Friday, November 30, 2007

It's a meme....

Hello to each of you! Wow, this was a fast and furious week. So many things to do, and what seems like not enough hours to get it all done. But Friday is here, and I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend.... As I sit here tiny rain drops are softly hitting the window panes...the morning is cool, quiet and quite nice.

Back in October, Tracy at Pink Purl tagged me for a meme asking Why Do you Craft? I enjoyed hers so much and was delighted to do my own! For this was a topic after thine own heart! :o) So sit back and take a few moments and find out why I love crafting so much!

1. When did you start to craft and make crafts?

You know I really want to say about twenty three years ago when a sweet friend taught me to cross stitch. But I really thought about this question and my mind ran back to fourth or fifth grade when my creative side started to show. I remember ever so clearly loving to write, not just any old writing, but creative writing one would say. I would carefully place little curls on the ends of all my words resembling tiny curly grapevine swirls. Once I completed my work, I would raise it up to take a look and with a big smile pass it in. Needless to say, my teacher was not happy about it at all! Could my tiny grapevine curls have been a hint of things to come...I really do think so! :o)

2. Why did you start creating?

Like my little curls, it just plain felt good! There is so much joy in creating something with your hands, seeing it literally come alive before your eyes. Not to mention to see the joy it brings to others! For me there are few things that can compare.

3. Why do you create?

I do not believe creating is something I chose, it chose me. It is simply a part of my very being... You know, I am one of those that believe God places certain gifts and talents within us. Some things are learned and sought after and somethings are given...

4. What do you create?

Oh my, I am one of those crafters who loves to put my hands in many things! I taught myself to knit about four years ago and loved it! I have knitted hats, socks, scarves, lap blankets and more. Today's yarns and fibers are so beautiful, I cannot stay away from them! I sew a little, and gift pillows are one of my favorite things to make, I also love to make sachets and pincushions! I once made my entire bedroom over with valences, pillows, pillowcases, shams and matching bed skirt....once was enough for me, but it was beautiful I must say. I love to cross stitch, write, and are thinking of learning to crochet soon! But paper is my first crafting love!! :o)

5. Has this change since you began crafting?

Some what, in the beginning of my crafting years I did lots of stitching, and sewing and very little else. But about nine years ago when paper came into my life...I work everything else round it, and no matter what I am fixated with at the moment I always come back to paper....always! I guess it really was something to my tiny grapevine curlies on the ends of all those words after all! :o)

6. What are your crafting goals for the future?

To create a beautiful line of paper lovely things! While still enjoying so many other forms of crafting I adore....yes that's it!! One thing I must say before closing, the most important thing I have learned over the many years of designing and crafting is to be true to thine own self. Embrace the unique gifts God has so graciously given you, and do not forget to share them with others.

There are so many of you wonderful crafters out there, oh my goodness and blogging has allowed me to meet many of you. If you feel you would like to do this meme please do, and be sure and let me know you did because I do not want to miss it! Have a lovely weekend....

Meekness is not weakness

Jo Petty

Smiles to you...



KJ said...

Very well said, Beverly! I, too, was distracted in elementary school by my creative eye. I always saw the possibilities. I am still a chronic doodler! And, I am still playing all of the cards dealt to me! Yes, God does plant His specific gifts in all of us!

Hugs, KJ

bj said...

Hi, Beverly, I've missed you this week. Hope things are going well.
I really enjoyed your crafting meme...I won't do it because I am not a crafter but I have a friend or two that are very crafty (and I mean that in the nicest way!! :). I'll send them to your site for details....
hugs, bj

Inspired Tokens said...

I enjoyed reading your crafting's a nice way to know more about blogging friends. the rose!

Judy said...

It was a pleasure to read about your interest in crafting and how it began. You seem to have many gifts, and designing a beautiful blog is one of them!
Thanks for your nice comment on my blog. Have fun this weekend with your decorating!!

Mary Isabella said...

I love the little quote I always tell my children to be meak not weak. Blessings mary

Nan said...

That was interesting to read. I do some crafts but not like I used to do. Seems that there are not enough hours in the day.
Have a great day!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Well said and a pleasure to read! I enjoyed it very much, so great to get to know people better!

KarenHarveyCox said...

Beverly, I enjoyed reading your post. Sounds like you are a kindred spirit. Creating is like breathing to me. Blessings, Karen

Deborah said...

It's nice to learn more about you! I wish I were so 'crafty'.

I'm having a giveaway - hope you will enter!

Marcela said...

Hello my sweet friend!!!
I hope you have a wonderful weekend !!!
Would you please come over to my blog....There is something for you!!!!


Tracy said...

Such fun to read about your life in crafting, Beverly! I'm glad you did this meme after all ;o) I, too, believe that the crafts are chosen for me, not just me choosing them. I'm meant to be doing what I do for a deeper reason, beyond the fabric, yarn, pins & needles. Now if there were only more time to be spreading even more craft love! LOL! Hope you're having some happy craft time this weekend, my friend! See you next week ((HUGS))

Anonymous said...

Firstly let me say that Blogger will only allwo me to comment as anonymous because for some reson I can't access my blogger account so sorry about that.
Love the roses you have chosen to illustrate this very interesting post.

Wild Rose said...

Hi Beverly

Thanks for sharing your reasons for crafting. It is always a pleasure to learn a little more about my blog friends.

I am really behind in reading your posts ~ will try to visit again soon.

Marie x