Thursday, July 16, 2009

Oh What A Beautiful Summer!

Hello to each and everyone of you. I am simply in awe over the beautiful summer we are having. The weather has been absolutely beautiful, a sheer delight.:o) Each morning seems to be even more beautiful than the day before. The skies are a pretty clear blue with big puffy marshmallow clouds. The ocean beautiful as the sun's reflection makes it look as though the waters are filled with diamonds. Families enjoying one another, the farmers' markets filled with the sweetest of summer's delights, the evenings perfect, the nights wonderful and because it is summer we can rise from a restful sleep and enjoy it all again.:o)

Honey and I will be taking the remainder of this beautiful summer and simply relax and enjoy.:o) I am now able to do many more things outdoors....yippee! I feel so much better and just thinking of enjoying more outdoors makes me smile. We will not venture far, but we indeed do have plans to simply enjoy before summer's end.:o) Continue to enjoy summer my friends and I will see you in a few weeks!:o)

To see the Summer Sky is poetry,
though never in a book it lie.

Emily Dickinson




Becky K. said...

It has been splendid here, as well.

However, sadly, I can't speak to the oceans. Our nearest ocean is about an hour and a half away.

The sunsets have been just amazing here.

So glad to hear that you are feeling well enough to be out and about taking it all in.

Becky K.

Deanna said...

I felt as if I were there enjoying the sights and sounds of where you are....! Hope you and Honey have a splendid time relaxing and enjoying the summer days the good Lord blesses us with everyday.

Deanna :D

Shell said...

For the past two weeks, the rains have subsided. It has been beautiful weather. I look forward to the sunshine and endless blue days too. I'm glad your feeling better and able to enjoy your summer.

Tracy said...

Enjoy your summer break, Beverly--Savor every drop! Just so very glad you are now feeling able and fit to be out & about more. Happy Days, my friend! :o)((HUGS))

Jeanne said...

Beautiful and lovely is all you share.
Love Jeanne♥

YayaOrchid said...

Your description of your Summer sounds divine! And to have an ocean nearby would be just sheer perfection!

I am so happy to hear you're feeling better and able to enjoy the outdoors more. Wishing you more beautiful days!

Marianne said...

The summer has been very nice so far. It sometimes rains also, but nature needs that too.
The ocean is beautiful. Here we only have the North Sea, which is nice too. I love water, being sea, river or lake.
I am very glad you feel well!
Take care,

Chris said...

Hi Beverly!
I am so glad you're having a wonderful summer. Isn't God good to us? Our summer has been very mild this year. (Except for the last 3 day which have been over 100 deg.!)

Have a happy weekend!

P.S.The photo in your post is gorgeous, as usual!

Bliss said...

So glad you are feeling well!
I have also been loving those poofy clouds :) I even took a picture of some.
We are having some wonderful cool temps...unusual for now which should be steamy and sticky and hot!
See you in a few ;)

daniele @ domestic serenity said...

sounds wonderful, enjoy!!

Wild Rose said...

Have a wonderful summer Beverly ~ how I would love a sight of the Ocean!

Marie x

Tea said...

That's an excellent idea!
Enjoy the rest of summer, my friend!
We'll sit down & knit when the cool winds blow us back inside. :)

Duchess of Tea said...

The Duchess of Tea has bestowed a title upon you. Her Grace requests the honour of your presence at the knighting ceremony to be held at Rose Tea Cottage.

I will be honoured it you would copy & paste the Award on your site.

Torie Jayne said...

Such a beautiful post,enjoy the summer x

Lynda Naranjo said...

Enjoy your summer break, Beverly!


Sonalida said...

I find your site very informatif, since we share the same interest.
Hope to see you soon.

LisaShaw said...

I'm so glad that you and your hubby are able to get out and enjoy your summer.

GOD is so good! I'll miss you and look forward to your return.


Anne said...

Thank you for this beautiful photo and your text more beautiful. You can't imagine how it's important to read such sentences! It makes us feel really happy and grateful for this happyness. Thank you to share such open mind in your blog!