Saturday, August 28, 2010

the sweetest word......

Don't you just love quiet mornings.  The kind when everything is still, not yet awaken.   Well this certainly a morning such as this, a perfect time for sharing here with you.

On my last post I promised to share something wonderful with you.  Reading the post once again, I had to smile...."It's not gold nor silver", but actually it's something far greater.   God's Word is far greater than silver or gold, rubies, diamonds, pearls or any earthly treasure one may possess.   It's able to change one's heart, one's life in a way that nothing else can. 

When facing what then seemed like some of the darkest days of  my life,  I began to seek God's Word with all my might, all my mind, all my soul.  I needed some answers.  Have you ever been in that place, I am sure most of us can give a resounding loud and clear yes on that one!:o)  Those valley days, months, years can be something else for sure. So many mornings I awaken with tears streaming my cheeks, the  very thought of another day seem more than I could bear.  But it was in the valley that I come to understand the awesomeness and great power of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  I come to learn something about Him that I thought I knew before, He loves me!  Oh I know we have heard those words time and time again and even sang the hymn as children "Yes Jesus loves me for the Bible tells me so".   But friends, He LOVES YOU, I mean really love you.  Not as the world loves you, but with His perfect love He loves you.  Once you have grasp this awesome and wonderful truth, it makes all the difference in how you see yourself and your valleys experiences. 

In those days I would write scripture down on index cards and slip them in my purse.  I think I chose index cards because at that time I was in college, at the young age of forty I must say, and I had plenty of index cards around:o)  I remember spending my lunch hour with my little scripture index cards.  Sitting in the college library,  between studying I would pull out my index cards.  Walking the long corridor to carry a requested medical record, I would reach for my little card with a sweet little reminder of God's Word.  Looking back on those days, I cannot help but smile.  I can now say it was some of the sweetest moments of fellowship with my Saviour, sweet sweet sweet:o) 

In 2007 I took from my journal many of the scriptures I love so much and shared them with family.   It seems many are facing difficult times at present, but remember my friends, it is in these times we must learn to rest in His word.  God promised to never leave us nor forsake us.  He also reminds us that nothing could ever separate us from His love.   Continue to remind yourself daily of God's Word.  Write it down and make it plain, most of all write it on the tablet of your heart.   Take care and enjoy a beautiful weekend and a lovely week to follow.




Becky K. said...

I will come back and read more when I have some time to soak this in and enjoy it. We are about to head out for some time with our daughter.

Becky K.

Anne said...

Hello, dear Beverly. Your post makes me feel a great emotion. You find just the good words, no doubt you are inspired. You have kept your index cards and you shared them and your spiritual experience with your family: it seems to me to be a wonderful present.
Thank you for the references:it is sure that we can find answers in the Bible and, very often, everyone can experiment to read or hear something in the texts that was not expected but happens as a precise word arriving exactly when we need it.
Have a beautiful sunday!

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

You are such an inspiritation to my life. This is a great testmony to you and your love for our Lord.....m...

Marilyn said...

A beautiful post my dear. Yes, in those quiet moments we often see more clearly.

Pauline said...

Dear Beverly, thank you for sharing this with us. We do sometimes forget just how much the Lord loves us, especially when we are going through trials. I think of my salvation and what it cost me, then looked at Christ and saw what my salvation cost Him!

God bless you.

Christina said...

this is so beautiful, my friend. you brought tears to my eyes.
Gods blessings are so love filled.

Blissitydoodah said...

Great list! It is wonderful to know that when all else is,money,friends,family...HE is still there holding us and loving us. It is hard for us to understand since we haven't learned to love the way HE does. Light that can't be darkened. :)

Eve said...

I think this is a wonderful post, and very valuable to every person who reads it. Thank you for giving your readers this message.

I'm sorry that you've been feeling in the dumps, and certainly feeling so strengthes ones walk in Faith, and thats a great thing. I'm glad that you are sure of where your stregnth comes from. It's a lovely thing.

Big hugs

Tea said...

Hi Beverly, I see why you were holding onto this treasure! I would too! This post reminds me of a song I can't remember all of it.... The sweetest words I ever heard was when He said, "Come follow me."
Hope you're having a lovely day. :)

FlowerLady said...

What a lovely, uplifting post. Thank you for sharing. You gave a wonderful list of comforting and strengthening scriptures.