Monday, September 29, 2008

Thank you so much!

Hello my friends! Oh my how I so missed chatting with you a whole bunch these past few weeks! :o) I must say I had a wonderful break, but it was so hard not to jump on the computer and say hi! :o) But I do have a confession to make....I did do some peeking at your beautiful blogs, you know you just can't help yourself! :o)

I cannot begin to tell you what your support means to me, thank you so much! I have received some of the most beautiful emails reminding me that you are thinking of me and I am in your prayers. Oh my the confidence one feels in knowing that so many are going before the Father on their behalf is an awesome thing! And to know that our Heavenly Father hears us when we pray, that our Lord is indeed concerned about every aspect of our lives. He loves us with a love that is clearly unexplainable. To this day, as long as I have known Him I still do not understand fully just why he loves me so much, I just know that He does! Thanks for everything my friends, thank you so much!

I need to be at the hospital quite early tomorrow morning, I past all my pre op test with flying colors, but my blood pressure was up a bit. Could have been a little anxiety from test and long waiting hours. My last appointment I was at the hospital from 9 a.m. till 4 p.m.! They gave me a real work over! Boy am I glad that is over! :o) I feel good, and am ready to get this all behind me. My surgery will last about 2 hours, and if all goes well I can come home the following morning. Wednesday I will post a rose with "I am home" to let you all know it went wonderful! Again, thanks to all of you! Give me a couple of weeks to rest and I will be back to my old self again! :o) I cannot wait to visit each of you, in the mean time when I can I sure will do some peeking! God bless each and everyone of you! By the way I made the Autumn leaves above using card stock and inks. I hope to make more this season.

I am the Lord, who heals you.

Exodus 15:26 NIV



Monday, September 8, 2008

A Little Break.......

Hello Hello! I tell you, it seems like weeks since my last post! :o) I hope everyone is doing well, had a fabulous weekend and ready for a brand new week! My weekend was good, a bit busy! Honey and I did manage on yesterday to visit El Prado Rose Garden. Walking through this lush rose garden is like visiting a rose garden wonderland! The fragrance is absolutely beautiful and the roses magnificent! Such a beautiful garden with wonderful little benches for you to sit and linger a while. The children just love it! Couples adore it, and photographers flock to it. I must admit it is quite romantic being among all those lovely roses! The above rose so remind me of the lovely shades of Autumn, so I am calling it 'Autumn Rose'. For you rose experts out there, is there an Autumn rose? I just fell in love with this beautiful little rose!

I have a little something I want to share with you. About three years ago I under went a surgery for a Benign Aneurysmal Bone Cyst in my left Mandible. This is a very rare tumor, and I mean rare. :o) According to medical research, there are only nine known cases in the United States to have this type of tumor and I just happen to be one of them. The tumor is usually found is younger people and I am the oldest in age thus far! Hmmmm, now how did that happen! :o)

My most recent CAT Scan showed a small tumor arising in that bone once again. Now that is not what I wanted to hear at all. I am scheduled for surgery September 30th with several pre op appointments set for the next coming days. I think this will be a good time to take a little break and get prepared, and maybe eat a few of my favorite foods, because after surgery it is jello and broth for me for a while. :o) Keep me in your prayers, and I promise in a few weeks to check in and let you all know just how I am doing. My Etsy Shop will be open! I have given Honey a crash course in Etsy and he will be taking over for me for a little while. I will be putting a few new pieces in the shop over the next week or so, so make sure you drop by and take a look! :o)

You know, life it so unpredictable but knowing my Lord and Saviour the way I do and just how much He loves me so helps me prepare for what this life has to bring. I love Him so much and it is only He that has granted me the favor to keep on moving forward. Thank you so much my blogging friends, and I will touch bases with you in a couple weeks! :o) Have a beautiful week, and I will chat with you soon!

"For where two or three are gathered
together in My name, I am there
in the midst of them."

Matthew 18:20 (NKJV)



Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Winners Are!!

Hello all! I sure hope each of you had a fabulous holiday weekend! Labor day was the last official day of summer for the kids here in southern California! They are all back in school and Autumn is peeking her little head! :o) Leaving for a drive last night, I saw a few fallen leaves all dressed in Autumn colors! Seasons are a wonderful and true blessing! Can you imagine living as they did in Narnia! When I see all of this beautiful change happening around me, it is something magical about it and not to mention just plain down beautiful! Now for the winners!

Drum roll please! The winners of my little giveaway are Amy of Home Acre and the second place winner is Nan of Letters From a Hill Farm! I Thank each and every one of you for participating, and I am already thinking ahead for my 100th post which is not too far in the future! :o) All of your names were written down, tightly folded and placed in a big bowl. Honey had the honors of pulling both the first and second place winners! Congratulations to both Amy and Nan!

I also have been rewarded with a few brand new awards and will share them with you next post! Have a beautiful rest of the week!

Skipping is just jumping
for joy,
step after step!

Jessi Lane Adams