Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Having A Little Fun With Beads!

Hello my friends! Hope each of you enjoyed a beautiful weekend! I promised to share with you pics of my little bead play!:o) I certainly enjoyed making these sweet little pieces. It's been a very long time since playing with beads and wire and I must say I had ball!:o) The earrings are 10mm amethyst cats eye glass beads with some pretty brass spacer beads and tiny clear glass beads all extended from a kidney wire! I love keys and thought they look great as a charms on the bracelet. I also added a toggle closure. I really like toggle closures they are fashionable and secure, but most of all they make it easy to put on your bracelets without extra help!o) I think they came out so pretty:o) I do plan to make myself a few more pieces and will be sharing with friends and family this holiday season!:o)

By the way, Micheal's now carries some very pretty jewelry findings and some pretty beads too. I also noticed they carry how to books for those interested in learning to make jewelry. So if you are so inclined, make a visit to Micheal's or your local bead or craft store and give it a go!:o) I must say I am not interested in becoming a jewelry designer but this was a fun and wonderful project indeed!:o)

A little update on my writing..... The last couple of weeks have been spent gathering notes and reading. One must be completely organized, a lesson I am learning the hard way. LOL! But all in all I think things are going pretty well thus far.:o) I cannot begin to tell you just how wonderful it is to be able to share my dreams and aspirations with all of you. Your kind and encouraging words are little nudges that keep me moving forward.:o) Enjoy a beautiful week my friends!

Style is to see beauty in modesty.

Andree Putman




Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

The piecies are so beautiful!! i am so glad the writing is going well...Hugs and smiles...m..

Becky K. said...

How wonderful! Chelsea enjoys puttering with beads...she will have to look at your beautiful work.

Becky K.

Jeanne said...

Very beautiful is everything you share
Love you ♥

YayaOrchid said...

It's great that you're having so much fun creating beautiful artwork with your jewelry! And I can hardly wait for your book Beverly! Have a wonderful week!

Tracy said...

Beautiful beads & creations, Beverly! I love that deep plum color of the beads and the brass findings. That necklace is fantastic! It is great how the chain craft stores, like Michael, have really improved their bead/jewelry departments for crafters--lot of great things for good prices too, which make the craft very approachable, I think. Look forward to seeing more of your lovely jewelry... and glad all goes well with the writing. Have FUN, my friend! OH, and thanks for you comment yesterday--much appreciated :o) ((HUGS))

Wild Rose said...

I love your earrings Beverly and the toggle clasp is a great idea ~ I lose earrings that aren't attached properly!

Those beads are just gorgeous ~ such a lovely colour.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Marie x

Hélène Glehen said...

Bonjour Beverly,
I see you know Andree Putman. It is a wellknown french designer so I am happy to see her quoted.
By the way, thank you so much for your comments on my last post. I am delighted with them because they're coming from a sincere, talented artist and designer as well. Thank you my friend. And yes, I enjoyed very much to paint the English roses. It was a happiness as always. I am a little bit ashamed because when I paint I am so absorbed that I lose the track of time and people living around. Mea culpa. Have a nice rest of week.

Tea said...

Oh, don't you just love antique-looking jewelry. Your bracelet is just beautiful! Love the key and the bead together! Have a great week!

Amy said...

Beverly...your jewelry is lovely. I have dabbled with jewelry making but the time I spent is few and far between.

Now, what's this about a book? Is Author another hat you'll be wearing? I say, "Bravo," if so. Have a fabulous weekend.


Laura said...

How lovely! Thank you for sharing! A wonderful weekend to you Beverly.

Judy Hartman said...

Such beautiful jewelry, Beverly! You have many hidden talents!

Rose Garden Romantic said...

Your jewelry creations are beautiful!!