Thursday, July 16, 2009

Oh What A Beautiful Summer!

Hello to each and everyone of you. I am simply in awe over the beautiful summer we are having. The weather has been absolutely beautiful, a sheer delight.:o) Each morning seems to be even more beautiful than the day before. The skies are a pretty clear blue with big puffy marshmallow clouds. The ocean beautiful as the sun's reflection makes it look as though the waters are filled with diamonds. Families enjoying one another, the farmers' markets filled with the sweetest of summer's delights, the evenings perfect, the nights wonderful and because it is summer we can rise from a restful sleep and enjoy it all again.:o)

Honey and I will be taking the remainder of this beautiful summer and simply relax and enjoy.:o) I am now able to do many more things outdoors....yippee! I feel so much better and just thinking of enjoying more outdoors makes me smile. We will not venture far, but we indeed do have plans to simply enjoy before summer's end.:o) Continue to enjoy summer my friends and I will see you in a few weeks!:o)

To see the Summer Sky is poetry,
though never in a book it lie.

Emily Dickinson



Thursday, July 9, 2009

Button Love!

Hello Hello! Hope each of you are enjoying a most beautiful week.:o) Mine thus far has been just wonderful. Still enjoying thoughts of the beautiful picnic our family had to celebrate the 4th of July.:o) Not only is it a beautiful holiday but what made it extra special is that it was my first big social gathering since surgery, and that made it so extra special!:o) I totally enjoyed each and every moment of it!:o)

That same holiday weekend Honey and I decided to do a little thirfting and had to make a stop at one of our favorite little antique shops. A tiny place packed with nothing but good things!:o) There sitting on the counter were two giant jars packed with nothing but buttons! Pretty smooth white buttons! After inquiring about them I found out they came from a company that closed their doors many years ago and the antique shop was able to get a hold of a large lot. Well I had to have them! They are so pretty I tell ya and I have thousands of them, all vintage!:o) I felt as though I had found a gold mine.:o) I love buttons and there is so many wonderful things you can do with them! I quickly brought them home and started the sorting process and made the sweet little button bouquet above!

I have so many projects dancing in my head for these litttle sweeties and also placed a few in my Etsy shop so many of you can have a little button fun too! But when it comes to buttons none are as beautiful as the Mother of Pearl from white to marmalade they are simply lovely. I keep them safe and sound in clear jars and in that way I can enjoy them all the time!:o)

Antique to vintage, buttons are just plain special.:o) I hope I have inspired many of you to pull out your buttons and do something special with them or for that matter start your very own collection!:o) Each of you enjoy your day and may it be filled with creativity, peace and joy!:o)



Monday, July 6, 2009

Hello There!!

Hello my friends! Hope each and everyone of you had a most beautiful 4th of July celebration! I had a wonderful time complete with fireworks, cotton candy and Ice cream.:o) Not a long post this morning, but I had to say hello.:o) Will be back with another post before the end of the week for sure!:o) Take care and happy first day of the week to you!