Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Love Is......

A beautiful reminder to each of us. Hope you are enjoying a most peaceful and joyous week.



Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Sweet Kind Of Busy....

Hello all! Hope you are enjoying a beautiful week. Another beautiful day here in my neck of the woods.:o) Looking from my studio window I can see the leaves gracefully dancing beneath the gentle breezes. The kind of day when you simply need a light sweater, grab a friend and take a stroll or even a drive....a lovely kind of day.

Going about my work, you came to mind. It has been quite busy in my little studio as of late, a sweet kind of busy I must say. The kind of busy you simply don't mind. The kind that makes you feel good, accomplished, and in turn you know you have made not only yourself happy but others happy too. But I must say, I so miss my normal visiting schedule with each of you and find myself peeking between work to see just what you are up to.:o)

If you have not visited my Cri Designs blog in a while you must!:o) It is Springtime at Cri Designs. Anyhow I would simply love to know what you think of all the pretty blooms in the shop. So drop by and take a peek! Well I guess I will take a much needed break, sip a little tea and relax. Take care and Chat with you soon.



Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Has Sprung!!

Happy first day of Spring everyone!! Is spring peeking her little head in your part of the world? Time to slowly put away our heavy coats, wool mittens and piles of blankets and replace them with just a little lighter attire.:o) Spring is most certainly in the air and blossoms are sprouting everywhere! These sweet blooms where found during a walk in the neighborhood. I hope you enjoy them.:o)

As I look into the face of these lovely flowers, I cannot help but think of just how much our Heavenly Father loves us. He knows just what we need and when we need it. It has been a harsh winter for so many, but look at these beauties. Seasons are beautiful and necessary.

Does your favorite color change? Lavender was my favorite for the longest time. Blue is my present best, but oh this lovely yellow! Beautiful!

Dressed in white, fresh and new. Springtime is the perfect time to start anew, to plan, to reorganize, to realign ones self once again with your dreams and aspirations.

This is our seventh season with this sweet little fig tree. It seems to be more beautiful than ever this season. It stands right outside my studio window letting me know that spring has surely sprung!:o)

My sweet little niece. She loves the camera! Happy first day of spring to each of you! Enjoy a beautiful weekend and a lovely coming week. Chat with you soon!



Sunday, March 14, 2010

I Most Certainly Do......

Hello to each and everyone of you! Hope you enjoyed a most beautiful weekend. Oh my I cannot begin to tell you just how lovely it was here all weekend long. Clear blue skies, gentle breezes and sunshine! The clouds so puffy white, the ocean so beautiful! Spring is near, spring is near!

The beautiful bride above is my niece Tiffany (Tiffy) and her handsome groom Ryan. The two exchanged vows last month February 13th the day before Valentine's Day! What a beautiful wedding it was, not one detailed going untouched. Though we have had many weddings in our family, it was the first wedding without the presence of Dear Sweet Mother.

Tiffany and Ryan became high school sweethearts with just a little help from Mother. Preparing for her soon coming prom, Tiffany was asked by Ryan if he could be the one to escort her to the prom. Tiffy was not sure if that was what she wanted, so she called grandma.:o) Tiffy had a most special relationship with her grandmother and often called her for advice about school, dating or anything else that was on her mind. Mother was indeed the kind of Mom and Grand Mom you simply just wanted to share with. They talked about the prom and Ryan's wanting to accompany her to it. After a long conversation mother advised Tiffy to accept the date for Ryan sound like a wonderful and kind young man. The two of them enjoyed the prom with memories that will last a life time..... seven years later they became man and wife.

Mother was not present when Tiffany and Ryan exchanged vows, but I have a feeling she would have most certainly approved.:o)

Just a few days ago I shared a conversation with my sweet sister...."Mother's prayers are still being answered and will continue to be answered in all of our lives". Reminds me of the great patriarchs in the Bible who prayed but did not themselves live to see those prayers come to past, but yet those prayers were surely answered. Their presence was not a necessity, not a necessity at all.

Yesterday marked two years since Mother went to Heaven. I hold the promise near that one day and one day soon we will all see her sweet smiling face once again. Oh my what a wonderful day that will be!

Congratulations Tiffy and Ryan!!



Sunday, March 7, 2010

Whispers Of Spring....

Hello! I hope each of you enjoyed a most beautiful weekend and are ready to take on the week.:o) My weekend was a wonderful one, quite busy in my little studio I must say. I had a most pleasant surprise that made for a happy heart and a very busy weekend. The details are on my Cri Design Blog.:o)

As I listen to just a bit of a weather report just a few nights ago it seems that tiny signs of Spring are beginning to show. It has been such a harsh and cold winter for so many across the country and around the world....hang in there Spring is on its way.:o)

My neighbor has some very pretty daffodils planted in her front yard along with some sweet little pansies, a lovely sight indeed. Few things are lovely as the sweet little faces of pansies. Do you have any special plans for our soon coming Spring?

Much work to do this week, but I promise to be back to say hello! Take care my friends, enjoy a most lovely week.

The Earth Laughs
In Flowers...

author unknown