Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunday Showers....

Another rainy Sunday morning.... It is something so comfortable about hearing the pitter-patter of rain drops in the stillness of night that brings such wonderful sleep. A restful sleep one of life's little pleasures!

Many of you know my Mother is ill... she is now out of the hospital and home again and I must say being back home has seem to put a spark in her eye and a lift in her spirit! You know, I have been so greatly reminded in the last year just how easy it is to trust God when life poses no real challenge. But I am learning that the real test of my faith is trusting God fully in those times when there seems to be no readily available answers to my long list of questions about my situation, about my pain, about my fears, about my worries. Knowing that He loves us so much and His eyes are never blurred when seeing our troubles, our pain is His concern...always remembering God loves me so much.

Well my new blog is open for the looking and commenting too!! :o) At The Twisted Loop we will do nothing but talk designing and crafting and Etsy Shop talk fun that will be! Right now there is a lot of knitting going on over there! Please visit and tell me what you think! I have put a link on the right, just click and enjoy! All of you have a joyous week and make time to do what you love most!

It is God who arms me with
strength, and makes
my way perfect.

Psalm 18:32



Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Cozy Little Necks And Hands too!

Hello to all of you! I am up early this morning and what a beautiful morning it is! It is so quiet and still, a perfect time for a cup of tea and a few moments of early morning reading. I have several books laid aside for my must reads, but lately with so many things to do I find myself reading short poems or verses from my many small gift books. Don't you just love a lovely gift book....I try and carry one with me when leaving the house, they are perfect little pick me ups! One of my favorite is "Joy For The Journey" , it fits perfectly in your purse and is full of daily reminders on the beauty of life and God's unconditional love for all of us....wonderful!

I just had to share with you some knitting I was doing while on my blogging break. I am one of those girls who love to take long evening drives up the coast with a hand knit scarf wrapped around my neck to keep the breezes at bay. Other than keeping you warm, I think it is something quite sophisticated about a lovely piece covering a woman's neck that always catches my eye!

I have notice scarves have taken a nice turn, and it is the scarflette and neck cozy. Well I designed this one and it is somewhat loved! I tell everyone, it is simple in construction, but lovely in its completion! I have been knitting these neck cozies up a storm! The cranberry color is my Sweet Mother's the darker green is my daughter's who wanted it off my neck! I must say they are really beautiful. The yarn is a lamb's wool acrylic blend and comes in several beautiful colorways! I think I love the fact of not just being pretty but it stays put and easy to take with you! I am in the process of designing other styles, but I must complete my knitting on these.

I also plan to do a little shop restocking and decorating so look forward to that! I have a brand new blog in progress I will give you more info in the next few weeks. As for my knitted pieces, I do plan to put them in the Etsy Shop once I catch up outside orders. All the knitting has been wonderful for me...a lovely way to relax and enjoy pretty yarn! Wanted you to also have a little peek at a pair of fingerless gloves I made for myself and a little neck cozy to match! Now that I have filled your ear with all this knit talk, I want to wish all of you a fabulous week filled with all the things you love to do most! Have a beautiful week!

Beauty is in the eye
of the beholder.

author unknown



Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Happy Valentine's Day to each of you!! It is a hand full of hearts for each and everyone of you! I must tell you something funny....I usually do not request chocolates on Valentine's Day, but I just had to have some delicious chocolate this year in a big red heart!! I think it was all those Martha Stewart shows last week and her wonderful chocolate recipes! :o) Honey seem to purposely ignore me every time I mention my need for some fabulous chocolate in a big red heart box and even better that fabulous gold box with chocolate that melts in your mouth! Well I must tell you I am so full of chocolate candy I think I feel a wee bit dizzy!! :o) Like Easter eggs at Easter, chocolate seems to taste so good on Valentines day!

The last week seemed like a blur, and a somewhat difficult week for our family. My Sweet Mother is not feeling well and we have been with her round the clock. I know so many of you are keeping her in your prayers, and I cannot begin to tell you what that means to me....I thank all of you so much. As I sat with my Mother, my blogging friends came across my mind. Please know although I am unable to comment to each of you at present you are always in my heart. I am so sadden to see my Mother ill, but you know I am learning to take each day one day at a time. The word of Our Lord teaches that each day presents its own set of difficulties, handle that present day and with hope in your heart and His Love He will help you in the next.

Enjoy your day today, and know that Jesus loves you with all His heart.....Now that really does make for a wonderful Valentine's Day!



Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Heart To Heart......

Hello Hello Hello!! It feels so good to be here once again! Boy, I sure did miss all of you!! But I must say I so enjoyed my little break. It was indeed time well spent!! I have so much to share with you I do not know where to start. Do you remember my new year post I mentioned my desire for writing? I have decided to go forward with that dream and will be taking some classes soon! I am so excited....but I have not been in class since I graduated college in 2000! I am sure my study skills are a little rusty, but I am so looking forward to getting back in the swing of things! :o) I have also been knitting up a storm, and I promise some pictures for you soon! Speaking of pictures....I was one of the winners of Judy's give-away at Fabric Art & Crafts early January. Oh my goodness I could not believe my eyes when I saw all the beautiful things Judy sent my way. Her package arrived beautifully packaged, and boy oh boy what lovely things from vintage fabric lace, papers, buttons, paper lace, homemade paper, cardstock, pretty stickers, envelopes with matching blank cards ready for card making all tucked in a beautiful folder.....You must see this, and I promise pictures are on the way! :o)

My Dear Mother is preparing for her Radiation Therapy which starts in a few weeks. I so enjoy our time when we get together she always manages to make me laugh even though I know sometimes it is not easy for her. Continue to keep my Sweet Mom in your prayers, and I must say she is doing quite well and we all believe the best is yet to come!

I will have a pretty full plate these coming months and will not be on the computer as often as I would like. Time to hit the books!! :o) Oh wow, I cannot believe I will soon be a student again! Well, guess I will go now and catch up on all of my precious friends in blogland!! :o) Have a fabulous week.......

The purpose of education is to provide
everyone with the opportunity
to learn how best
he or she may serve
the world.

Jo Petty