Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Beauty, Wisdom and Grace....

Hello all! Hope you are enjoying a beautiful week thus far. Well I guess by now you have noticed the beautiful photo of the lovely Camille Cosby and the beautiful 97 year old Dorothy Height, educator, activist and so much more.

In this country of ours where youth is certainly worshiped, I am afraid the wisdom, grace and beauty of our seniors are many times overlooked.

I remember as a little girl I so enjoyed hearing all the stories the mother of our church would share with us kids. We children would gather around and listen intently as she told of her childhood, the land where she grew up, hard work and a lot of spooky stories too.:o) We children loved Mother Pounds so much! Whenever she entered the church she would soon have a gathering of children around her for we knew she had little treats in the huge purse she carried, something sweet.:o) She went to Heaven at the age of 98. What beautiful memories she left us kids, beautiful memories indeed. Many of her stories I still share today!:o)

As I look in the mirror and see those gray hairs appearing I see them as a right of passage, a sign of wisdom and beauty, preparation for the many stories I will tell.

The bible teaches us when there is a need to seek the elders of the church, it also teaches that women of age are to counsel, to direct, to guide. Let each of us not forget the wisdom that is richly among us in the wisdom of our seniors, something wonderful indeed.




Becky K. said...

Agreed, for sure!!!

Our elders are so precious!

Thanks for this lovely post. I had not seen Mrs. Cosby for quite a while. She is beautiful.

Becky K.

YayaOrchid said...

Oh Beverly! You always share such wonderful insights with us. I agree wholeheartedly about aging being a 'good thing', for it comes with its own merits. We can only hope to be positive influences in others' lives.

Gloria said...

Hi Bev. I haven't seen Camille Cosby in such a long time and together the two ladies sit so poised and beautiful. They are indeed ladies to be proud of. As for you, why Bev, you are beautiful not only on the outside but in your big heart as well. I'm glad I found your blog through yaya or I would have missed out on a lot. Please tell us some of your stories that were told to you by your Grandmother. That would be so interesting and moving. Thanks for sharing. Take care.

Blissitydoodah said...

So true! There is a lady or three that I count on for guidance and I love them so much. I want to do for younger ladies what they do for me. For God!
Are you older than me Bev? :)
(I know...don't ask...don't tell LOL!)

tea time and roses said...

Dear Phyllis I am proud to say in just a few months I will be fifty-six years old!:o)



Jeanne said...

Love you

Anne said...

Good evening, Beverly, and thank you for your beautiful text. I agree with you about our elders, their wisdom, their serenity they can communicate and all that they can give to other people: listening, understanding and the simple fact to be there with us is so important, because they share our life and they are an example. Even if some are not always in good health, the way in which they live shows how much it is important to be happy together.
I don't know the women on your photo, but I find them very smart and their eyes are so lively! It would be great later to be a nice old woman like them. As you say, becoming old can be pleasant, and we always go on learning something new in our life, that is fantastic! Thank you again for your wonderful message of hope and love.

Tracy said...

Absolutely... I couldn't agree more, Beverly, and you put it all so beautifully! My sister & I were brought up to respect and revere our elders, to learn from their stories,wisdom and insights. Our youth-dominated culture oftentimes seems to cancel-out the great good our elders bring to society, which is a shame. Personally, I find the mature folks much more interesting to be around! :o) Happy Days, my friend, and thank you for this wonderful, timely post! ((HUGS))

Tea said...

The ladies are lovely indeed!
Oh, that our youth would reach for the good and proper ways.

The hoary head is indeed a crown of glory.

Wonderful post, Beverly!
Have a great weekend! :)

annie's abode said...

a lovely post beverly - I was brought up to respect your elders, but then i think you should show your respect to everyone.

hope you are well

love and hugs

Marilyn said...

A gorgeous picture and love the words. Now that I am a senior I can appreciate it even more. We had a woman in our church called "the gum lady" because she always had packs of gum and a beautiful smile for each child. She is in her 90's now. My children have fond memories of her.

Deanna said...

Miss Beverly,
this post is quite precious. I am trying to teach my niece and nephew to seek wisdom from their elders..especially from their church. There are many stories and many lessons that are to be taught and I hope that you will share just like Gloria says in a previous comment, "Please tell us some of your stories that were told to you by your Grandmother. That would be so interesting and moving."


Susan said...

What a lovely purple hat! I wish I looked good in a hat. Some women
have such wonderful style and grace!

Pauline said...

Beverly, you are so right. I see learning from and respecting our seniors as beneficial in so many ways. I am looking forward to being 50 :o) Is it just me or do young people these days have a tendancy to seek advice from their peers?

Have a blessed weekend, my sister :o)

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

A beautiful post and you said it so well. Have a Happy valentine's Day my dear friend...m..