Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Double checking the menu, making phone calls, running out to the store for those last minute little things you need in the kitchen, to making sure the table cloth is perfect. Happy Thanksgiving to each and everyone of you! It's beginning to look a lot like like Thanksgiving around our home! Oh how I just love this time of year, and truly we have so much to be thankful for. You know, no matter what you or I have had to face this year we are still truly blessed. That is indeed the message to my family for this Thanksgiving. Family, friends, sitting down to a beautifully prepared meal, having life, our homes, our health and strength are all a true blessing. Each of you enjoy your day on tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

That I many proclaim
with the voice of Thanksgiving,
And tell of all Your
wondrous works.

Psalm 26:7 (NKJV)



Saturday, November 22, 2008

Have a beautiful one!

Wanted to take a moment to wish each of you a most beautiful weekend!



Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Who Dwells There!

Hello my friends! I sure hope each and everyone of you are enjoying the start of a beautiful week. Sitting at the table a few days ago busily finishing a wash cloth I was knitting, I began to smile. Oh how I enjoy the beauty of candle light. With a giggle I realized just how much a person can learn about another just by visiting their home. Our homes tell a story about the people who dwell there. My sweet Mother was a lover of angels, and indeed when visiting her you knew it as soon as you walked through her doors! For beautiful angels were everywhere!:o) For Mother, a room was not complete unless an angel dwell there. So I thought I would share a little of me, little bits and pieces you would find about my home that tell a story about the folks who live there! Enjoy!

A teddy bear loving crafting woman dwells there! :o) This was really fun, and I have plenty more teddies and bear stones to share with you! Grandma Beatrice, my beloved mohair bear, was so happy to get her picture taken, but Mrs. Qwiggapple, Jodie Bear, Grandma Beatrice's granddaughter Melanie and the gang were all in an up roar! :o) I promised to take pictures of them soon!:o) You all have a beautiful week!

You have not been hugged
unless you've had a
teddy bear hug!



Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Hello all! I hope your week is starting out just beautiful! Mine is going just great, I love it when we fall back and gain an hour! The long evenings are wonderful, and it seems as though the city settles down a lot sooner....that makes it rather nice. Wow the holidays are fastly approaching, my sisters and I are talking over our Thanksgiving menu! This will be our first holiday season without our dear sweet mother, oh how Mother loved Thanksgiving and Christmas. We always assigned the stuffing to her, she made a stuffing that would make you jump up from the table and shout! :o) Born in Oklahoma and from a great line of fabulous cooks Momma could put a smile on your face with her cookin! Mom did not cook by specifics, it was a little of this and a dash of that mixed with a whole lot of love that resulted in oh my goodness! So us girls really do not have any written recipes of Mom's, but we will put our best foot forward and I have to admit, we are some pretty good cooks ourselves! :o) But as we all know, there is nothing like Momma's cooking! :o)

Like many of you I love to read, and this time of year is so perfect for cuddling up with a book. I am not normally a thick novel reader although I have read many, my favorite reading is poetry, short stories, and I also enjoy an empowering memoir! :o) I enjoy a read that causes me pause think and consider my own life, for me that is a powerful read no matter how short. I also enjoy sharing beautiful readings with you all, so I will leave you with this one. Enjoy, and have a lovely week!

Designer Original

Fashioning you, molding you,
designing you, refining you, and perfecting you.
Since the moment before the foundation of the earth,
when He first thought of you!
He gave you your own personality,
your own abilities,
your own set of spiritual gifts,
and your own identity in Christ Jesus
so that you and you alone might
praise the way you praise,
give what you give,
minister like you minister,
and love like you love!

Oh yes! When God thought of you, He had a good idea!

from the "Thou Art Loosed" devotional



Monday, November 3, 2008

Celebrating the Little Moments....

Hello to each of you! I sure hope you and your family had a wonderful and fun filled holiday! Just wonder how the teachers are handling all those little ones filled to the brim with sweet treats! :o) Give the kiddies a few days and they will be back to normal....I think! :o) I remember as kids, after our pillowcases were filled to our satisfaction, and yes we used pillowcases or huge grocery bags for our treats! :o) We would rush home, run to our room and dump our goodies on the bed and the trading was on! I think that is one of the wonderful things about children, the ability to so enjoy the simple things. I still remember how a simple pair of tennis shoes would bring a smile to my face, new ribbons for my hair, a wonderful moment! Mom loved red ribbons, and so many times she would make me two ponytails with big red ribbons! I would find myself looking at my reflection with every passing window! Even now, I love to see a little girl's hair adored with big pretty ribbons, especially red ones! Oh to keep that child like spirit is a wonderful thing!

As I was looking through my photos for this post I thought of just how much I enjoyed stitching this little lavender filled bag above and making the little beaded pincushion . It was my beginning stages of stitching and I was so proud of this little bag! I still remember the joy I felt while making it, the fragrance of the lavender while filling it! I am reminded of Martha Stewart who seems to savor each step of whatever she may be doing, I believe that is one of this reasons I like watching her. And she often reminds us to take our time and enjoy what we are doing no matter how small.

If it be a small cup of tea from your favorite tea set, enjoying a beautiful bar of soap, crafting with pretty ribbons, getting lost in the fragrance a rose, a beautiful song, sunset, sunrise, a lovely meadow, a pretty card, candle light, a drive by the beach, a snow capped mountain, a bird's melody, a walk in your garden.....whatever it may be, savor the moment, enjoy it fully and completely. Not hastily but attentively and see what joy wells in your heart!

There is so much beauty around us,
if we will only take the time to

from the book "Joy for the Journey"