Sunday, March 14, 2010

I Most Certainly Do......

Hello to each and everyone of you! Hope you enjoyed a most beautiful weekend. Oh my I cannot begin to tell you just how lovely it was here all weekend long. Clear blue skies, gentle breezes and sunshine! The clouds so puffy white, the ocean so beautiful! Spring is near, spring is near!

The beautiful bride above is my niece Tiffany (Tiffy) and her handsome groom Ryan. The two exchanged vows last month February 13th the day before Valentine's Day! What a beautiful wedding it was, not one detailed going untouched. Though we have had many weddings in our family, it was the first wedding without the presence of Dear Sweet Mother.

Tiffany and Ryan became high school sweethearts with just a little help from Mother. Preparing for her soon coming prom, Tiffany was asked by Ryan if he could be the one to escort her to the prom. Tiffy was not sure if that was what she wanted, so she called grandma.:o) Tiffy had a most special relationship with her grandmother and often called her for advice about school, dating or anything else that was on her mind. Mother was indeed the kind of Mom and Grand Mom you simply just wanted to share with. They talked about the prom and Ryan's wanting to accompany her to it. After a long conversation mother advised Tiffy to accept the date for Ryan sound like a wonderful and kind young man. The two of them enjoyed the prom with memories that will last a life time..... seven years later they became man and wife.

Mother was not present when Tiffany and Ryan exchanged vows, but I have a feeling she would have most certainly approved.:o)

Just a few days ago I shared a conversation with my sweet sister...."Mother's prayers are still being answered and will continue to be answered in all of our lives". Reminds me of the great patriarchs in the Bible who prayed but did not themselves live to see those prayers come to past, but yet those prayers were surely answered. Their presence was not a necessity, not a necessity at all.

Yesterday marked two years since Mother went to Heaven. I hold the promise near that one day and one day soon we will all see her sweet smiling face once again. Oh my what a wonderful day that will be!

Congratulations Tiffy and Ryan!!




Susan said...

A very beautiful young couple and such a touching story about your mother. Thank you for sharing.

Gloria said...

What a great story Bev. I'm sure your Mom is smiling down on you. Tiffany and Ryan both look like a very wonderful couple. Lucky they met. Thanks for sharing Bev. Have a great week.

Becky K. said...

What a day that will be...indeed!

Knowing the bit I know about you, I am guessing that every nice word you said about your mother is true. She raised an awesome daughter. I love the lessons to be learned from this post.

Becky K.

Anne said...

What a romantic wedding! I send Tiffany and Ryan my best wishes of love and happiness all along their life. I am sure that even if your Mum was not physically there, she was in the family mind and heart because she would have approved this union. Everything happy which happens to your family is something she is sharing on her way, we don't know how but joy is in God and God is everywhere, also with people we loved and go on loving, because such love simply can't stop.

Judy Hartman said...

Your niece is beautiful and it sounds like she found her perfect soulmate. Your mother sounds like such a warm and wonderful person, much like you. I understand how much you miss her, as I do my mom.
How fortunate we both were to have such beautiful women to inspire us!
Blessings to Tiffany and Ryan!
I loved reading about them.
Hugs to you,

Marianne said...

Your post gives me great comfort! Thank you, Beverly!

Lynda said...

Tiffany is such a beautiful bride Beverly! Thanks for sharing their romantic courtship with us. xo

Marilyn said...

What a beautiful bride and groom. Your story about Tiffany and your Mom was very special.

Nan said...

A wonderful posting, Beverly!! They make a lovely couple. I love her dress, and she looks so beautiful!

Helmbunch said...

What a lovely young couple just starting out on their path. I love the way the Lord continues to answer our prayers daily. Thank you for sharing a bit of your mother with us.

Tracy said...

CONGRATS to Tiffy & Ryan! What a handsome pair they make, such beautiful photos. You know, I love that they are both wearing white on their wedding day. :o) Wishing them all the best for a long life of love & happiness. Thinking of you as your miss you sweet Mother, Beverly... :o) ((BIG HUGS))

Jeanne said...

Congratulations to this most fabulous couple.
My son will wed his Princess Bride in September

Blessings for all marriages.

Love is all you need♥

Karen June Miller said...

I agree about the beautiful weekend. And, this couple is astonishingly handsome! The look so happy!!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Stop by my blog to enter my Harney and Son's "Irish Breakfast Tea" Giveaway. Just post a comment.

Best Blessings, KJ

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

What a sweet, beautiful couple. i pray God with shower them with many special Blessings...hugs....m.

Mrs.Rabe said...

Oh, what a precious family story! Tiffany and Ryan are a lovely couple and I am sure your sweet mother was smiling on their wedding day!

Thank you for sharing!