Friday, November 9, 2007

It's Friday Already.......

Friday already, wow this week flew by! I have been busy in the studio, and my original plan was to post on Monday, but I had to take a moment to wish each of you a most fabulous weekend! I also wanted to share this beautiful poem with you by Helen Steiner Rice a wonderful woman and poet, she is no longer with us but her beautiful work will always remain....

No Prayer Goes Unheard

Often we pause and wonder
when we kneel down to pray
Can God really hear
The prayers that we say...
But if we keep praying
And talking to him
He'll brighten the soul
That was clouded and dim.
As we continue to pray
Our burden seems lighter
Our sorrow is softened
And our outlook is brighter.
For though we feel helpless
And alone when we start,
Our prayer is the key
That opens the heart.
And as our heart opens
The dear Lord comes in
And the prayer that we felt
We could never begin
For the Lord understands
And gives us new strength
By the touch of His hands.

Helen Steiner Rice
from her book "Loving Promises"

Smiles to each of you....have a fab weekend!



Marcela said...

Hello Beverly.
I wish you a wonderful weekend!!!.
I send you a hug.

Lynda said...

That's a beautiful poem, Beverly! Thanks so much for sharing it ... and thank you for your lovely coments and good wishes! It's nice to be back blogging again. ~ hugs, Lynda xo

Suzie Sews said...

every time I pop over to your blog the pictures just blow me away and the words are always relevant to me. have a great weekend
Suzie Sews

LivingTheLife said...

Beverly...I love that are so talented. Thanks for posting that beautiful poem by Helen Steiner is one of my favorites...I also have her book "Somebody Loves You" is beautiful, too! I enjoy her books and the lovely artistry that accompanies them.

Enjoy your weekend...and continued blessings to you...


T*mmy said...

I just want to take a moment and tell you I think you have a lovely blog!

I had a book by HSR when I was first has gone missing through the years but I'm so glad you included this beautiful poem today!

Have a great day!

NAME: CIELO said...

"No Prayer Goes Unheard"... Oh Bev, thank you for taking a moment of your busy schedule to remind us this.... that God is never too tired or too far away to listen...

You have a wonderful weekend! And may the Lord bless us all....



the feathered nest said...

Beverly, thanks for sharing that poem and the picture is just beautiful. Have a wonderful weekend!


BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

What a lovely poem, Beverly! Thank you for sharing it. Have a splendid weekend!

Mary Isabella said...

Beverly, Thank you for sharing this poem with us. She is one of my favorite poets. Blessings from my home to yours. Mary

Cathy Nash said...

Wonderful thoughts. I also love the photos of the flowers!
Best wishes~
Cathy Nash

bj said...

Well, Beverly, I just LOVE that pretty and so meaningful poem you were kind enuf to share with us.
I do hope your weekend is just what you want it to be.
hugs, bj

When We Were Young said...

Beautiful! Have agood weekend!

Tracy said...

So beautiful...thank you so much for sharing, Beverly! Wishing you & Honey and terrific weekend ((HUGS))

bj said...

Hope you are having a fun weekend!

Britt-Arnhild said...

The red leaf is outstanding. And the poem is beautifil.

Shropshire Girl said...

My family is together again for the weekend and I feel blessed. I hope your weekend is also wonderful, your blog is always so lovely!

bj said...

pls. come to my site..i have something for you.

daisy cottage said...

Hello Beverly!
I hope you are having a beautiful Sunday! Thank you for the lovely poem!


Kimberley said...

Hi, Beverly!

I hope that you're enjoying this last day of the weekend :) Chris and I are in Orlando and the wedding is in a few hours-- the bride and her family seem really happy so all is well!

Take care,

Ragged Roses said...

Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Thanks for such a beautiful poem and another gorgeous photo.
Kim x

tash said...

We did have a lovely weekend. I hope you did too, and are having a lovely week. Thanks for sharing that poem!

bj said...

Hi, Beverly...just wanted to stop by and say hope you are doing ok!

KJ said...

I love the poems of Helen Steiner Rice. I only have one of her books, but I cherish it!

Hugs, KJ

Nan - said...

Beautiful, beautiful words. Thanks so much.