Friday, May 29, 2009

Mother's God Can.....

Hello my friends! I sure hope each of you had a most beautiful week and a fabulous Holiday. Mine has been wonderful but quite busy and computer time has been at a limit. Even when I have those occasional computer down times thoughts of you are ever present.:o) Well it has been a few weeks since I have given you an update on my mending progress. I am doing wonderful I must say. I am still using my walker on occasion but most of the time I am moving about inside just fine without it.:o) I have a little limp but soon that will be a thing of the past. As to my jaw, I can now sleep on the surgery side.....oh what a joy! I still have sensitivity and weakness in my jaw and must watch closely what I eat, no beef jerky or jaw breakers! :o) But all and all I am coming along well. Thank each of you for your support and continuous prayers.

Like so many of you I visit blogging friends requesting prayer for themselves, family and friends. Many times I pray at that very moment and there are times when I jot the request down and pray during my prayer time. While sitting quietly knitting thinking on those I am holding up before our Father Mother's "God Can" came to mind. Of course I smiled, that is exactly what I needed. I could place all those request in one place, and for me that will be just perfect because I tend to have things written on many little scraps of paper and do all I can to keep them all together in one place. Mother's "God Can" was a wonderful little thing, just a simple little can with the words "God Can" written on the front and filled with folded prayer request. Many times while visiting Mom I would place my need for prayer in that little can knowing Mother would later be praying along with me was a wonderful thing. Mother would often remind us that God can do all things and there was nothing impossible for Him. I am so excited about creating my little "God Can" and had to share this sweet idea with you. I do not think Mom was the originator of this idea, but what a beautiful way to keep track of those prayer request. Keep this little can around for a while and folks will start to look for it, but most of all it is so wonderful to know that "God Can do all things and that there is nothing impossible for Him.:o)

If you read my last post you know I had plans to tea dye some doilies I had in my craft stash. Well I am proud to say they turned out well. My first tea bath I put far too many tea bags in the water. They were so dark and I mean really dark, but adding a little bleach to the doilies cleared them right up! :o) After giving them a good wash I bathed them again. My second dye bath was perfect! They look slightly aged and plain down pretty. I hope to take pictures this weekend, I can hardly wait for you to see them! I have yet to do the primitive tags, hopefully I can get around to them soon. The doilies and the tags along with other wonderful little things will be in the shop this summer.:o) Well my friends I better get to the chores I have lined up for today. Wishing each of you a fabulous weekend filled with peace and joy! And remember our God can do all things and there is nothing impossible for Him.

Without faith it is impossible to please God
because anyone who comes to Him must believe that
He exists and that He rewards those
who earnestly seek Him.

Hebrews 11:6 (NIV)



Monday, May 18, 2009

Laces And Tea!

Hello! I hope each of you had a most beautiful weekend! Mine was wonderful, but oh so busy. Not a long post today, but do hope to post again before week's end.:o) I spent a little of my weekend on Etsy, both in my shop and browsing other shops too! They have some amazing artist and crafters on Etsy. As to my shop, I went in to do a little shop cleaning and arranging to prepare for summer and did decide to relist a few pieces I have in stock. I will not be adding a link on my blog to the shop till summer. But in the mean time for those who would like to visit the shop it is

I will be doing a little tea dying today! This will be my first attempt and keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well.:o) I have some lovely cotton laces and doilies and will attempt to give them an aged look. I also have tons of shipping tags that I will be turning into primitive looking tags! This is done with a coffee solution and baking. I cannot wait to see how it all comes out. Once the laces and doilies are all dyed and dried I plan to wrap them with ribbon and place them in the shop this summer! :o) By the way the photo above is taken from one of my favorite lace books. The book is filled with beautiful laces and how to care for them. If you have any tips on tea dying or primitive tags pass it along!:o) Well my friends, wishing you a beautiful week filled with peace and joy and of course lots of smiles....

God loves you.
He looks at you with your list of things that disqualify you,
tears up your list, and places a kiss on both cheeks.
Turn your eyes upon Jesus. Receive the love He freely offers.
See yourself as God's beloved.

Sheila Walsh



Monday, May 11, 2009

A Little Of This And That!

Hello all! I hope each of you enjoyed a wonderful Mother's Day! Mine was just lovely, a day filled with rest, relaxation and plain goodness! Mother's Day as we all know is a day filled with flowers! Knowing just how much I love to share beautiful florals with you all, Honey took time out to capture some really pretty blooms over the weekend!

One thing I did do for myself this weekend, a little Mom's Day gift to me, was to do a little reorganizing in my studio crafty room! I made a trip to my local Micheal's and also paid a visit to The Container Store, boy do I love The Container Store, it is a fabulous place for all things containers! This place has everything us crafters love! Storage jars both big and small, caddies, boxes, containers for craft papers, scrapbook supplies and soooooo much more! Honey promised to help me get organized and helped he did!:o) Now I can see all my supplies at a glance! Everything is in jars of all sizes and I even purchased a new caddie on wheels that have six pull out and removable drawers, I love it! What sparked all of this was a copy of the magazine "Where Women Create" a fabulous magazine filled with wonderfully creative spaces both large and small, lots of tips and ideas and tons of inspiration....a visual beauty! If you are thinking of doing a little reorganizing or completely redecorating your creative space this lovely magazine is a must. By the way there is a book with the same title that proceeded the magazine, the book is just lovely and so are the spaces. I still yet have some changes I would like to make, but a little at a time is the way to go for me, in that way I can think things through and it is a whole lot easier on the budget! :o) When I am done with my little changes I will be sure and share photos!

By the way, I am hoping to have my Etsy Shop open again before summer's end. I wanted so much to reopen for Spring, but not so. Although I was a little disappointed, there is one wonderful thing about having to wait just a little longer. It gives me much more time for creative thought, not mention a lesson in patience. :o) I really want my Etsy Shop to be a special place and believe all things take place in its time.

Wishing each of you a beautiful week filled with goodness!



Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful Moms! Thank you to those of you who left such sweet comments on my previous post "Sweetest Memories". You are wonderful and kind friends, the very best. I would also like to share a lovely poem I found for those of us whose Moms are no longer here on earth but are angels in Heaven. Just think, one day we will see our sweet Moms again, oh how wonderful that is!

Mom, we miss you so very much
On every Mother's Day;
And not just then, but every minute,
Since you went away.

You were the center of our lives
Before your soul passed on;
It's just so hard for us to believe
That you are really gone.

But we celebrate the life you lived
And all the things you gave us;
Our wonderful memories, Mom, of you
Are the things that will comfort and save us.

Please think of us, as we think of you
With hearts so full of love;
We're looking up at you, sweet Mom,
As you look at us from above.

By Joanna F.

Wishing you a Mother's Day filled to the brim with joy and happiness!



Monday, May 4, 2009

Sweetest Memories....

Hello my friends! I hope you have enjoyed a beautiful weekend and have plans for a fabulous week! With Mother's Day just a few days away, many are thinking of ways to show Mom just how much we love her. I too have had so many thoughts of my Dear Sweet Mother and the beautiful life she lived here on earth. There are not enough words to express just how much I miss the gentleness of her ways, her smile, encouragement, all that she was and is to me. As I have often said, I pray to live the life that Mother lived before her children. Her greatest joy was to teach and teach she did. Before both large and small congregations she would encourage so many in the faith. Speak her name and many knew her. She was simply known as Missionary Bryant a great woman of God. She taught that in serving Jesus there was no need for form or fashion....I remember her saying "When you love God you do not have to tell everybody they will see it in your life! "So do not go around swinging like a big bay tree trying to get folks attention...just live it that's all you've got to do". Now do not get Mother wrong she made it clear very clear that the gospel is to be shared, but she also let us know that a lived Christian life is a powerful witness.

Yellow marigolds was another of Mother's loves! :o) As kids we had the prettiest green grass and marigolds on the block! :o) She just loved planting flowers, but nothing compared to the yellow marigolds! :o) She neatly and happily planted and when the flowers bloomed oh how beautiful they were! Yellow marigolds would line the entire fence in the back yard! Mom was so proud of them! :o) Honey and I could not help but snap these photos while on our way shopping! There were a whole bed of yellow marigolds with tiny lavender flowers, oh how Mother would have loved these! :o) I thank my Dear Sweet Mother for all the beautiful memories. I truly thank her for her teachings and more so her example of a Godly life. Many tears have flown from a heart that misses her so, but through my tears I find myself smiling. How blessed am I to have had the opportunity to spend so many years here on earth with an angel. Each of you enjoy a lovely week.

This little light of mine
I'm gonna let shine
Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.

Old Church Hymn



Friday, May 1, 2009

A Wish.......

Wanted to take a moment to wish each of you a beautiful weekend filled with goodness and a wonderful up coming week.