Saturday, February 27, 2010

Something New!

Hello all! Well the raindrops are certainly falling here today. Honey and I awoke early this morning enjoyed an early breakfast and both agreeing that our day would be best spent inside. And how wonderful it was, not only did we enjoy a lovely breakfast together we both were able to complete many of the chores we most likely would not have completed if the sun was shining brightly.:o) Who can resist venturing outdoors when the sun peaks through even just a little.:o)

With chores completed, and a promise of clearing skies on tomorrow, we plan to take a Sunday drive and visit a few of my favorite yarn shops. I having been peering through my knit books for something wonderful to knit. I am one of those knitters who first buy a lovely yarn I cannot resist and then pick a pattern I think will fit that yarn just perfectly.:o) By the way.......

I have a brand new blog! A place where I can chat about Cri Designs! A place where us girls can talk jewelry! I want to make my new blog a fun place where I not only share the latest Cri Design news and designs, but there will also be giveaways, tips, trends, and so much more! Speaking of month, March 2010 marks my third year of blogging.:o) And I will celebrate it with a giveaway I think you will most certainly enjoy! The giveaway will take place on my new Cri Designs Blog. Stay tuned for more news on the giveaway.:o)

Each of you enjoy a beautiful weekend and a fabulous coming week! Chat with you soon and don't forget to visit my new blog.:o)



Sunday, February 21, 2010

Somewhere Special.....

Hello all! Hope your weekend was a lovely one. Mine was wonderfully relaxing. The weekend was cool with a few scattered raindrops, just enough to make it nice and cozy.

As you know I love to take long drives especially along the coast. I think one of the most wonderful things about our drives are those occasions when Honey and I discover those special little places to dine and shop, places you just happen upon. No billboards leading you there, no fanfare or bright lights, a place totally unknown to you....a beautiful discovery that you remember forever.

Beside Still Waters is one of those special places, a beautiful discovery indeed. The author of the blog is Patty. When I discovered Patty's beautiful blog I knew I had happen upon a special place. Each of her post are so full of wisdom, so full of her love for our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I have followed her blog for quite sometime now. She is both gentle and sweet. She has a way of conveying the Word of God in way that is both clear and with love. Though we have never met personally and Patty does not comment often we are indeed kindred spirits. I sweetly think of her as the quiet blogger. If you have not met Patty, drop by her blog I know you will come away deeply inspired. When finding a treasure it must be shared.

Hope each of you enjoy a most beautiful week. You my friends are something special, I truly hope you know that.



Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Week To You!

Dropping in to wish each and everyone of you a most happy week filled to the brim with good things. Remember that "good things" often come in very tiny packages, no not diamonds, but something more. Many good things are not even paper wrapped, but simply wrapped in love. Something as simple as making a new friend, an unexpected hug, a tiny handmade gift, a smile from a child, a single rose, an unexpected "I love you", enjoying a favorite meal, a phone call from your best friend, a quiet moment with self, a good book, the smell of your favorite perfume, a lunch invite, love of family, love of friends....The list goes on and on.

Later in the week I have some very sweet bloggers I want to introduce to you. I tell you, blogland is filled with the most kind wonderful and inspiring women. These women challenge and inspire me in such a wonderful way. I hope you drop by to meet them. Each of you enjoy a most beautiful week. Chat with you soon.:o)



Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Wishing each and everyone of you a beautiful Valentine's Day! Send you a nothing but happy hearts. Enjoy your day!

On Valentine's Day we think of those
who make our lives worthwhile,
Those gracious, friendly people who
we think of with a smile.

Joanna F.



Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Beauty, Wisdom and Grace....

Hello all! Hope you are enjoying a beautiful week thus far. Well I guess by now you have noticed the beautiful photo of the lovely Camille Cosby and the beautiful 97 year old Dorothy Height, educator, activist and so much more.

In this country of ours where youth is certainly worshiped, I am afraid the wisdom, grace and beauty of our seniors are many times overlooked.

I remember as a little girl I so enjoyed hearing all the stories the mother of our church would share with us kids. We children would gather around and listen intently as she told of her childhood, the land where she grew up, hard work and a lot of spooky stories too.:o) We children loved Mother Pounds so much! Whenever she entered the church she would soon have a gathering of children around her for we knew she had little treats in the huge purse she carried, something sweet.:o) She went to Heaven at the age of 98. What beautiful memories she left us kids, beautiful memories indeed. Many of her stories I still share today!:o)

As I look in the mirror and see those gray hairs appearing I see them as a right of passage, a sign of wisdom and beauty, preparation for the many stories I will tell.

The bible teaches us when there is a need to seek the elders of the church, it also teaches that women of age are to counsel, to direct, to guide. Let each of us not forget the wisdom that is richly among us in the wisdom of our seniors, something wonderful indeed.



Monday, February 1, 2010

Hello! Hello!

Hello all! I hope each of you enjoyed a most beautiful weekend and are all geared up for a fantastic week! I must say my time away was wonderful!! I did lots of little things that added up to big things.:o) I relaxed, did some writing, reading, knitting to name a few.

We are now well into the new year. The old saying that time seems to fly is certainly a true one. Before we know it we will be planning those fun summertime picnics.:o) During my little break I also thought of just how I wanted to spend the months ahead and what it would take for me to work that plan successfully. You know how much I long to become a published writer, a dream of mine for sure.:o) I also am loving my brand new venture in jewelry design and having a ball with that and presently have a deep desire to continue it rather seriously. By the way, my jewelry designs will be at 1000markets exclusively. I plan to close my Etsy Shop soon, but I will tell you more about that later.

I am also taking on a project I am calling the "me" project, I really do like the sound of that.:o) Most of what I love to do is done sitting. Oh my I could sit for hours on a project I am loving, not mention the sit time for one of my most favorite things...blogging.:o) I also have accumulated additional sit time due to mending. Well all of this sitting has got me a little stiff and I have got to loosen up a bit.:o) My surgery will be one year old February 13th and Honey and I plan to celebrate it with a walking and moving more plan.:o) I am really excited about it to say the least. So if I am not visiting as often, I just may be somewhere walking or doing some stretches.:o) Now that's a good thing!:o)

I also had to share this with you. I hesitated to make this sweet little ring. It is so simply in its design and I must admit quite simple to create, but once it was finished I loved it!:o) You may have seen others in similar designs but I think this one is something quite special. It took me weeks literally weeks to finally decide to create it. I was afraid it just simply would not be something I would love. I searched and searched for the right ring base and tried several flower cabochons before I was pleased. Well pleased I am, this is one beautiful ring. Honey and I went out last evening and I slipped it on my middle finger and enjoyed wearing it so much. A tiny cluster of flowers for the finger, so pretty. The filigree ring base is a wonderful quality and the cabochon is just lovely. I had to share this with you simply because it is one of those things that simply take you by surprise. I will have it in three beautiful spring colorways in my 1000markets shop later today!

Well my friends it was wonderful sharing this time here with you today. I will keep you posted on all my little projects. Even though I may not be commenting as often as usual in the coming weeks, my heart is always with my precious blog friends. Take care and enjoy a most beautiful week.