Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Gentle Breezes.....

Hello my friends! Hope you are enjoying a beautiful week. Summer is saying its last good bye's and gentle Autumn breezes are saying hello. I have so enjoyed the cool breezes that have filled my studio these past couple of days. I find myself simply sitting with eyes closed taking it all in, wonderful and welcomed.

Just a few days ago a sweet blogging friend ask just how my mending was going, and I thought it has been a while since I updated just how things were going. I feel wonderful! I tell you it has been a journey that has lasted many years and I can now say it is a journey ending. When I think just how far I have come it brings tears to my eyes. God has walked with me each and every step of the way and when I could no longer walk He carried me. I rejoice in His amazing goodness each day. My leg is so much stronger even without a fibula, and my new jaw, well it is doing amazingly well! I even have my implants in place and will be receiving brand new pretty teeth just in time for Christmas! What a Christmas present that will be for I have not had teeth on the bottom left side for five years! :o)

I believe in the power of a smile and not having those teeth in place never stopped me from smiling, no not even once.:o) Just shopping the other day a very sweet woman ask me just what happened that I am in the wheelchair. I chatted with her for at least a half an hour about my journey and God's goodness. His love and kindness is simply amazing! Don't you love letting others know just how wonderful our God is! He is my everything, simply my everything.

Bead play is still happening in the studio! I have placed a few pieces in The Shoppe, and I am so anxious for you to stop by and take a look.:o) I have had such a positive response and that is a good thing! I am not sure if I will continue designing after the holidays, but you never know.:o) Each of you take care and enjoy a most beautiful week filled with nothing but the very best. Chat with you soon.




YayaOrchid said...

Beverly, your posts always ispire me to try and be nicer and gentler! Because that is how I see you, sweet friend.

I like your photos a lot. I like the backgrounds you use, like that old ledger behind the leaves. Where do you find such beautiful things!

Above all, I am happy to hear that you are feeling better and better each day, and that soon, all this will only be a faded memory. God bless you and continue to minister to you!

Anne said...

Good evening, Beverly. Your text is full of emotion and spirituality. Your photos are full of poetry. And above all your heart is full of these bright and warm and deeply nice colors of the season of kindness. Reading your publications, we feel full of God's love. May my thanks and those of all your readers come to you with serenity, joy and friendship.

Becky K. said...

What a God-given testimony. That is the only way those who face trials such as these can have such wonderful attitudes and stories to tell.

It is good to hear that you are doing so well.

Thank you for being a blessing!

Becky K.

Tracy said...

Hi, Beverly! It is so good to know you are feeling well and happy! :o) So glad your health has been improving over the months. Autumn is a good time for slowing down, taking stocking and enjoying life. LOVE these pressed leaves...and LOVE the beautiful sparkling earrings in your shoppe! Wonderful work... Happy Days, my friend ((HUGS))

Shell said...

I admire your spirit and faith, Beverly. Glad to know you are getting better everyday. Happy you are going to get your teeth in, too.

Bliss said...

But wait!
You aren't going to stay in the wheelchair are you? Is it just a temporary thing? I hope so!
You have certainly shown anyone who is dealing with adversity how to handle it with grace and patience. God has used you as a mouthpiece for Him...an honorable position, isn't it?
Thank you for your recent visits! I've put blogging on something behind the back burner for awhile as you see :) Waiting for inspiration I guess! Ha!

Tea Time and Roses said...

It is so wonderful hearing from you Dear Phyllis! No I only use the wheelchair for long outings that would require lots of walking such as shopping ect. But the day is fastly approaching when I will not need it at all.:o) What a grand time that will be!:o)



Tea said...

Beverly, thank you for sharing an update on your health. I really enjoyed reading your testimony of how the Lord has been with you all the way. Praise His Name!
Have great weekend!

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

This brought tears to my eyes. You are a beautiful human geng who loves beyond measure. Our God is using you to bless so many...Love...m..

Pauline said...

Oh Beverly, I wasn't aware of your medical condition. I'm so pleased that you have greatly inproved and have given the glory to the Lord. May you ever be in His care, my dear sister.
Big hugs

Wild Rose said...

Hi Beverly,

I am so happy to read about your recovery and send you warm wishes from Canada.

Enjoy your weekend.

Marie x

Judy Hartman said...

I'm so glad that you're doing well, Beverly.
You have such a strong spiritual connection and I'm sure that has helped you. You are an inspiration to me.