Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Night Before Christmas.....

Hello everyone of you! I hope this week thus far has been a fabulous one. As for me, it has been very nice. On yesterday evening I sat looking through one of my favorite Christmas books that I have had for many years now. It is a beautiful book with a picture of an old vintage Santa on the cover and filled with lovely Christmas crafts and cookie recipes and more. As it often does this time of year, my mind ran back to when I was a little girl.... No one could have done anything to convince me that there was not a Santa Claus. I actually saw his empty cup on the table where he had tea, and the crumbs left on his plate where he and Mom had shared Christmas cookies! If only I did not have to be sleep for him to come, I would have seen him!

I thank my Mom so much for that childhood memory of Christmas, and I think it has a lot to do with my love for the holiday today. Truly the little girl comes out in me this time of year. As children we did not have lots of money, as a matter of fact we did not have lots of anything LOL! So Mom would bake cookies, and of course put Santa's aside, we would join her in making popcorn garland for the tree and filling up our goodie bags for Christmas morning. Christmas was not Christmas without our goodie bags....a brown lunch bag with an apple, orange, some nuts and candy! And before we were tucked into bed, we children would gather around to hear Mom read "The Night Before Christmas". I remember so clearly that being one of the most exciting times of my little young life.

I heard a bird sing
In the beauty of December
A magical thing and
Sweet to remember.

From the book The Spirit of Christmas

Merry Christmas.....



Inspired Tokens said...

What a lovely sound like you have such wonderful childhood memories. Such a treasure! Wishing a wonderful week ahead and thank you for sharing a wonderful childhood memory.

Marcela said...

Hello sweet beverly
What a WONDERFUL post!!!
I enjoyed reading a lot!!!!
Those cards are fabulous!
Have a wonderful day my friend

Mary Isabella said...

What a wonderful memory. My Christmas were alot like yours. We always baked cookies and recieve fruit,candy and nuts. Blessings of the day to you. Mary

bj said...

Oh, Beverly, such a Merry, Merry Christmas to you, my friend.
I loved hearing about your childhood brought all of mine tumbling back, too.
Hugs, bj

The Feathered Nest said...

What a sweet post! My daughter is 15 and she still insists on putting a cookies and milk out for Santa!


Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Hi Beverly,
What a lovely childhood memory! I too remember my childhood Christmas's fondly.

Marcela said...

Hello Beverly
I just came from your etsy Shop..
Everything is beautiful...I am in love with your tags especially with the stamped vintage dress forms!!!They are wonderful!!!
Kisses to you

clara said...

Thanks for sharing these treasured memories of Christmas as a little Beverly! :-)

Tracy said...

Such sweet holiday memories! This time of year we cannot help but remember and reflect. And you post has me thinking of holidays past--my mom and I baking, decorating the tree, always an apple and an orange in the toe of Christmas stockings, a little gift to open on Christmas Eve before church, the quiet of Christmas Day evening when all the festivity stilled and there was time to enjoy and just be together...lots of happy memories. Thanks for your stroll down memory lane. Happy weekend, my friend ((HUGS))

Natalie said...

Merry Christmas Beverly!
You are such a light... I think you keep Santa's spirit alive and well... thank you for spreading Christmas cheer!

Tea said...

Some of the best times I had when I was young were without a lot of anything, also.:)Thank you for sharing your beautiful Christmas memories.

Lynda said...

What wonderful memories, Beverly! "Santa" used to leave cookie crumbs and an empty glass for us too ... it added so much to the magic of Christmas. I'm so glad your dear mom is home and feeling better. I'll be keeping her in my prayers. I'm glad that I finally had a chance to catch up with you! It seems I'm not getting to the computer as often as I'd like these days. Have a great weekend! ~ hugs, Lynda xo

Nan said...

What wonderful memories. Thanks for sharing.

KJ said...

What a cozy post! I love the vintage Santa illustrations! Makes me want to crawl up on his lap! I also have that December 25th book image. I don't know where I got it, but I have had it for a few years. I like it!


thehomelyyear said...

Hi, what lovely memories. I love The Night before Christmas. We had a record of it as a child where the story was sung in a sort of barber shop way...sounds strange I know, but we loved it and learnt all the words because we listened to it so often.
I also love the traditional Christmas books...wish I'd still got some of my childhood ones.
Margaret and Noreen at THY

daisy cottage said...

What a sweet post and beautiful memories! Thank you so much for taking us down memory lane - have a beautiful weekend dear friend!


Ruth Welter said...

Beautiful santa illusttrations Beverly. Hearing that you were sitting down to enjoy a book, a story from you childhood made me think of something. I had a beautiful book of fairytales when I was young, I read from it all the time. Sadly, I no longer have that book. I had given it to my neice and she wripped it to shreds. : ( I really wish I had it today and I've thought that many times over the years.

Marcela said...

Hi Beverly
I hope you have a wonderful sunday!I send you a big kiss and another kiss to your mother

paru's_circle said...

sorry u missed the 50th post but do come back when you have the time, thanks for sharing memory with us all!

NAME: CIELO said...

Hi Bev... just passing by to see how you are doing and to wish you a blessed Sunday.


dottycookie said...

Such a lovely post, Beverly! I can feel the warmth of Christmas at your house, and just the kind of memories I hope my girls will have when they grow up. We read the Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve as well, but in our house Santa (or Father Christnas as we call him) has sherry and mince pies. No wonder her always looks so jolly! said...

That does sound like the most wonderful Christmas, Beverley. I think the fact that there weren't hundreds of presents around back then made it all the more special. I love being able to have Christmas as a family affair, I've got to have my Mum around, and I always do the turkey.

Thanks for sharing this really special memory with us :)

Wild Rose said...

Hi Beverly,

What wonderful memories to share with us. I smiled when I read your post ~ thank you for brightening my day.

Marie x

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

What a beautiful post! Lots of love to you, Beverly, at this holy season!

Marcela said...

Hi Beverly
How are you doing???
I hope you have a wonderful and blessed tuesday!!!!
Your friend