Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Blogging Break........

Hello to each and everyone of you! I surely hope your week was a lovely one and you have plans for a beautiful weekend! My week was busy as I knew it would be but oh boy was it full. I am happy to be up early this morning enjoying a quiet Saturday morning. I know I have said it often, but I thank each of you so much for all your kind and encouraging comments, your emails, e-cards and more. I think of you often throughout my day. Each one of you are indeed special. I made a promise on last week to visit the new bloggers who dropped by to say hello and remind me that I was indeed in their prayers. I like to apologize for not keeping that promise, time simply would not allow me to do so. But know that your comments mean so much to me and you will indeed be hearing from me in the future. :o)

The last couple of days brought rain showers and I must say I am really enjoying it. :o) The air is crisp and cool, the leaves on the trees gently swaying beneath the cool breezes. Have you ever took a walk along the beach during a light shower or after a rain. The sound of the ocean's music is so clear and oh so beautiful. With camera and binoculars in hand it is a perfect time to capture wonderful photos and get up close and pretty personal with some beautiful birds who feel quite comfortable on winter's shore. The ocean in winter is truly a different experience than in summer, a beautiful experience indeed.

February 17th is right around the corner. Only two more appointments to go! :o) I had a visit with cardiology on Wednesday and one on yesterday. I am surgery ready, but my blood pressure has been a little on the high side so I have been given a more aggressive medication to bring it down. But all is well. :o) As time approaches I am getting a little nervous, I think my biggest concern is anesthesia. I have never been under anesthesia for such a long length of time. But I have been assured all will be fine. I often tease my doctors, "when I awake and get to take a look at my little face, I do not want to see an eye in the middle of my forehead" I want everything to be in its proper place! :o) I will be spending at least six days in ICU to monitor the new vessel that will be placed to supply blood to my new jaw. Once the vessel is given the ok I will be placed on a regular floor for a few days. I know I will need lots of mending time. But it is in these times when one can make new plans, read new books, and when I can, do lots of knitting! :o) Speaking of knitting, I made a lovely kerchief scarf made with the softest baby alpaca ever! It was my goal to finish it to bring along to the hospital, and it is finished! It feels like a gentle hug, and its softness reminds me of the touch of my Mother's hand.

This will indeed be the longest blogging break I have taken, and I am missing all of you already! :o) Honey will be leaving a little post the day after surgery so look for it ok. :o) Well my friends I will be away for a little while but I will be back, and don't you forget about me. :o) I feel a little teary eyed so I guess I better go before I am unable to see the screen clearly. Much love to all of you.

Friends are like flowers
from the garden
of your heart.