Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Hello friends. After a beautiful conversation with my sweet daughter, I began to in the quietness of the moment think on the many blessings that God has granted. My daughter has a way of reminding you of the goodness of our Saviour in such a sweet and wonderful way. She is my cheerleader, a total inspiration. She is also a kind and beautiful woman of God, one that always sees the beautiful side of life. Named after her Grandmother, Dovie is a name you will very seldom hear. Indeed she is like a gentle dove and many of her friends call her Dove.:o) She finds blessings in the smallest things and cherishes it. I have learned so much from her. She is a constant encouragement a very sweet soul. We both are dreamers and we have so much fun sharing them with one another.:o) We also know the real key to dreaming is enjoying the journey of getting there and not allowing ourselves to miss the tiny joys along the way. Oh my friends if I have but one message it is the message of blessings, gratitude and thanksgiving, a beautiful thing indeed.

What do you think of this yummy set of coffee and vanilla dyed tags! They smell so good and I even added a little cinnamon to their strings!:o) They are perfect in primitive art, collage, mix media, hang tags, for embellishing and a great gift too! If you have not yet stopped by Tea Time and Roses The Shoppe do so. Just click the pretty flowers on the sidebar. I have only a few pieces there now but more are coming!:o) In the meantime let us always remember to count our many blessings none are ever too tiny or too small.:o) Continue to enjoy a beautiful week my friends.


the act or prayer of one who blesses
a grace said before or after eating
the gift of devine favor
good wishes or approval

anything that gives happiness or prevents misfortune
special benefit or favor

Webster Dictionary



Friday, June 26, 2009

A Beautiful Weekend...

Before getting caught up in the busyness of the day, I wanted to take out a few moments to wish each and everyone of you a most beautiful weekend. Enjoy!

Say "Thank You" as Often as Possible

Let's feel the magic of those two little
big words "thank you", and vow
to use them often.

from the book: Attitudes of Gratitude



Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's My Birthday!!

Hello all! Hope each of you are enjoying a lovely day and have plans for a beautiful rest of the week.:o) Yep, today is my Birthday! I am 55 years old today and very proud to say so!:o) Taking a glance at the pic on my blog which was taken just a little under two years ago and seeing all the beautiful pics of many of you, the 50's are looking pretty good I must say!:o) I am delighted with the woman I have become and becoming.....a beautiful season of life.

Thinking on the brand new cards I will be bringing to the shoppe, my mind ran back to just how long I have been crafting and designing. Oh my goodness for as long as I can remember, but to be exact about 26 years with only a few years break when attending collage.:o) It is a part of my life a part of me. I often tell folks I did not choose it, but it chose me.:o) I remember one of the proudest moments in my early creative journey was when I had my lace creations in one of the finest gift shops in our area.:o) I would actually visit the store after hours just to see my things in the window.:o) That was many many years ago, but my love for what I do still brings me so much joy, a fulfillment that is truly unexplainable.

It has taken a long time for me to become completely comfortable with my creative style, I think we as artist, designers, women have a tendency to compare or evaluate ourselves our style with another. But I have learned that we are all designer originals there is only one, to that there is no comparison.:o) This truth makes for a beautiful life a comfortable self. There is nothing as wonderful as being you, just you authentically.:o)

In a few days I will be adding these pretty cards and some other things to my new shoppe, Tea Time and Roses The Shoppe on "blogspot". I like the new card size and designs the shoppe will carry. The cards will measure 5x7, they are simple in concept and beautiful in completion. I will be adding a link on the blog soon. I will also be celebrating Christmas in July with some wonderful surprises and lots of pretty things. Many of you know just how much I love Christmas and this will be lots of fun for me.:o) This is indeed a happy day, not just because it is my Birthday, but because I have some of the most wonderful blogging friends in blogland! I mean this from the bottom of my heart. I thank each of you for your support and all the kindness you've shown me over these a little more than two years. Thank you so very much! Enjoy a beautiful week!.

Happiness cannot be traveled to,
owned, or consumed.
Happiness is only experienced
through a life of
love, grace and graditude.



Wednesday, June 10, 2009

In Need Of A Little Time....

Hello my friends! Hope your week thus far has been absolutely beautiful! I will be spending a few days away from the computer. I have a "to do" list a mile long and some special orders to complete. Now that I am feeling better it is time to play catchup:o) I will be back shortly with what I am sure will be a brand new "to do" list but a whole lot shorter.:o)



Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Roses, Doilies, and Ribbon Oh My!

Hello! I hope your week is running along just the way you planned it! But if not, that is ok too because sometimes when we take a detour we run smack into a treasure. :o) I am having a good week thus far but quite busy I must say but wonderful none the less.:o)

A few post ago I spoke of tea dying doilies and promise photos, well here they are! Well not all the doilies but a little sampling of just how they turned out. The above doily I turned into a little pincushion. It was quick and very easy. I filled a little muslin bag with rice placed it in the doily and added a little rose and ribbon, it makes a beautiful pincushion don't you think. You can also fill the the little muslin bag with lavender buds for a lovely sachet. I have plans of doing a simple tutorial on tea dying and how to make this little sachet as well as other little surprises. Here are few more photos.

My lighting was not the best and showed shadings, but actually the doilies are do not have dark and light areas but are one beautiful shade. I will be making more sachets and pincushions with more elaborate ribbon work.:o) Thanks to the many of you who inspire me to try different things, tea dying is loads of fun!:o) Enjoy a beautiful rest of the week!

The Face Of Beauty

Grace, Wisdom, Thoughtfulness,
Kindness, Compassion,
Confidence...the real face
of beauty.

From the book Pearls of Wisdom