Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's My Birthday!!

Hello all! Hope each of you are enjoying a lovely day and have plans for a beautiful rest of the week.:o) Yep, today is my Birthday! I am 55 years old today and very proud to say so!:o) Taking a glance at the pic on my blog which was taken just a little under two years ago and seeing all the beautiful pics of many of you, the 50's are looking pretty good I must say!:o) I am delighted with the woman I have become and becoming.....a beautiful season of life.

Thinking on the brand new cards I will be bringing to the shoppe, my mind ran back to just how long I have been crafting and designing. Oh my goodness for as long as I can remember, but to be exact about 26 years with only a few years break when attending collage.:o) It is a part of my life a part of me. I often tell folks I did not choose it, but it chose me.:o) I remember one of the proudest moments in my early creative journey was when I had my lace creations in one of the finest gift shops in our area.:o) I would actually visit the store after hours just to see my things in the window.:o) That was many many years ago, but my love for what I do still brings me so much joy, a fulfillment that is truly unexplainable.

It has taken a long time for me to become completely comfortable with my creative style, I think we as artist, designers, women have a tendency to compare or evaluate ourselves our style with another. But I have learned that we are all designer originals there is only one, to that there is no comparison.:o) This truth makes for a beautiful life a comfortable self. There is nothing as wonderful as being you, just you authentically.:o)

In a few days I will be adding these pretty cards and some other things to my new shoppe, Tea Time and Roses The Shoppe on "blogspot". I like the new card size and designs the shoppe will carry. The cards will measure 5x7, they are simple in concept and beautiful in completion. I will be adding a link on the blog soon. I will also be celebrating Christmas in July with some wonderful surprises and lots of pretty things. Many of you know just how much I love Christmas and this will be lots of fun for me.:o) This is indeed a happy day, not just because it is my Birthday, but because I have some of the most wonderful blogging friends in blogland! I mean this from the bottom of my heart. I thank each of you for your support and all the kindness you've shown me over these a little more than two years. Thank you so very much! Enjoy a beautiful week!.

Happiness cannot be traveled to,
owned, or consumed.
Happiness is only experienced
through a life of
love, grace and graditude.




YayaOrchid said...

Happy Happy Birthday, Dear Friend!!

May the Lord fill your day with joy, happiness, and blessings galore!

Becky K. said...

Have the Happiest of Birthdays!!

You have had quite the year!

Your work was what captured my attention to your blog but your wonderful, sweet personality made me keep coming back.

I love your sillouettes. Everything is lovely but those are so very special.

Becky K.

Deanna said...

Happy Birthday Beverly!!! I hope you have had a blessed day filled with love, peace and that you have been surrounded by the love of your dear family.

You are truly a blessing to the blogger world. You are a true Lady and I think you are very special.

Many but many hugs,
Deanna :D

Tea Time and Roses said...

You two are so sweet, thanks so much for the Birthday Wish! By the way Becky I hope to do more silhouettes in the future and still have one waiting to be copyrighted.:o) I am so happy that you find them special.



Shell said...

Happy Birthday, Beverly. May this be a creative, healthy and beautiful year for you. We sistahs always look good. So I would expect nothing less from you at 55.

I'm looking forward to seeing your Christmas in July.

Patty said...

Happy Birthday, Beverly!

I hope your day was blessed!

RoyalTLady said...


Happy Birthday. Many Happy Returns of the Day....I would be 55 this December. So, we were born in the same year, ey?

Carrie said...

Happy, Happy Birthday! May God grant you many more happy birthdays!

Rose Haven said...

Happy Birthday, Beverly! Blessings to you!!


Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

Happy Birthday to you my sweet friend. I am so glad I can count you as my friend. My life is so much better for it. I cannot wait to see the cards...m.

Marcela said...

Happy Birthday dear Beverly, happy birthday to you!!!

I hope you had a wonderful day!!!

Kisses and hugs


JD said...

Happy Birthday to you...May this be your best year yet...

bj said...

Hi, Sweet Lady..thanks so much for stopping by my place today. Glad you like pecans...so do I.
These cards are so lovely, Beverly. Just beautiful!
Have a blessed evening...I am going to a ballgame in the hot hot sun but it's my baby granddaughter playing and I just don't miss those games!! :)

glorv1 said...

Happy late Birthday Bev and I hope you enjoyed your day. Thank you for visiting my blog and introducing me to yours. I definitely will be back. You have some nice artsy crafts here that I would like to further see. Thanks again and take care.

Tracy said...

Happy Birthday, Beverly! I didn't know it was your birthday now! I'm glad you had the sweetest day. As we grow older, each birthday we can't help but take a backward glance. Growing comfortable in our own skin is a blessing. You've had a lot to deal with in the last two years, and you've handled it all with such grace. I admire that about you--your grace, contentment, honesty, faith and joy. I hope this year will bring you joy! And I am so thrilled to hear about your new shop opening. These cards are just gorgeous. I love your elegant, resplendent, nostalgic style!Happy Days, my friend :o) ((HUGS))

Judy Hartman said...

Happy Birthday, dear Beverly!!
You do indeed look wonderful, which goes along with your warm personality! I consider you to be a very special friend and see, from these comments, that I am in good company!
I know what you mean about comparing ourselves to others, but I think you put it well. We are all unique in our creativity, and your work is so very lovely!
I look forward to the opening of your shoppe!
Be well, and hope you had a lovely celebration!

Penny said...

Hi Beverly,
I know I'm a tad bit late - but I wanted to stop in and wish you a Belated Happy Birthday and many more birthdays to come. I just love your blog you are truly a blessing.

Amy said...

Dearest Beverly....Happy, Happy Birthday! I have missed stopping by...it was so nice to hear from you. Hope your birthday was fabulous and I agree with you about aging...I am happy where I am right now and look forward to my "mature" years.


Marianne said...

Oh Beverly, I missed your birthday!
I am so sorry.
I am very late, but would love to congratulate you any way.

LisaShaw said...

I'm so sorry I missed your Birthday. You know I was on blog break and then vacation so let me say, "Happy Birthday to you".

You are absolutely beautiful! 55 years young! I am excited about your shop.

Wild Rose said...

A belated Happy Birthday dear Beverly. Like Lisa, who commented before me, I have been on a blogging break for some weeks now, but I do appreciate your vists and the comments that you have left.

As for the news, I am still sorting out the details, so it may be a few more days before I can share it with you.

Marie x

Duchess of Tea said...

Beverly, thanks for dropping by my cottage and for your kind words. I have been exploring your blog for an hour now, I love it. I too am glad we met. I am going to add your blog to my favorites on my beau-TEA-full blog page where my favorite blogs are housed. I want yours to be there so more people will stop to see you and next time you stop my place, please join ,y followers, I will sincerely appreciate it.
God Bless you my friend
Duchess xx

Duchess of Tea said...

Happy belated Birthday darling
Big Hugs
Duchess xx

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