Monday, July 21, 2008

Thank You My Friends!

Hello to each of you, I hope your weekend was a wonderful one and your week is starting off on a very sweet note! I had a nice and quiet Saturday and Sunday, no cooking, no cleaning, no felt quite good, I even took a few naps! :o)

Are there just some artist and crafters out there that simply amaze you with their work! Well Judy Hartman of Fabric Arts and Crafts are one of them! I won Judy's recent giveaway, and the above beautiful piece arrived in the mail! I wish each of you could see her in person! She is amazingly beautiful! Judy created such a gentleness to her face, and a gracefulness to her pretty, and all with tiny pieces of paper! Thank you so much Judy, she is just beautiful!

I also received two lovely awards. The first, Arte y Pico award I received from my sweet friend Karen from eye-dyllic. This is one beautiful award! The award is given for creativity, design, interesting material and contribution to the blogging community. Thank you so much Karen for your thoughtfulness and continuous support, and all your lovely e-cards! :o) If you have not, you must visit Karen, you will be so glad you did! I always leave her blog with a smile. The Brillante Weblog award was awarded to me by Judy of Fabric and Crafts. I love the name of this lovely award, and it is a lovely one too! I am passing the Brillante Weblog award to all my readers, cause to me, all of you are Brillante!! To see both these lovely awards just scroll down and see them on the right! Thank you so much Karen and Judy and congrats to all of you readers of Tea Time on your Brillante Weblog award!

Wishing each of you a fabulous week filled with lots of smiles and creativity!




Carrie said...

The picture is really beautiful. It has such expressiveness and grace.

CIELO said...

Really beautiful! Glad to hear you're doing great


Mary Isabella said...

She is so beautiful and I know she has found an amazing home with you. Have a great week my friend.........Mary

KJ said...

Hi Beverly! I see that Blogger began to cooperate with you!

Thanks so much for the wonderful warm fuzzies and friendship! Believe me, it's mutual!

I am going to answer you email now. Thanks for sharing my "new car" excitement!

Affectionately, KJ

Britt-Arnhild said...

A beautiful gift for a beautiful lady :-)

Tracy said...

That is really lovely, Beverly--what a great gift! Happy Days, my friend ((HUGS))

Gardengirl said...

The art that Judy created is lovely. I am happy that you are the winner of this beautiful lady. Your weekend sounds like it was so relaxing. It's feels so good sometimes to do nothing but relax and enjoy our own company. Have a great week!!!

Judy Hartman said...

I was so surprised to see the picture on your blog! I did a doubletake!!!
You are way too kind with your comments!! Thank you so very much!
Have a lovely week!

clara said...

Judy's work is stunning and beautiful!

Have a great weekend!