Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Mother's Day Wish!

Artist Josephine Wall

Wishing each of you a Happy Happy Mother's Day! Though my sweet dear and loving Mother is no longer here on earth, her love is ever present.... I love you so much Mom, oh how I love you so much....

To My Mother

For all the times you gently picked me up when I fell down.
For all the times you tied my shoes,
and tucked me into bed,
or needed something, but put me first instead.
For everything we shared,
the dreams, the laughter, and the tears.
I love you with a special love
that deepens every year.

author Unknown

Each of you enjoy your special day.....




Judy said...

What a lovely post and tribute to your mother. You lost her such a short time ago - my heart just goes out to you so much.
I do know how it feels and I send you a big hug and much affection.
Happy Mothers Day, Beverly.

Gardengirl said...

Hi Beverly. Your Mother's Day tribute is beautiful.
You always post the most beautiful pictures and choose the perfect words to go with them. I hope you are having a lovely Mother's Day weekend.

Sandy said...

Hi Beverly,
So touching! What a tribute to your mom and I'm sure today is difficult for you.
Have a lovely day and great week.
Happy Mother's Day

YayaOrchid said...

Beverly, I loved your poem! I know it must so hard for you during times of remembrance such as today. But you're right, your Mother's love is everpresent. Wishing you the best always.

Sherri @ Life As I Live It said...

I have visited your blog several times but have never commented. I think you take very beautiful photgraphs and I love the name as well.Sherri

bj said...

Just a beautiful posting, Beverly...
I do hope the surgery will be over quickly for you and you will get on the recovery trail very soon!
Prayers and hugs, bj

willzmom said...

I thought of you yesterday, and I knew that you were missing your sweet mother. I know that your heart is aching, but I hope that the wonderful memories you have of her will heal that ache a little. Thanks for the sweet poem and happy mother's day to you too!

Shabby Addict said...

Beautifully put! Thank you for another inspiring post! I couldn't even imagine what Mother's Day would be like without my mother here, so I know that it must be a hard day to celebrate, but wonderful all at the same time because it gives you a day to reflect back on those memories of your childhood and remember how wonderful of a woman your mother was! Thank you for the tribute :)

Mary Isabella said...

This is so beautiful. Your sweet Mother is looking down from heaven smiling on you. I know that you have many beautiful memories to help you get through the sad times. I am praying for you my sweet friend each day.....Hugs

Tracy said...

A lovely tribute to your mother, Beverly...Hope your surgery went well and you are doing good! Hope you had a beautiful Mother's Day...And LOVE the art work on your post here. Happy Days ((HUGS))