Monday, August 4, 2008

A Little Studio Peek!

I must say, I just don't know where the weekend went! I remember Friday, the rest was a blur! But happy brand new week to all of you! I did have a full weekend, and wanted so much to take a little relaxing drive up the coast but it never happen! My studio and chores kept me inside all weekend! I did manage a run to our neighborhood Michaels for some ribbon I needed! But all in all it was a nice weekend, and I must admit I did get quite a lot accomplished! :o)

It has been a long while since I have shown my crafty studio room, so I thought I would share a few corner photos Honey took not many weeks back. I so enjoy seeing where all the crafty fun happens for all of you, and many of you have inspired me to try new supplies and more! So here are a few pics of where I have loads of crafty fun! By the way the above basket is where I keep all my knitting needles and the round boxes with bows are filled with thread and other little notions!

A few of my knitting books! Oh my, I love knitting books and these were stacked here as I was looking for a particular pattern! :o)

I know mailing supplies are not at all exciting, but here are mines and I just would be lost without them! My least favorite tool, but I think one of the most important! :o) So that is a few corners, when I take more I will be sure and share them with you. Well I guess I will get to work! I wish each and everyone of you a most fabulous week!




Jan and Tom's Place said...

I love to see the work spaces of those who are sooooooo creative. Thanks for sharing...I'm glad you had a wonderful weekend. So did we!!


YayaOrchid said...

Oh, I LOVE your studio! Pls share more pctures, your creative space is amazing! I may have to copy some of your storage ideas. Your space looks so neat and tidy.

What are the things in the first photo? Are they embossers? And the glittery little jars? So pretty!

YayaOrchid said...

Beverly, sorry, it wasn't the first picture I was inquiring about, it's the third one, with those pastel colored gadgets. I love your little round hat boxes with the red ribbon. So pretty!

Judy Hartman said...

Your workspace is very pretty and organized, Beverly. The photos are lovely - look like they came from a book! It's nice to see some of your creative space! Thanks for sharing!

Tracy said...

Such fun...always love to see everyone's crafty spaces...your's looks so nice and well organized, Beverly! I'm excited about my work room at the moment, as this past weekend DH & I went to Ikea and got me a new, bigger work table--HOORAY! I hope to show a photos so...although how interesting is a shot of a table, not sure--LOL! Anyway, hope you have a great week, my friend ((BIG HUGS)) Oh, stop by if you can--I'm having some gift giveaway fun happening at my place this week! :o)

Mary Isabella said...

You have a cozy corner for all your crative juices to flow. Thanks for sharing it. I am glad you were blessed with a beautiful weekend. We were too. It was just the two of us and after church unday we cooked a lovely dinner together and after Sunday night services we treated ourselves to big bowls of icecream. It was so GOOOOOD. Have a week filled with many special Blessings....Hugs....Mary

Mary Isabella said...

So sorry I noticed after I published it I left the e out of creative and The s off the first Sunday. You know me I cannot spell kat!!!! LOL!!!!....Mary

Sandy said...

Oh how I wish my work space were that organized!!
Hope you have a wonderful week.

clara said...

Viewing your workspace is a joy, Beverly. Knowing that there is where you spend time to create :-)

Thanks for sharing all those lovely pictures of your momma and a young Beverly. How time flies huh? ;-) It was simply heartwarming to take that walk down memory lane with you. God bless.

Tea said...

What fun to have a look inside your studio! I love it all from the pictures on the wall to the bottles of paint. I think they are.

(You may as well know our oldest daughter & I talk about you work all the time! We can't help ourselves; your crafts are gorgeous!)

Becky K. said...


I so love your two sillouettes!

Becky K.

Moderncountry said...

Hi Beverly!

Thank you so much for your visit and happy words!

Your studio, What a wonderful place to be! Like many else I love to see where those creative ladies are spending most of their times.

I have been enjoying your latest post and I specially loved the ones about Linens and laces. Thank you for sharing those beautiful pictures!
And your latest paper craft work, you are amazingly talented!!
I Can`t wait to finnish our workingplace, My hands are itching now :)
And I have so many new Ideas...

Take good care and have a wonderful week!
Hugs Aina

KJ said...

Oh, I enjoyed this peek. I can see all of that inspiration just waiting in line... Awaiting your glance... Your whim... Your spark of genius!

Hugs galore, KJ

Jan and Tom's Place said...


Thanks for the prayers for Brendon and all the others.


Lisa said...

Nice to see such nice organized areas. I love seeing where people work on their creative efforts.

Thanks for the peek inside.

Judy Hartman said...

Hello back to you, Beverly!
Did you know that you received an award from KJ? I did, too, and just noticed it a few posts down on her blog! Check it out, and do have a lovely weekend!

Sunflower Farm said...

I love craft rooms, studio's they make your heart jump with so many ideas!

CIELO said...

...and here is yet another Friday! Indeed, time flies by! You have a lovely studio, Beverly. Have a wonderful weekend!


Carolyn said...

Oh, Beverly, what a delightful, colorful, darlin' and inspiring studio! Having created surroundings like this, no wonnnnnnder you continue to thrive creatively. Am loving these photos that your DH took, and so glad you are sharing them!

I SO appreciated your warm welcome back, and cannot believe that so much time has gone by since you visited. It seems that time has literally zoomed by since then, and I was determined to get over to see you today!! Thanks for your feedback on my blog question. I always, always love coming to see you here, and so glad that all is well with you! Hugs. :-)

Jeanne said...

Such gorgeous things you share.
Love your journal so very much

Pat Winter said...

LOL! It looks just like my supplies for my etsy orders. I enjoyed peaking at your creative space and your blog is inspiring. I found you through "I live on a farm". I'll be visiting again.


Hello from Toronto,

So glad I landed on your cozy do amazing work!

~ Gabriela ~

Margaret Cloud said...

I know why you spend a lot of time there looks like a very lovely room, mine is a nook and I share it with two ferrets in a cage names Dusty and Storm, just stopping by to say Hi.