Monday, February 1, 2010

Hello! Hello!

Hello all! I hope each of you enjoyed a most beautiful weekend and are all geared up for a fantastic week! I must say my time away was wonderful!! I did lots of little things that added up to big things.:o) I relaxed, did some writing, reading, knitting to name a few.

We are now well into the new year. The old saying that time seems to fly is certainly a true one. Before we know it we will be planning those fun summertime picnics.:o) During my little break I also thought of just how I wanted to spend the months ahead and what it would take for me to work that plan successfully. You know how much I long to become a published writer, a dream of mine for sure.:o) I also am loving my brand new venture in jewelry design and having a ball with that and presently have a deep desire to continue it rather seriously. By the way, my jewelry designs will be at 1000markets exclusively. I plan to close my Etsy Shop soon, but I will tell you more about that later.

I am also taking on a project I am calling the "me" project, I really do like the sound of that.:o) Most of what I love to do is done sitting. Oh my I could sit for hours on a project I am loving, not mention the sit time for one of my most favorite things...blogging.:o) I also have accumulated additional sit time due to mending. Well all of this sitting has got me a little stiff and I have got to loosen up a bit.:o) My surgery will be one year old February 13th and Honey and I plan to celebrate it with a walking and moving more plan.:o) I am really excited about it to say the least. So if I am not visiting as often, I just may be somewhere walking or doing some stretches.:o) Now that's a good thing!:o)

I also had to share this with you. I hesitated to make this sweet little ring. It is so simply in its design and I must admit quite simple to create, but once it was finished I loved it!:o) You may have seen others in similar designs but I think this one is something quite special. It took me weeks literally weeks to finally decide to create it. I was afraid it just simply would not be something I would love. I searched and searched for the right ring base and tried several flower cabochons before I was pleased. Well pleased I am, this is one beautiful ring. Honey and I went out last evening and I slipped it on my middle finger and enjoyed wearing it so much. A tiny cluster of flowers for the finger, so pretty. The filigree ring base is a wonderful quality and the cabochon is just lovely. I had to share this with you simply because it is one of those things that simply take you by surprise. I will have it in three beautiful spring colorways in my 1000markets shop later today!

Well my friends it was wonderful sharing this time here with you today. I will keep you posted on all my little projects. Even though I may not be commenting as often as usual in the coming weeks, my heart is always with my precious blog friends. Take care and enjoy a most beautiful week.




Anne said...

Welcome again on the blog world, dear Beverly! I am very pleased to read you again. Thank you for your romantic photos; the flower is wonderful with its special colour and your ring is as delicate as a real flower.
I understand your wish to become a published writer. I hope it will happen to you. But the pleasure of writing is already a great happiness.
I wish you a full of good things for the coming week.

Gloria said...

That's a beautiful ring Bev. Glad your off time was easy going. It's understandable about comments, sometimes it is a little hard. I hope you do get published, I know the feeling. I'm curious about your new shop, I may just go visit over there. Just wanted to stop and say hi and wish you well, oh and by the way do 30 minutes a day of exercise, 5 days a week and you'll be good to go. Try Curves, I'm sure you have one out your way. Take care, I have to go finish the paperwork for the taxes on Wednesday. bye bye.

Judy Hartman said...

I'm so glad you'll be continuing with your jewelry, Beverly, and I love he idea of your "me" project. I, too, have been trying to move more and it feels good.
And, oh yes, the ring you created is just beautiful!!
Looking forward to your posts whenever you're able to write them!

Penny said...

Welcome back. Sometimes it just takes time away to get all your ducks in a row and get busy on a few projects that speak to your soul. Best of Luck with your writing plans.
Your ring design is just lovely, like the other piece I have seen here on your blog. You are very talented so it is no wonder you enjoy the process so much and want to continue it.
I know what you mean about the moving around bit. Exercise is not really much fun and we spunky mature ladies do seem to find it a bit challenging. However, it is a necessary evil and I too have included it in the must do in 2010 list. so good luck with that as well.

Laura said...

Your ring is beautiful and I love your idea of the "me project." Have a great week Beverly!


Hélène Glehen said...

The ring is perfect Beverly. Very romantic one :o)

Tracy said...

May your dreams come true and more this year, Beverly! And may you keep thrilling to your new adventures in jewelry making--I so admire your ultra-feminine, romantic designs. I know what you mean about moving... I sit a lot with my craft business too, so movement is on my agenda too--LOL! Happy Days ahead, my friend :o) ((HUGS))

Maggie said...

Hi Beverly.
Your blog is a work of Love and Art. Every time I stop by for a visit I fall in love with your photo's and words.
Your beautiful ring creation is an example of the love you put into your work.
I too have been doing a lot of knitting lately. It's such a relaxing thing to do.

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

So very good to hear from you my friend. I am so glad you had a wonderful break. I love the ring so very beautiful. Have a sweet Blessed week...m..

YayaOrchid said...

What a beautiful ring! And perfectly romantic too! Valentines would love it!!

I know what you mean about slowing down in the blogging and comments. Sometimes it's hard to stop by everyone's blogs as much as you want to! But I simply could not let the day go without saying that I am so happy that you're doing fine and crafting happily away in your studio! I hope to see you stop by mine as I always appreciate your beautiful comments!

Marilyn said...

I was just thinking about walking today. I think it is seeing the crocus begin to bloom, it is drawing me outdoors. I definitely can't wait until I can take tea outdoors, sheer bliss!

Sangeeta said...

I appreciate this wonderful post!!

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Lady Prism said...

* I am just grateful to have found your blog again! I have been a quiet guest sometime before, just peeking in and reading. I had your site bookmarked until that time I brought my little netbook to the shop for an upgrade where, sadly, I lost all my bookmarked items.

* Your jewelry is very romantic. And of course, your writing...well.. it never fails to make me smile. ;p

SE'LAH... said...

welcome back. you were missed. glad to hear that you are enjoying your *gift of jewels*.

so nice to hear about your goals for this year. sending you lots of positive vibes.

that ring is exquisite.


Nan said...

That's a really beautiful ring. I hope your dream of becoming published comes true. I know your blog entries are truly works of art. I'm with you on the exercise thing. I spend way too much time sitting, either here or reading. :<)