Monday, September 27, 2010

syrenity rose......

Hello all!  Hope each of you enjoyed a beautiful weekend and wishing you a lovely week ahead.   I certainly enjoyed my little break and manage to use my time pretty wisely I think.:o)  Many of you know just how much I adore the beautiful rose.  I have adoration for many flowers, but oh the beautiful rose is certainly nearest and dearest to my heart.  So lately in the studio, among other things,  I have been making some very pretty rose jewelry like the earrings above.  These earrings were made using vintage mother of pearl buttons from my stash and to that I added some lovely resin roses.  I cannot wait to share with you all the new rosey ideas I have come up with!:o)

I promise to share more pics with you soon!  I also have lots of new knitting projects in the wings.  I purchased new yarn on yesterday for Honey a new hat and scarf for the coming cooler weather.  I have been wanting to try Lion Brand's newest line the LB collection. The yarn is a beautiful pure virgin wool and it feels wonderful!  I cannot wait to see how it knits up.  I've used very few Lion Brand yarns, but this one I thought I must try.:o)  What new projects do you have in the wings.   I would love to hear all about them.  Take care my friends!  I can hardly wait to pay each of you a visit!♥



Monday, September 6, 2010

a little break......

Hello all!  Here in the United States, for many Labor Day is the last major holiday before the start of a brand new school year.  My little grand daughter is raring and ready to go.  She loves school and makes pretty good grades, she is indeed a smart girl:o)  She is texting friends, preparing her backpack....lots of giggles and excitement.  She also has a birthday in just a few days, she will be fifteen years old.   my my how time flies.

There were lots of picnics over the weekend.  Honey and I spent time with the grand kids on yesterday.  I tell you grand kids are a pure joy:o)   Little Jeremiah is already two years old, and the sweetest little thing ever. All you grandmas know we can go on forever talking about the grand kids!:o)

I am going to take a little break, and so looking forward to it:o)  Simply some time to relax and enjoy.  I also have a few projects I am quite excited about I will be working on.  So I will be using the next coming weeks to get things done....hopefully:o)   Wishing each and everyone of you nothing but the very best.  Take care and chat with you in a couple of weeks.