Sunday, December 2, 2007

Busy Me.....

Well hello to all of you! I hope you all enjoyed the meme, and thank you so much Tracy for asking! It has been a lovely weekend, it rained here a little on Friday morning and I must say I really enjoyed the light shower.... Another week is upon us, and I have my to do list out and ready!

Blogging has been on my mind somewhat this weekend, and I wanted to share a little of what has been on my heart. First let me say, I realize I have not made my visits as I normally do for the last few weeks, and boy that is hard for me!! Because one thing I love to do is visit and see what all my blogging friends are up to! :o) Especially since I started the Etsy shop! Wow, I can see myself spending quite a bit of time with Etsy LOL! I am working hard to set it up where I am pleased with what is there, and that has not happened yet! I realize it will take time, and I will be fair to myself and patient as well... So to all of you who visit me, know my heart is always with you, even if I miss a post or two! Etsy is a blessing, I never knew about or even heard of Etsy before I started blogging!! I have many years long prayed for a shop of my own, and along came Etsy!! Though not the store front I so envisioned, it is a wonderful step in the right direction I believe.

Have you ever longed for something and waited and waited, and when it did finally come it came in a form you would have never expected? All of us have those stories, but our heart has to be in a place that does not allow us to miss it when it passes through... Sometimes we want something so badly, when it does not match the vision in our heads, we toss it aside even though it screams everything we ever wanted. I am asking God everyday to allow me to see life through His eyes. In that way, I will have a much better chance at receiving all the many good things He has out there just waiting for me.

I wanted to give you all an up date on my sweet Mother. She has had her surgery on last Wednesday and is home now. Thank all of you for your prayers and kind words. As a matter of fact Honey and I will visiting her this evening. I told her she has lots of praying folks out there, boy she just loves that! Each of you have a fabulous week....

The smile on your face
is the light in the window
that tells people that you are at home.

Jo Petty

Smiles to you...



Kimberley said...

Hi there, Beverly!

I am so glad to hear that your mother is at home and doing well. My own mom has had ovarian and throat cancer, and I lost two friends to breast cancer. I truly feel for you, your mom, and your family.

I had a few minutes to browse around your shop, and it is full of lovely things :) I can't wait until I have a bit more time to go and explore.

Take care, and have a lovely week,

Nan said...

My best to your mother and I love your florals.

Marcela said...

Hello Beverly!!!
I am glad to know that your mother is better!!!
I'll pray for her recovery!



ginger at enchanting cottage said...

What a blessing that you mom is home, I will pray for her and I will also pray for your adventure with Etsy shop. Your blog is so beautiful I am sure your Etsy shop will be as well. I am sure you have heard babysteps this is just your first step you will have so many more God is Good.
Psalm 32:8
I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye.

Have a blessed day.

Becky K. said...

It does take time to get things the way you want them...but no one is noticing the way you do. Your things are soooooo beautiful. It is wonderful to realize the reality of a dream coming true.
I am very happy for you.
Becky K.

Mary Isabella said...

Oh i will continue to pray for your precious Mother!!The blog is soooo beautiful. Mary

NAME: CIELO said...

Hi Bev... so good to hear your mom is well. I will surely pay a visit to your new shop and see what goodies you have there.

Have a blessed week.


bj said...

You have the softest, sweetest soul, Beverly. I love your postings. I just know you've never raised your voice in your entire life! I wish I could say the thing but I do have a stomping fit every now and then. Once I do, tho, I am over it!
So glad your mom is doing well. That makes YOU do well, too!

Tea Time and Roses said...

Thanks so much for the sweet comment bj, but I have my days too! :o) As I grow, I am learning to be slow to anger, and slow to speak...a long process and much prayer LOL! You are so kind. You have a fabulous week...

Smiles to you...


Marcela said...

Hello Beverly
I hope you have a wonderful week!!!
Would you like to visit my blog...
I have something for you.


Marcela said...

Hi my sweet friend!!!
Congratulations on your award!!!
You deserve it so much!!!
I wish I could meet you in person someday...


Judy said...

Hi Beverly,
So glad to hear that your mother is doing well! May she continue to improve more and more each day.
I wanted to wish you all kinds of success with your shop!
Thank you for you kind comment on my blog! Have a wonderful week!

Britt-Arnhild said...

Good luck in the developing of your Etsy shop. And greetings to your mother.

Ragged Roses said...

Hello, it's good to hear that your mother is home and recovering. It was lovely to read your meme too, very interesting. Take care and don't worry about not visiting all our blogs!
Kim x

Tracy said...

So very glad, to hear your mother is doing well, Beverly! I continue to pray for her...and you. You mustn't worry about blogging, reading blogs, etc. So happy when you can post and visit...But happy that you are happy where you are at doing what you do. Like blogging, Etsy can take on a life of its own too, I know! LOL! But it's a good thing. Shape your shop, enjoy your shop, enjoy this lovely place where we are so glad to visit you...We'll still be here! ;o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

clara said...

Hi Beverly, thanks for the update on your mom. I'm glad to be part of the prayer support. And running an online biz is a learning experience so don't be afraid to ask and experiment. :-)

BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Lots of love and prayers for you, and your dear Mom and family, Beverly!

homespun living said...

So glad your mom is on the road to recovery.
Best wishes with your Etsy shop, and thank you for all your kind comments.


The Feathered Nest said...

Beverly, glad to hear your mom is doing well.

Etsy is a wonderful venue for so many people. Your shop is already lovely - love those tags!


Marcela said...

Good morning Beverly
Stopping by to say hello and wishing you a wonderful day!!!

your friend,

Anonymous said...

Etsy is indeed a boon for crafters, artists etc and not just those in the Usa but from all over the world a global marketplace that is well known throughout blogland but unfortuntaely doesn't seem that well known outside of it, at least here in the UK.

Suzie Sews said...

so good to here some good news.

Tea Time and Roses said...

Suzie, I am so sad to hear about the passing away of your sweet friend Amy. Know that my prayers our with you and her family....


Natalie said...

Beverly please add my prayers for your mother's recovery and comfort.

KJ said...

It's good to hear about your sweat Mom! I am praying, too!

I am certain that I can smell roses on your blog!


Wild Rose said...

Hi Beverly

Such a beautiful post ~ I am going to write something about this on my own blog.

I am also really behind in reading and commenting, but I do love my visits to your blog and look forward to catching up with you.

Have a wonderful week.

Marie x