Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Little Blogging Break......

It is Wednesday already! It seems like just hours ago I was posting for Monday! I guess the old saying is true...."time waits on no one!" :o) Each year around this time Honey and I take a much needed little break. Oh how the two of us are looking forward to relaxing in the next coming weeks! Also January is a special month for us, it is our Wedding Anniversary month! Friday January 18th, we celebrate 34 years of marriage!! I tell you I am so excited, God has so blessed the two of us and we are tickled pink about sharing all these years together!! Many have commented about that little photo of me on the blog and wonder my age. I am proud to say I will be 54 years old in a few months, and that picture was taken in May of last year. I so appreciate all the lovely complements on that photo, but I tell ya the fifties are looking good these days! :o) I truly believe a woman grows more beautiful with age.

I promised Honey, no blogging, no posting, no commenting! Oh my what have I done LOL! This is almost as hard as my new low carb diet!! Anyway we are truly excited about the next few weeks and have plans to have a wonderful break away from the norm of things. Each of you have a wonderful rest of the week, and I will see you in a few weeks! :0)



Monday, January 14, 2008

Knitting Along......

Well hello to each of you! Hope your weekend was a beautiful one. Mine was lovely, and I completed a pair of mitts for myself! Now here in my neck of the woods I really do not need full gloves....well maybe on some of those unusually chilly mornings we may sometimes have here. But these mitts are perfect! Fingerless mitts are wonderful, I am free to sip tea, type, even craft! The pattern is my own in simple knit stitch, but a wonderful stitch to use for mitts! The ribbing gives a longer look to the hands and the stretchiness of the stitch allows it to fit the most petite hand to much larger hands! You know I love roses, so to top it off I knitted a cabbage rose taken from Nicky Epstein's book Knitted flowers.

I have cast on for another pair in a beautiful olive green in merino wool, and think I will add small glass seed beads in the flower center....lovely! It is something about knitting that is so relaxing, soothing and really is! I will be showing you a few projects of mine in the comings weeks and hope those of you who do not knit will become bitten by the knitting bug! :o) There is lots of beautiful knitting going on in blogland, and to see even more beautiful knitted pieces, you must visit Tracy at Pink Purl! That is one knitting little lady, not to mention all her other talents! :o) For those of you who do knit, what are your favorite things to knit? Mine are pretty and feminine accessories like lacy scarves, mitts, shawls, socks and other small knits especially small knits I can add knitted flowers to! :o) Wishing all of you a beautiful week!

She seeks wool and flax
And willing works with her hands.

Proverbs 31:13 (NKJV)



Friday, January 11, 2008

Where There Is Love......

Another Friday, another week's end. I hope each of you had a most beautiful week, and have plans for a lovely weekend. Mine was a nice one, and I must say I accomplished quite a bit! :o)
As many of you do, I pulled out a few of my books of poems and came across one I wanted to share with you. Not a particularly long poem, but a lovely poem. Something sweet for the weekend. Enjoy!

Where There Is Love

Where there is love the heart is light,
Where there is love the day is bright,
Where there is love there is a song
To help when things are going wrong,
Where there is love there is a smile
To make all things seem more worthwhile,
Where there is love there's quiet peace,
A tranquil place where turmoils cease...
Love changes darkness into light
And makes the heart take "wingless flight"
Oh, blest are they who walk in love
They also walk with God above,
And when man walk with God again
There shall be peace on Earth for

Loving Promises, Helen Steiner Rice

Have a beautiful weekend....


Monday, January 7, 2008

Raindrops Keep Falling.....

Oh my goodness the rain is falling! The wind is blowing and it is quite chilly! It started on Friday and wow did it rain, and I must say I enjoyed it!! It is slowing a bit, but a few showers did fall this morning. I even had to pull out an extra blanket! As I sit here I can see a little sun peeking through the clouds with its clear blue beautiful!

I must say a few words here about Blogger! :o( What is going on with it! I understand they have done a few updates and that is good, but there are a few bugs that need to be worked out. I cannot upload pictures within text, it all goes kind of crazy deleting words. I am at my rose end! I love adding multiple pictures as I usually do, but it has been nothing but grief for me. So I have been adding one photo not to upset it.....I am not happy with that! I think I will be going to Wordpress. Anyone know anything about them? I just want to make sure all my data is transferred properly. Any help would be very much appreciated, I am thinking of making the move quite soon! :o)

During Christmas there was a lot more going on besides Santa trying to fit through the chimney tops! :o) I received three awards! Precious Marcela awarded me with the Friendship Button, a lovely award and oh so pretty in pink and dainty hearts! She also awarded me with the Blog del Dia! I also received Your Blog Is A Treasure Award from the lovely Manuela! Sweet Marie on last week awarded Tea Time with the Inspiring Blog Award. Thank you so much, you three ladies are a true treasure, and I thank you so much for thinking of Tea Time and feel so honored to receive all these beautiful awards....thank you. To see these awards scroll to the bottom right! :o)

Each of you enjoy your week!

The Lord will guide you continually,
and satisfy your soul in drought,
and strengthen your bones;
you shall be like a watered garden,
and like a spring of water, whose waters do not fail.

Isaiah 58:11 (NKJV)