Sunday, July 27, 2008

Taking a Look Back!

Hello! Well the start of a brand new week is just about here! My weekend has been wonderful, lots of crafting.....lots of fun! Visiting many of your lovely blogs, I have so enjoyed the vintage photos many of you have been sharing! Photos of family, vintage cars, the old homes you grew up in and pictures of many of you as kids! Thank you all for sharing your beautiful vintage photos, and inspiring so many of us to do the same! Looking through these old photos brought back so many fond memories and smiles, I hope you enjoy them!

This is my dear sweet Mother in her twenties! For many years this photo sat in the display window of the tiny little studio where this picture was taken! Oh this was a proud moment for us kids having our beautiful Mom's picture in the window! :o)

Mom and me sitting on the right, with my sweet aunt and uncle and two cousins! It is so hard to believe I was ever that small!

My sweet Mother and her brother as teenagers! My uncle Thomas, and what a sweet uncle he is! Check out her Mary Janes and capri pants!

Me and Mom.....that's the advantage of being the first born, you get to take lots of pictures with mom alone! Dad was away in the Army when this photo was taken. I was told that was my uncle Thomas helping with the beautiful flag!

Oh my, this is one of my favorite photos! Look at these wonderful clothes! That is my Mother standing in the middle along with her girl friends! I love the shoes and sweet little hand bags they are holding!

This is Mom again! A smiling teen, I believe high school! Oh how I see my little sister Donna in this beautiful photo!

Me at age twelve! Now what is with the hair do! This photo is not very clear, and it looks like my hair is a little light at the top but it is black! Mom would have had a fit if I tried to color it!! :o)

All these old photos bring back so many memories! I must do this again sometimes! You all have a beautiful week.....



Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Shop Is Now Open!!

Yes, my Etsy Shop has now re-opened! You know, for all of you lovely ladies who run Etsy Shops or any on-line venture, I tip my bonnet to you! It is hard work! But I must admit I really did enjoy many aspects of trying to bring it all together! I still have a lot of little areas to smooth out and many more pieces to add, but I am open and that feels pretty good! :o)

As many of you know, I love a variety of crafting, but paper is my first love! I love the whole process of designing my pieces, therefore no templates are used in making my cards and tags! I love to cut and fold and place everything myself! For embossed pieces, I use brass stencils and a light box. I believe hand embossing with brass stencils gives lovely results! Well I could go on forever talking about paper details, but I much rather show you just what I have been working on! Enjoy, and please pop in and take a look at the shop!

I will be working on adding more pretty things for the next weeks to come. I so appreciate Etsy for giving so many the opportunity to live out their dreams of sharing their love of what they do with others! Thanks Etsy and thanks to all of you for your kindness and encouragement! Let me know what you think! Have a lovely rest of the week!

Happy are the people whose
God is the Lord!

Psalm 144:5



Monday, July 21, 2008

Thank You My Friends!

Hello to each of you, I hope your weekend was a wonderful one and your week is starting off on a very sweet note! I had a nice and quiet Saturday and Sunday, no cooking, no cleaning, no felt quite good, I even took a few naps! :o)

Are there just some artist and crafters out there that simply amaze you with their work! Well Judy Hartman of Fabric Arts and Crafts are one of them! I won Judy's recent giveaway, and the above beautiful piece arrived in the mail! I wish each of you could see her in person! She is amazingly beautiful! Judy created such a gentleness to her face, and a gracefulness to her pretty, and all with tiny pieces of paper! Thank you so much Judy, she is just beautiful!

I also received two lovely awards. The first, Arte y Pico award I received from my sweet friend Karen from eye-dyllic. This is one beautiful award! The award is given for creativity, design, interesting material and contribution to the blogging community. Thank you so much Karen for your thoughtfulness and continuous support, and all your lovely e-cards! :o) If you have not, you must visit Karen, you will be so glad you did! I always leave her blog with a smile. The Brillante Weblog award was awarded to me by Judy of Fabric and Crafts. I love the name of this lovely award, and it is a lovely one too! I am passing the Brillante Weblog award to all my readers, cause to me, all of you are Brillante!! To see both these lovely awards just scroll down and see them on the right! Thank you so much Karen and Judy and congrats to all of you readers of Tea Time on your Brillante Weblog award!

Wishing each of you a fabulous week filled with lots of smiles and creativity!



Monday, July 14, 2008

Heart To Heart......

It is the beginning of a brand new week, and what a beautiful Monday we are having! Looking out of my studio window I found myself watching little birds busily about their day, while butterflies flutter around the little white flowers at the window's edge. The air is crisp and warm, the skies a pretty baby blue with puffy marshmallow clouds. What a beautiful gift God has so graciously granted this day.

Receiving an e-mail not so many weeks ago from a very sweet person exclaiming how much she enjoyed Tea Time and Roses. Her words has since stayed with me, as she went on to say she has been thinking of starting a blog for sometime now. But was wondering would she be excepted, or would anyone really enjoy hearing what she had to say. Felt she could never have a place as nice as the wonderful places she often visit. My mind ran back to myself just over a year ago when I was in this place. Oh how I loved visiting all these lovely women and their beautiful blogs. But I could never do this could I? One of the most important lessons learned along the way.... blogging is as individual as you are! That's what makes it so special, and I love that!

We all have unique gifts and talents! There is only one you and that a lone establishes you as a special blogger! I can almost promise you, once you get blogging a whole new world will open up for you! So if you've been on the outside looking in, come on in we are waiting for you!!

The Miracle Of Friendship

There is a miracle called Friendship
that dwells within the heart
and you don't know how it happens
or when it even starts.

But the happiness it brings you
always gives a special lift
and you realize that Friendship
is God's most precious gift.

Jean Kyler McManus



Monday, July 7, 2008

Linens and Lace!

Hello to each of you! I sure hope everyone had a wonderful and fun filled 4th of July celebration and an all around beautiful weekend! For me, I had a lovely time indeed!

Honey and I have been doing a little summer cleaning around the house, and in going through some old things I had packed away I came across some pretty little doilies I was saving to make sachets later. Well I must tell you, I had plum forgotten I even had them! It is not uncommon for me to put things away for later day crafting! I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am to come across them again! With lace on my mind, I wanted to share with you Linens and Lace by Tricia Foley editor-at-large of Victoria Magazine. A book I have had for quite sometime now. Tricia gives tips on caring for delicate linens and includes a lace glossary! Not to mention the photos are absolutely beautiful! I find myself coming back to this book again and again! Enjoy!

Battenberg Lace is one of my favorite laces.... Oh how I love this beautiful lace!

What a lovely idea for lace and tassels! So beautiful the way this tassel is tied to the poster of the bed....ah, so romantic!

Now that I am overwhelmingly completely inspired, I think I am ready for those little sachets!! :o) Have a beautiful week each of you!



Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!!

Wishing each of you a happy 4th of July celebration! I awoke this morning with much anticipation of seeing the fireworks tonight! When it comes to the great sparkles in the night sky I am a little kid all over again!! You all enjoy your day, be safe and have fun!!

Drum roll please! The winner of the giveaway is Renee of "Life at Aspen Trail Hill". Oh how I wish it was each and everyone of you, because you all are indeed special to me! Thanks to all who participated in the fun, and thanks for helping me celebrate a full year of blogging!! Enjoy your day!!



Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Thoughts and Reminders........

Hello to each of you! I sure hope your week is starting off just the way you planned it! Well as you can see from the photo above I have been busy busy with paper! Oh my do I have some pretty things for you coming to the Etsy Shop! Pretty ribbons, sweet little tags, flowers, note cards and so much more! I am quite excited, it has been a while since my little shop has been open for business! I will post an exact opening date when I announce the giveaway winner, but everything looks good for a next week opening! :o)

There are only a few more days left till the winner of the giveaway is announced! If you have not yet taken a part in the fun, please do so. And even if you are not a scrapbooker, the books make a lovely gift. By the way, the giveaway is open to all! Simply scroll down and join in the fun!

This week will be a busy one for me, but it will be the kind of busy I so enjoy! As I go about my work I often see my Mother's smile, she was indeed a number one fan! In her eyes no one could do paper like her baby LOL! She so loved to give and would often have me design something special for friends. A beautiful and amazing woman my mother, what an amazing woman. I miss her so much, a depth of missing that mere words cannot explain. Memories of her daily make me smile, and in that I am able to move ahead...... I have plenty to do this day so I better get started! You all have a fabulous week!

Life is hard, by the yard
But by the inch, Life's a cinch!

Jo Petty