Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Beautiful Earth....

Hello Hello! How are you! I hope each and everyone of you are enjoying a fabulous week! Well I had not planned on this little post and will be posting again on early next week, but I had to take a moment to say hello and wish each of you a happy Earth Day. Our beautiful earth offers up so much in beauty for each of us to enjoy such as these beautiful and fragrant oriental lilies. Oh my not only are they beautiful their fragrance is absolutely amazing....just lovely! I have spent the last couple of days just knitting small leaves. I miss my knitting so much and a big project I just do not want to tackle right now so the little leaves were a perfect way to use my needles and not be overwhelmed.

Guess what! I am feeling wonderful my friends! Oh yes I still use my walker, have some leg swelling and must be very careful with my new jaw. But as my Sweet Dear Mother would often say " I may not be where I want to be right now but oh thank God I am not where I use to be." :o) You know I had someone ask me not long ago just how could I have gone through the last two years of my life and still be standing. But even when it hurts so deeply and the end seems a far off I have learned and are learning to stand firmly on God's word. And it is so good to know that in those valley times those times of great challenge my Saviour Christ Jesus is standing near by my side every step of the way. He is so wonderful, magnificent, good and kind! :o) So in those tough times of life know that Jesus cares He really does! :o)

You all enjoy your day. As I said in the beginning I had not plan for a post today but I am happy that I did! I truly enjoyed myself! I will be back early next week and I can hardly wait! Enjoy the rest of your week!

Let every part of life
your person, your style, your direction,
your flavor-be in Him.

taken from: Joy For Journey




Wild Rose said...

Hi Beverly,

Your Mother was obviously a very wise lady.

Enjoy those beautiful lilies. Happy Earth Day ~

Marie x

YayaOrchid said...

Beverly, what a beautiful post! I always enjoy your wise writings, my friend. You always share the most gorgeous flower pictures, and for that I also thank you!

I'm glad you're feeling better, and will continue to pray for your speedy recovery.

Shell said...

Happy Earth Day. Glad to see you are feeling better, Beverly. Look forward to your grand return next week.

Becky K. said...

This post was well worth waiting for...what a wonderful testimony!

You are such a blessing, dear Beverly.

Heal, heal, heal.

Judy Hartman said...

This post is so beautiful, Beverly. I really admire your strength and faith, but I can see that you had a wonderful example in your dear mother. You really have been through a lot, and I hope that each day finds you feeling stronger and better.
Thank you so much for your comment on my blog.
Take good care of yourself.
Big hugs,

Tracy said...

Happy Day, Beverly! Lovely post...and so are those flowers at the top. So glad you are doing better and getting around! :o) ((HUGS))

Tea said...

Happy Earth Day to you, Beverly!
It is a good day indeed, and to see you in good spirits is an added blessing! Thank you for the beautiful pictures. The lilies are gorgeous, and I love the new header..just beautiful!

Anonymous said...

you do sound very well. I don't know about your surgery, however I think you are on your way to complete recovery.
Your blog pictures are beautiful and your picture also.

Janice In Missouri

enchanting cottage said...

OH~~~~ What a blessing that your feeling better. Just remember baby steps.
Thank-you for a beautiful post.

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

Happy Earth Day to you my friend! I am so glad you are making progress. I can not wait to hear more from you next week...m.

Jeanne said...

Love you

Judy Hartman said...

Hello Beverly~
Forgot to mention that these flower photos are gorgeous!! Also, I love the flowers at the header of your blog.
Just wanted to thank you for your comment and to wish you a very lovely weekend! We have been promised "San Diego"-type weather this weekend - quite a treat for us New Englanders!

Hélène Glehen said...

Bonjour Beverly,
Hope your health is improving. Thank you for your kind comments on my Pinks photos .It's a pleasure to read you and to visit your blog.
What beautiful lilies. I love them. (I will post one to-morrow for Pink Saturday.) In the meantime, hope a nice week-end. :o))

Beverly said...

Beverly, thank you so much for your visit and kind comments.

I am so glad to read that your recovery is going well. You have been in the prayers of so many. Our God is so good.

bj said...

I am so so glad to hear from you, dear one.
I am not sure why you needed a new jaw but I am so glad things are working out so good. Glad you are feeling better...and a walker? I'm lost here..
ANYWAY...glad you are back and thanks so much for coming by..
xo bj

jeanne said...

Beverly, i haven't been by in so long. I love your beautiful flowers. I hope they are making your feel a bit better. I know you have been through so much and I pray for your healing. Your words are so true and your mom was very wise.

Take care and keep that wonderful faith.


Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Thank you for your visit and comments, it's so good to hear from you and hear you are doing so well!

The flower pictures are all just gorgeous!

Take care of yourself!


Bliss said...

Hello sunshine!
So happy and thankful to hear you are feeling well! You are an inspiration and have a testimony you aren't afraid to share...thank you :)

The Whispering Poppies said...

How wonderful that you are feeling better, Beverly! Your lilies are just LOVELY! I hope you have a beautiful weekend! =)

LisaShaw said...

I thank GOD that you are recovering more each day under His care. Thank you for sharing the beautiful flower with us.

Romans 8:37 Yet amid all these things we are more than conquerors and gain a surpassing victory through Him who loved us.

Bless you dear sister.

Suzie Sews said...

as ever a beautiful post filled with love and life

Marianne said...

Hi Beverly,
Thank you for visiting my blog! I am glad that the operation went well and that you are feeling well.
I love your Mother's saying! I have to remember it.
Take care,

Susan said...

Hi Beverly! Thanks for stopping by my blog. That must mean you are feeling much better. I am so glad. Every day can be a challenge and a reward. God Bless.


Amy said...

Hi happy to have you stop by today. I think of you often and I'm keeping you close in prayer.

Earth Day is a good time to remember the wonderful gift the Lord gives us in the beauty of the outdoors. I know that's what I was thinking about last week.

Haven't been blogging too much mom and the rest of the gang keep me hoppin'...but I am working on a few little projects and trying to make the most of every day.

Keep on keepin' on Beverly...


Kitties @ Our family cat-a-blog... said...

Tankie fur stoppin' by our bloggy ta see Camille's toesies. Dey iz purr-ty ain't dey?

Our momma wantz uz ta tell ya dat she has been purr-aying fur youz cuz she sayz youz been sickie. All of uz iz happie dat you is feelin' better. Yes, our Jesus is da good God, isn't He?

Kate said...

Gorgeous flowers - hope youy are enjoying your week.

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

When you feel like it come by my blog and see what is happening...hugs..m..

Renna said...

Beverly, it's so good to know you are doing better. I so appreciated the kind notes you left on my blog this week. :-)

The flowers are gorgeous!

Keep on knitting, it's good for the soul. ;-)

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