Thursday, July 19, 2007

Pay It Forward Gift Swap...

Tracy's blog Pink Purl was doing a Pay It Forward Gift Swap, and I was lucky enough to be a part!! This is my first gift swap, and I am really excited!

Now here is how it works! I will send a handmade gift to the first 3 people who leave a comment on my blog requesting to join this PIF exchange! I don't know what that gift will be yet, and you may not receive it tomorrow or next week...LOL... but you will receive it within 365 days, that's a promise! and it will be something yummy!!

The only thing you have to do in return is pay it forward by making the same promise on your blog...

Ummm... My little mind is clicking.... I better get busy!




Wild Rose said...

Hi Beverly

It looks like I'm first! I guess it is time to join in the fun, as I missed out on Tracy's blog.

Marie x

Tracy said...

OH, boy! Am I among the lucky to receiving a beautiful Beverly gift?! It's so fun to see the PIF has come round to your too, sweet friend! This is such fun! Happy Weekend to you! ((HUGS))

Kimberley said...

Hi, Beverly!

I just tonight found your blog-- lucky me :)

Can't wait to read more,

Tash said...

Hi Beverly - sorry it's taken me absolutely ages to get around to commenting - but thanks for leaving such lovely comments on my blog. It's always a pleasure to read the comments you leave :)

Beautiful picture, are all the flowers on your blog yours? Another gal after my own heart! I'm now off to read the rest of your blog! Have a lovely week!

Raindrops said...

oh bum I missed it. Ilost my internet connection due to weather in the UK. Tricia

Lib said...

I love this idea and am perpetuating it on my own blog - Not Much More Than This.

I am also tracking this through blogs back to the original source. I am thoroughly enjoying the new blogs I am visiting on the way.

My path includes:

Found on Life in the Lost World, who found on Just a Flip Flop Mom, who found on Appliqué Today,who found on Cotton Spice Blog, who traced the movement back to roxtarchicknits, who found here on Whimsical Knitting, who says she found it here on Musings from a Knucklehead. Musings links to Knit Tea, Lapdog Creations & The Yarn Closet - not exactly sure where Musings found it, that wasn't clear. I started with Knit Tea, moved on to The Yarn Closet, and then Lapdog creations where I couldn't find out how to comment. Knit Tea signed up over at the Bag Lady and the Pro who jumped on the gift giving train when she found it on Days Go By, who found it on If Pony's could knit, who found it on I'd Rather Be Knitting. Okay, are you seeing the same thing I am? After the first two or three bloggers, this thing is a knitting thang LOL Anyway, and so my journey continues, bringing me to Jelly Wares, who found it on Dragonfly-Crafts, who saw the exchange around "blogsville" as she calls it, which led her to Tallulah House. Before that it was Tea Time and Roses, who found it on Pink Purl, who found a little bit of Serene Whimsy. Before that there was Maddy's Glass House, who heard of this at Two Lime Leaves, who signed up at devliégendekoe, who joined the party after visiting both the stitching room and Eleanor and Ruby. E and R signed up back at the stitching room, who found on Welcome to Blogland.

I just now realized that this has gone from a Pay it Forward to a Pass it Forward, somewhere in the last few blogs LOL I was having such a good time I didn't even notice until now. So I guess I have succeeded. It went from Pass to Pay between devliégendekoe and the stitching room. So with devliégendekoe I found my way to the beginning of the Pay it Forward. Yea!