Friday, July 13, 2007

I've Been Tagged!!

This baby blogger is moving on up in blog land! I've been tagged by sweet Tricia at Raindrops On Roses.

Well here we go!!

1. I am the eldest of six sisters and one spoiled brother. Being the oldest does have its advantages, like not having to worry about hand-me-downs! But it has its disadvantages too...
I cannot count the times I have heard "Beverly, you are the oldest you should have known better"!. Or having the responsibility of disciplining your baby sister when mom is away and she fights better than you!

2. I have a bug phobia, I mean a true phobia! I don't care how small it is, if it crawls I'm getting out of the way, and killing one is out the question. If I am forced to do the job, I get my trusty broom, stand back as far as I can and give the little pest the whack of his life! I am really working hard to get better with this one!

3. I love to sing, my sisters and I had our own gospel group for years and sang in many churches around the city. We no longer sing as a group, but I still sing and dance around the house all the time!

4. I have a degree in Health Information Technology with a minor in Sociology and worked in Hospice care for many years... This experience has help me appreciate life and how precious and fragile it really is...

5. I am a helpless Romantic... I love all things romantic, especially movies.

6. I hate to wear shoes, and are so thankful for mules. They kick off so easily! If I could, I would go shopping bare footed! I just love for my feet to be free!

7. I am a horrible speller... I mean sometimes it is bad! Do any of you out there ever forget how to spell cat!

8. I am a doodler... Nothing is safe around me. I doodle on mail, magazines, letters and the like! Honey often tells me "Babe do not write on this, it is going in the mail tonight... Smiles

Tricia, I truly enjoyed this. Thanks for the opportunity of being tagged!




Raindrops said...

am glad you enjoy doing the 8 random things. And it is nice to get to know people bit better.
I hate bugs too but with four boys I am trying to play it down. And I am also a bad speller. And I doodle when I am on the phone.
Have a good weekend

Tracy said...

So much fun to learn more about you, Beverly! I'm a life-long doobler and scribbler. I do not like bugs--especially spiders--gak! I try to do my best with spelling, not always successful...but as long as we try, right? ;o) I wish I could sing! I appreciate music so much but and musically-challenged by the practical ability to play or sing. I admire your abilities! Looking forward to coming here again, kicking off my shoes and visiting! Hope you & yours are having a great weekend! ((HUGS))

cd&m said...

New to blogging so this tagging stuff is giving us a real opportunity to get to know everyone really quickly.

Wild Rose said...

Hi Beverly, great to read a little more about you. Have a good week.

Marie x

cd&m said...

Thanks for your welcome to the world of blogging, we've left a little thankyou over on the blog for you.

Primrose Hill said...

Love the list - I'm a doodler too, maybe it's a crafty thing!

Lisa x

Tips Of All Sorts said...

Thanks for sharing about yourself. I love to sing too especially in the shower! :-)

Kimberley said...

Beverly, I am sooo with you on the whole "no shoes" thing :)