Monday, January 5, 2009

A Sweet Little Giveaway and a Hospital Stay......

Hello to each and everyone of you! I hope your new year is starting off just delightful! I must say, mine is going pretty well. I cannot believe it is the fifth of January already!:o) It seems like just yesterday I was posting for the very first day of the year!

If you have been following Tea Time for quite some time now you may just recognize the little pink pincushions above. I made a set of three, and these little sweeties have been sitting in a drawer for over a year now. Pleasantly surprised to see them, I thought how wonderful a little gift they would make! Each little cushion is made by me and filled with rice for a wonderful weight. The little round cushion has a daisy stitched on top while the large berry is beaded! I really enjoyed making these pincushions. As I have always said before, I love to share and do giveaways. My only wish is to be able to give to each and everyone of you! I will be drawing a name on Saturday January 10th, in this way it will give me time to package and send it out before my surgery date.

Yes that time is here. I really followed my doctor's orders about enjoying the holidays, and boy did I follow those orders and I have a few pounds to prove it!!:o) I will be talking to you more about the surgery on next week. By the way, surgery is scheduled for January 13th. Now back to the cushions for a moment. One of the three is the little berry below with tiny pink stitches! I hope the one who receives them enjoy them as much as I did making them!:o)

Thank you so much my friends, keep me in your prayers and make sure you enjoy a beautiful day. I have found out, sometimes a wonderful day is about a choice!:o) So choose a lovely day for yourself! Talk to you soon!




Judy Hartman said...

What a lovely giveaway, Beverly.
I will be thinking of you as you prepare for your surgery.

melanie said...


I will be praying for you. I pray peace for you.

Today is the day that the Lord has made...I will rejoice and be glad in it!

Many blessings to you!

Sherri said...

What a sweet giveaway! SO thoughtful of you to think of us in your hours of need! You have my prayers and dwell wishes...Blessings...

Lynne said...

Thank you so much for sharing your work! You are in my thoughts as you prepare for your hospital stay.

lynne at fairpoint dot net

Barbara said...

Pick me, Pick me, please pick me. beverly. I have added you to my prayer list. god is the ultimate surgeon and be sure that He will take care of you.
Jeremiah 29:11

Jan and Tom's Rose Haven said...

Oh Beverly, these are soooo cute! I'd love to win them...and I'd be so happy.

We'll be praying for you...and have you on our Blog Prayer List.


Diane of Crafty Passions said...

What a sweet giveaway!
I do hope your surgery is not too hard on you, I know first hand they are not fun to go through.
I will think and pray for you on your day.

Becky K. said...

Love it!

The pin cushion...the idea of choosing to have a good day...and your wonderful projects.

Take care of yourself in preparation for surgery...stay healthy.


Natalie said...

I look at those pincushions and think of butter cream frosting and spring... they are so lovely. You will remain in my prayers.

Marcela said...

Hello Beverly
I am praying for you....
Everything will be fine....
I send you a big kiss

Deanna said...

My darling Beverly, you are always in my prayers but I will be praying extra hard for you on surgery day. May the Lord be with you always.

Deanna :)

Chris said...

Dear Beverly,

I will certainly be praying for you! Maybe we can give each other extra special support, I am having my surgery tomorrrow, 1/6/09. Details on my blog...

What a wonderful gift your sweet little pin cushions are! I would cherish it.

I'll try to be in touch before your surgery. But know that if not, I am lifting you in prayer every day!

In His love, Chris

Joanne Kennedy said...

What a lovely person you are to be thinking of others at this time.

I've listed your giveaway on my blog for you.

I have put you down on my prayer list. Be sure to let us know how you are doing.


Shell said...

You are in my thoughts. I will say prayers for you on your surgery. Your giveaways are lovely, sweet and delightfully pink.

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

Please enter me! I remember those and love them! I'm also having a giveaway!

My thoughts will be with you!

Oh my gosh...the word verification I have to type in below is "blessed". It gave me goosebumps!

Amy said... impress me with your positive outlook. At least it reads very positive. As always, you are in my prayers.


Marianne said...

Hello Beverly,
I will not take part in the give-away. Not that it isn't lovely, but I think it is too expensive to mail to me.
I just stopped by to wish you strenght for the time to come.
Take care,

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

My friend as I lay down to sleep each night you are in my prayers and my thoughts. Our God is a loving God and he loves you so much as I do also....Hugs...m..

Tracy said...

Hi, Beverly! I remember those cute pincushions...and how lovely you're making them into a giveaway gift! Do count me in on the fun. Just the other day I was thinking about you, wondering how you were doing and when you surgery would be. My thoughts are also with you as you get ready for this, and I pray all will go well for you. Happy Days, my friend ((HUGS))

Carolyn said...

Oh, dear Beverly, I will be praying for you, too, with your upcoming surgery. Thanks so much for keeping us posted! Aw, I love those little pink pincushions. Sooooo cute. Whoever wins will be so delighted. Me included. ;-) You are a joy, Beverly. Mega Hugs!

Lisa said...

What a beautiful gift you are giving ~ and what lessons you continue to teach us! Thank you for being so generous. You continue to have my prayers; strength and healing for you, knowledge and skill for the doctors.

YayaOrchid said...

You will be in my prayers Beverly! And I do look forward to more of your posts. You have such a lovely way with words. Your words are always kind and inspiring.

I think your giveaway is so nice. Those cushions are just so cute!

Patty said...

Hi Beverly,

What a sweet thought when you have other things on your plate right now.

Your surgery date is written down and in the mean time I will pray peace for you..and God's touch on your body.

I'm choosing a lovely day for myself..thank you!

Blessings, Patty

Anonymous said...

I have a favorite that I like to pass along. "God, please help me remember that nothing can happen to me today that you and I can't handle". God Bless.....Sandy in South Dakota

ShabbyInTheCity said...

God's gonna take care of a sweet girl like you. He is. I'll be praying for the surgeons, your husband and YOU Beverly!
LOVE the little berries!

Anonymous said...

I've followed you for awhile now and I'll be praying for you as you have surgery. Thanks for the lovely give away

Betty Jo said...

I so love your pin cushions and would love to win one of them. I'll be checking for your surgery update and praying for you on the day of. xoxo

KJ said...

You have sooooooooo been on my mind, too! I keep thinking that I'm going to pick up the phone and do what I love: chat with you. Then the day escapes me. I do want to talk and pray with you before your surgery. God is on the throne!

Please include me in this delightful little Giveaway. Anything you make is a treasure to me! So beautiful!

Love, hugs, and mush, KJ

Tea said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the holidays. We surely did, too. My homemade turtles have tightened my waistbands!
Your pincushions are very pretty, and will surely bring a smile to someone. We'll keep you in our prayers for the surgery. :)

Laura said...

The little cushions are adorable Beverly!
I am thinking of you and with all of our blessings you are sure to do well with your surgery.

Mimi said...

Those little pin cushions of yours are adorable. You're one of those talented people that I've always admired. Keeping you close to my heart in prayer concerning your surgery.

Koleen said...

I hope all goes well. I will be praying for you too.

Jeanne said...

Love and hugs........
Blessings as you prepare for your surgery.
Love Jeanne

Patty said...

I am praying for you...taking your needs before His throne of grace.

LivingTheLife said...

As always you are the epitome of grace and beauty! I love how you spoke of "choosing" to have a good day! So true, so very true. I want you to of my choices is to visit your sweet blog as often as I can...and by that makes me smile...and therefore, happy! Did you know that you make a LOT of us happy? I've told you before...and I'll repeat myself once again...your blog and YOU are is a place that soothes my soul...truly it does...I know, it probably all sounds a bit hokey ( but it is very heartfelt)...when I stop by for a visit...I am not only blessed...but I feel my shoulders drop and my face & entire body relax! Betcha didn't know you had that affect on us!

Beverly, I will lift you up in prayer continuelly along with your family and those who will be taking care of your medical needs. God is are healed...and the surgery will be successful...I just know it! The day of your surgery is a "blessed" day, was the day my older brother was born!!

I love ALL of your creations...but have a special spot in my heart for your pin-cushions...I collect pin-cushions...can you believe that I have about 15 or so...AND not ONE of them is PINK! Hmmmm...I think I need one! LOL!

Thanks for always being a "beacon" for the rest of truly are a blessing!

BTW...did you get my email about us moving to your STATE...yes, we will be moving sometime in the spring...most likely. I wish it was next door to you...however, we are moving to Sacramento...and I don't know how far that is from where you are...but hey, it's closer than we are now!


Tea Time and Roses said...

Thank you so much my dear Teresa for your kind words. You are indeed a wonderful friend.



KarenHarveyCox said...


I will most certainly keep you in my prayers.
Thank you for preparing such a lovely giveaway. Slip some scriptures in the pocket of your robe and know that you are in the Lord's hands.

Blessings, Karen

Daisy Cottage said...

Dear Beverly,
PLEASE know that I am thinking about you and keeping you in my prayers... you are such a sweetheart - and have been a beautiful light in Blogland. I would be thrilled to win something that YOU have made, so please enter me in your giveaway!!
Love to you,

ginger at enchanting cottage said...

Shame on me!! I'm did not know you were going to be having surgery! I will keep you in my prayers. I would love to be in your giveaway.Than-you so much for stopping by.
God Bless,

Deanna said...

Beverly, I just read your comment.
I love you! You are such a dear lady and I see proof of your goodness towards others just by reading the comments on your blog.

You can believe that on the day of your surgery, our Lord will be hearing a lot of prayers for one Beverly of Tea Time and Roses. She is most definately loved.

Blessings to you always Beverly,

willzmom said...

I will be thinking of your during your surgery and I know that many prayers will be going out for you.
Take good care and I look forward to hearing from you when you feel up to it.
1 Peter 5:7 "...casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you."

Anita said...

These are so charming. Best of luck in surgery and Godspeed for a seamless recovery.


Lynda ~ Among the Hedgerows said...

These pincushions are just beautiful, Beverly! I'd love to have my name entered for a chance to win! Thank you so much for your little note nudging me over here. :) I promise to blog today or tomorrow and catch up on things soon.

I'll be praying for you!


ps - love your last sentence ... "So choose a lovely day for yourself!" ... how right you are!!


I will also say a little prayer for you and all will go well with your surgery:)
I would love a chance to win your darling pin cushions...even 1 would be special.
Thank you for having a giveaway just before your surgery.

Wild Rose said...

Hi Beverly,

Happy New Year! Thank you for stopping by and letting me know about your sweet giveaway.

I will be thinking of you and wishing you a speedy recovery.

Marie x

bj said...

Oh, Beverly, I was so so glad to see you at my place today...and so sorry to learn you need surgery. i pray it is not serious..altho most ANY surgery is serious..I surely will keep you in prayer and please be sure to let us all know how you are doing.
Your giveaway is so sweet and very generous. Any of us would love to have some of your work...thank you for the chance.
blessings and love, bj

Laura said...

Hello Beverly,
Just stopping in to say thank you for stopping by Our Scented Cottage and reading my post on Cinnamon. I'm glad you enjoyed it!