Friday, August 21, 2009

In Search Of Autumn.....

Hello to each and everyone of you! Boy what a week it has been! A week of plenty to do but really getting nothing done.:o) By the way, please excuse the dust I am in the middle of making a few changes here at Tea Time.:o)

I remember Mother telling us children to never rush the time you just might miss something wonderful! But oh my I am so ready for Autumn. Summer has indeed been a beautiful one, but oh gentle Autumn is on my mind.:o) While preparing for her to come I will go about gathering my favorite books, unpack my throws, plan my knitting, and dream of gentle Autumn breezes. Above is a little box I received from an Etsy seller filled with beautiful beads. How nice of her to send them in this sweet little box all wrapped with a pretty chocolate bow!:o) Presentation is everything!:o) Enjoy a beautiful weekend, and have a joyous week!



Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Having A Little Fun With Beads!

Hello my friends! Hope each of you enjoyed a beautiful weekend! I promised to share with you pics of my little bead play!:o) I certainly enjoyed making these sweet little pieces. It's been a very long time since playing with beads and wire and I must say I had ball!:o) The earrings are 10mm amethyst cats eye glass beads with some pretty brass spacer beads and tiny clear glass beads all extended from a kidney wire! I love keys and thought they look great as a charms on the bracelet. I also added a toggle closure. I really like toggle closures they are fashionable and secure, but most of all they make it easy to put on your bracelets without extra help!o) I think they came out so pretty:o) I do plan to make myself a few more pieces and will be sharing with friends and family this holiday season!:o)

By the way, Micheal's now carries some very pretty jewelry findings and some pretty beads too. I also noticed they carry how to books for those interested in learning to make jewelry. So if you are so inclined, make a visit to Micheal's or your local bead or craft store and give it a go!:o) I must say I am not interested in becoming a jewelry designer but this was a fun and wonderful project indeed!:o)

A little update on my writing..... The last couple of weeks have been spent gathering notes and reading. One must be completely organized, a lesson I am learning the hard way. LOL! But all in all I think things are going pretty well thus far.:o) I cannot begin to tell you just how wonderful it is to be able to share my dreams and aspirations with all of you. Your kind and encouraging words are little nudges that keep me moving forward.:o) Enjoy a beautiful week my friends!

Style is to see beauty in modesty.

Andree Putman



Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Beautiful Evening.....

Hello! Hope each of you are enjoying a beautiful week thus far.:o) Mine has been wonderful, quite busy I must say.:o) Not a long post but wanted to fill you in on just what I was up to. The week has been filled with journaling, reading, jotting down notes and of course a little knitting. I finished up a cute little hat I had been working on which will be just perfect for fall and also made a pretty bracelet for myself.:o) I promise to have pictures on my next post.

An evening post is quite different for me. I always post early mornings but I think I like this.:o) There is a gentle breeze blowing through the window making my little studio quite comfortable. Honey is sitting at the kitchen table with his manual and new camera, and I have not heard a peep out of him in over an hour.:o) He has waited a very long time for a new camera and we decided it was time he gifted himself with one and boy does he love it!:o) He's been walking around with a big smile all evening.:o)

Well my friends it is close to my bed time and I have a few things I must do before my head touches the pillow. I will be posting again in a few days and promise to have some pics for you.:o) Chat with you soon!:o)



Monday, August 3, 2009

Those Things That Must Be......

Hello! Hope your weekend was a fabulous one.:o) I tell you this has been one beautiful summer season and hate so much to see it go. I have to admit I am an Autumn girl, but oh my how I am enjoying summer!

You know for many years one of my greatest dreams was to publish a book and now more than ever before it has become a lot easier to do so. Through trial and much error I have learned and are learning to live a life filled with gratitude, thanksgiving, peace and joy. True authentic happiness is sought by so many but sadly it is never found. Our Heavenly Father promised an abundant life and diligently seeking His will and relinquishing mine has completely changed my life. Though I am a Christian and have been for twenty-six years my book will be a book for anyone who desires change. You ever have something pulling on your heart and just won't let go? This little book is one of them.:o) I am indeed no expert on anything and are daily seeking, learning. I simply want to share what I know know for sure.:o) I love to see people smile and If I can somehow help put a smile on the face of just one, oh what a joy!!:o)

I remember telling my sweet Honey what I planned to do in the area of writing. He smiled and said " Babe I know you can do it". That was about fifteen years ago! I also believe everything happens in its time, its perfect time.:o)

My time here at the computer will be limited, and oh my how I will miss that!:o) Blogging is a wonderful part of my life, though my time will be a lot less here I think my writing will add a richness to my little blog I never thought possible.:o) Hang in there with me my friends. Not seeing my name in the comment section in no way means I am not thinking of you. Each and everyone of you are so very special to me, so very special. Your are the best, the very best!!:o) Though the writing will be a long journey, the journey will be much sweeter knowing you are there.:o) I will gather my notes, my little journal and few written pages and move forward. Each of you enjoy a beautiful week! Chat with you soon!:o)

Gratitude Opens Our Hearts

The most invisible creators I know of are those
artist whose medium is life itself. The ones who express
the inexpressible-without a brush, hammer, clay or guitar.
They neither paint nor sculpt-their medium is their
being. Whatever their presence touches has increased life.
They see and don't have to draw. They are
the artists of being alive.

J. Stone



Saturday, August 1, 2009

Wishing You A Beautiful One!

Hello! I had to take a moment to wish each of you a most beautiful weekend!:o) I will be back here again on Monday morning and can hardly wait, I have so much to share with you! Missed you much! By the way, thanks for all the sweet comments on my previous post.:o) I will be dropping by to see all of you soon!:o)

You haven't been hugged
until you have had
a Teddy Bear