Friday, August 1, 2008

Joy for the Journey!

Hello all! Hope you had a lovely week, and plans for a wonderful weekend! As mention on my site A Lilac In My Path, I have been reading Joy For the Journey a wonderful little book for women with thoughts from many of my favorite Christian writers. I love this book because it is so easy to carry with me, and allows me to read something wonderful anywhere anytime! Well I wanted to share a thought with you from one of its authors Gloria Gaither. A little thought for the weekend! :o)

Daring To Risk

Dwelling on the past-successes or failures-
is a waste of energy and sin against the Holy
Spirit, whose work it is to call out the gifts we
have and make of us all God wants us to be. Even failure
can be a springboard to growth and discovery, so we
should never allow the fear of it to keep us from daring to risk.

Part of life's great adventure is the growth process
itself. There is wonderful freedom and joy in coming to
recognize that the fun is in the becoming. As long as we
live, we will never "arrive", but only discover new tracts
of unexplored territory.

Gloria Gaither

What beautiful and encouraging words to live by. I thank God for all these lovely women of God, and surely thank Him for you! Do you know how good it feels to know there are so many of you out there that love our Saviour so much! Of course you do, for you have experienced that same feeling too! Have a beautiful weekend!




YayaOrchid said...

Hi, Beverly! You always share the most beautiful of thoughts and inspiration! Thank you! I agree, it is a wonderful feeling to be able to feel that special bond that being a child of the Lord gives us to one another! Thank you for sharing this post. Have a great weekend!

Thru Pink Curtains said...

Gloria has wonderful words and inspiration. Their music is my favorite.

Mary Isabella said...

I am so proud to be able to share my love for our Lord with you and all of our friends in blog land. It is a blessing to have you in my life. As you worship our Lord tomorrow may he fill you to the brim with his love and blessings...Double Hugs...Mary

Carrie said...

I truly enjoy the Christian songs written by Gloria Gaither and her husband Bill. I did not know she had written a book. Thank you for saring the inspiring quotation.