Friday, November 30, 2007

It's a meme....

Hello to each of you! Wow, this was a fast and furious week. So many things to do, and what seems like not enough hours to get it all done. But Friday is here, and I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend.... As I sit here tiny rain drops are softly hitting the window panes...the morning is cool, quiet and quite nice.

Back in October, Tracy at Pink Purl tagged me for a meme asking Why Do you Craft? I enjoyed hers so much and was delighted to do my own! For this was a topic after thine own heart! :o) So sit back and take a few moments and find out why I love crafting so much!

1. When did you start to craft and make crafts?

You know I really want to say about twenty three years ago when a sweet friend taught me to cross stitch. But I really thought about this question and my mind ran back to fourth or fifth grade when my creative side started to show. I remember ever so clearly loving to write, not just any old writing, but creative writing one would say. I would carefully place little curls on the ends of all my words resembling tiny curly grapevine swirls. Once I completed my work, I would raise it up to take a look and with a big smile pass it in. Needless to say, my teacher was not happy about it at all! Could my tiny grapevine curls have been a hint of things to come...I really do think so! :o)

2. Why did you start creating?

Like my little curls, it just plain felt good! There is so much joy in creating something with your hands, seeing it literally come alive before your eyes. Not to mention to see the joy it brings to others! For me there are few things that can compare.

3. Why do you create?

I do not believe creating is something I chose, it chose me. It is simply a part of my very being... You know, I am one of those that believe God places certain gifts and talents within us. Some things are learned and sought after and somethings are given...

4. What do you create?

Oh my, I am one of those crafters who loves to put my hands in many things! I taught myself to knit about four years ago and loved it! I have knitted hats, socks, scarves, lap blankets and more. Today's yarns and fibers are so beautiful, I cannot stay away from them! I sew a little, and gift pillows are one of my favorite things to make, I also love to make sachets and pincushions! I once made my entire bedroom over with valences, pillows, pillowcases, shams and matching bed skirt....once was enough for me, but it was beautiful I must say. I love to cross stitch, write, and are thinking of learning to crochet soon! But paper is my first crafting love!! :o)

5. Has this change since you began crafting?

Some what, in the beginning of my crafting years I did lots of stitching, and sewing and very little else. But about nine years ago when paper came into my life...I work everything else round it, and no matter what I am fixated with at the moment I always come back to paper....always! I guess it really was something to my tiny grapevine curlies on the ends of all those words after all! :o)

6. What are your crafting goals for the future?

To create a beautiful line of paper lovely things! While still enjoying so many other forms of crafting I adore....yes that's it!! One thing I must say before closing, the most important thing I have learned over the many years of designing and crafting is to be true to thine own self. Embrace the unique gifts God has so graciously given you, and do not forget to share them with others.

There are so many of you wonderful crafters out there, oh my goodness and blogging has allowed me to meet many of you. If you feel you would like to do this meme please do, and be sure and let me know you did because I do not want to miss it! Have a lovely weekend....

Meekness is not weakness

Jo Petty

Smiles to you...


Monday, November 26, 2007

Catching Up On It All.....

Well a big hello to all of you!! I hope each one of you had a Happy Thanksgiving! I know this post is suppose to be a meme, but I am going to have to put it off just a little longer because I have some plain old catching up to do! :o) First let me say, thanks to all of you for taking part in my 50th post celebration. Again, Congrats to Mary Isabella! I enjoyed it a whole bunch!

Many of you may know I won the recent give-away at sweet Lynda's blog Hedgerow Hollow. Well my little birds just arrived in the mail. I have not yet taken photos, but could not wait to share the news! They are the sweetest little fabric birds made with lots of love and thought....absolute beautiful job Lynda! Lynda has recently opened an Etsy shop filled with her sweet birds, they are beautiful on screen, but wait till you get one in your hands...I will cherish mine forever.... I will be putting a link on my blog today for my new Etsy Shop. The note card above and tag are from a line I am creating called "Mother's Garden", a line of garden and floral images. If you love simple but elegant, you will love "Mother's Garden". Please visit, and tell me what you think.

A few weeks back, BJ over at Sweet Nothings awarded me two Awards! The new "Community Blogger Award" and a "You Make Me Smile" award. To see the awards scroll to the bottom right. Thank you so much BJ, and a big congratulations on all the beautiful awards you have been receiving! :o) I know traditionally we are suppose to pass these awards along to specific others, but I want to award all my readers with both awards and thank you so much for all your kindness towards me....thanking you with all my heart.

A brand new week is upon us...what do you have planned? I think I will start to look for inspiration for new line of paper goodies I have in mind called "tea time and roses"! By the way what do you think of the new banner and background! You have a fabulous week...

It seems to me that we often, almost sulkily,
reject the good that God offers us because,
at the moment, we expected some other good.

C. S. Lewis

Hugs to you...


Saturday, November 24, 2007

And The Winner Is........

Thanks so much for each of you who helped me in my celebration!! We have a winner..... Mary Isabella from Daisy Bouquet! Congratulations Mary! Please e-mail me with your mailing address, and I will get your gift off to you right away!

I wrote each of your names on a piece of paper folded them tightly and placed them all in a pillowcase, and shake shake shake! Honey turned his back and pulled out a name and it was sweet Mary Isabella! I appreciate all the lovely and encouraging comments you left regarding my dear Mother, your kindness I hold dear. Hope each of you are having a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday weekend. I will be building myself a large turkey sandwich today....yummy!

Hope you stop by my little Etsy shop on next week, and please let me know what you think ok. My next post I have some award news to share with you and a meme I have been trying to get to! Once again thank you so much, and have a beautiful weekend....

Smiles to you....


Sunday, November 18, 2007

My 50th Post......

Yes it is my 50th post, and I want to celebrate it with my first give-away ever! I started blogging in March, it was my first month and I thought it would be my last. For that was the month my dear sweet Mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, our world was turned upside down... I did no posting the following month, and with much encouragement from Honey I slowly started to post again. It has been a difficult time for our family, Mom is feeling much better, regaining her strength and we all are looking to a beautiful future and long years with our dear Mother.... I cannot begin to tell you just what all of you have meant to me in these last several months. I am honored to call you my friends.

Many of you know I love books as many of you do! "Friends are Flowers" is one of my favorite books, and I have quoted many of its beautiful poems on the blog. It is filled with the most beautiful gardens, flowers, and a host of lovely thoughts and stories on friendships... I wish so much that I could give one to each and everyone of you, but hopefully who ever receives the book will post a lovely sentiment from the book every once in a while for all of us to enjoy. I had to include these lovely embossed soaps of three ladies at tea...these are mine, but yours will be all sealed and unopened...they are beautiful!

To be a part of the give-away all you need to do is post a comment, that's it! The deadline for the give-away is Friday November 23rd at midnight, and I will announce the winner on Saturday! Wishing each of you a Happy Thanksgiving. Have wonderful week!

A Friend Is Someone Who Listens
With Her Heart...

from Friends are Flowers

Smiles to you...


Monday, November 12, 2007

A Tiny Peek.....

A big hello to each of you... I hope the weekend brought nothing but smiles to you and your families. Mine was a great one, lots of little things to attend to... You know those not so big chores, but they must be taken care of... All in all it was a most wonderful, quiet and pretty restful weekend.

What do you think of this sweet wall paper border I found! I have been out looking for fabulous vintage finds, and I must say I have done pretty well with this border... It was enough to make beautiful scrolls tied with a ribbon and accented with a beautiful shell button... Perfect for collage art, carding making, and pretty enough to frame. There are four beautiful images... I also have some vintage sewing notions, embroidery threads in beautiful cherry, rose and a soft gold color... I guess you can tell I am pretty excited! I really am! Just two weeks till the shop opens!

You know, the older I get the more I am learning about me...but that is how it should be right! I have been doing a little more rushing around the last couple of weeks and working longer hours than usual, not too many more but longer... I just felt a little I sat quietly for a few moments on yesterday evening to do a little listening. I do not do well when my "activities of daily living" are not balanced... Too much work not enough rest... Too much food not enough movement... Too much noise not enough quiet moments... Too much chatter not enough listening... So I think I will pamper myself a bit this week! Take a few more quiet tea breaks, listen to my favorite music, enjoy a wonderful movie, eat light and healthful, listen more intently, move more, and I might even make an on-line purchase of something pretty! LOL! What do you have planned for this week...

Laugh a little...sing a little
As you go your way!
Work a a little
Do this everyday!

Jo Petty

Have a most wonderful week....


Friday, November 9, 2007

It's Friday Already.......

Friday already, wow this week flew by! I have been busy in the studio, and my original plan was to post on Monday, but I had to take a moment to wish each of you a most fabulous weekend! I also wanted to share this beautiful poem with you by Helen Steiner Rice a wonderful woman and poet, she is no longer with us but her beautiful work will always remain....

No Prayer Goes Unheard

Often we pause and wonder
when we kneel down to pray
Can God really hear
The prayers that we say...
But if we keep praying
And talking to him
He'll brighten the soul
That was clouded and dim.
As we continue to pray
Our burden seems lighter
Our sorrow is softened
And our outlook is brighter.
For though we feel helpless
And alone when we start,
Our prayer is the key
That opens the heart.
And as our heart opens
The dear Lord comes in
And the prayer that we felt
We could never begin
For the Lord understands
And gives us new strength
By the touch of His hands.

Helen Steiner Rice
from her book "Loving Promises"

Smiles to each of you....have a fab weekend!


Monday, November 5, 2007

Harvest Glow And Thanksgiving.....

Yummy....wish you could smell this candle, it is amazing! Carmel Apple, a lovely soy candle sent to me from Romona at Lots of Little Things... The candle was beautifully wrapped along with a sweet beaded pumpkin and lots of old school know the ones, mary jane, slo pok, bit-o-honey and some caramel and boy was it good!! :o) I tried so hard to get a clear picture of the flame, but to no avail,. But just for a moment imagine a melt in your mouth good caramel apple. The crispness of the apple, the smell of delicious caramel...delicious indeed!

I hope all of you had a most wonderful weekend and a fabulous week... I was quite productive I must say, and although I did not do much blogging I did do some visiting and I must share with you this most wonderful blog. Her name is Cielo and her blog is "house in the roses".... Now this is a new blog, she has only been blogging since October 30 and I so enjoyed her poems, her thoughts and the plain beauty of this blog. I hope you stop by and say hello....

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and I can feel myself getting excited... Family, food, sharing, smiles, words of thanksgiving , a special time for so many of us... I have already started to plan my menu... But one thing for sure I have to have plenty of cranberry sauce for my little grand daughter...she has already put in her request! :o) What is it about Thanksgiving that is special to you, and what is your favorite must have dish. The one you wait all year to enjoy, and enjoy it you will!!

It will be another busy week for me, as I am sure it will be for much to do so little time. I will be spending lots of time in the studio, and when I cannot take it anymore I will move to the kitchen table! Change of scenery does me creatively good LOL! You all have a most fabulous week....

A loving heart is the truest wisdom

Jo Petty

Smiles to you....