. Not to be able to walk is so unpleasant! You will have to be patient. Maybe the physiotherapist could help you by giving you a cream or making a bandage at your feet? I wish you a speedy recovery.

Becky K. said...

Ooopsie! Isn't it amazing how things change? So glad your toe is improving. Your sense of humor is coming through...smiles.

Becky K.

Auntie Bliss said...

You must buy that toe some new soft socks to encourage him/her to feel better! :) Take care, Beverly!

Hélène GLEHEN said...

Hello Dear Beverly,
So sorry to hear you were in pain. Hope everything will be allright very soon.
Sometimes, we need just time for things to go well again.

Tea said...

Oh my, indeed! Sorry to hear about your toe, but, hey, I bid you welcome to the wonderful world of being more careful as we grow older...been there! They say as you get older and hurt yourself it usually takes two days to feel the worst of it. Go figure!
Rest well! and have a great weekend!

Deanna said...

Beverly, what a sweet sight your beautiful face is to me. It's been so long but I always think of you since you were one of my very first Blogger friends. I hope your toe is feeling much better by now. I'm wearing reading glasses for the first time while I write this as my new special lenses don't allow me to see things close-up..far yes but close no (I look like my dear mother now.)
Hope you and Honey are having a wonderful October.

Sending many hugs to you!

Wild Rose said...

Poor Beverly. I do hope that your toe is better soon.

Have a lovely weekend.

Marie x

Tracy said...

Oh, no, Beverly! Do hope you are resting that toe/foot and taking it easy... Ah, the joys of aging... haha! ;o) But it's funny how we got about out business as usual, doing what we do, then a little twist...and we're on our backsides. Perhaps the body's way of saying slow down for a little bit. :o) Happy Weekend, my friend ((HUGS))

Jeanne said...

Big hugs
Feel better my sweet friend.
It is our beautiful Canadian Thanksgiving weekend here.
My Son and Ahram's wedding video is up on my blog
Love you