Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year....New Beginnings

Happy New Year to each and everyone of you!! The eve of a brand new year is upon us, how exciting that is!! I have spent a good portion of these last few days thinking back over this last goals, did I meet them, did I use the past twelve months to brighten not only my life but someone else's life too. Sitting talking with my sweet husband, we shared the importance of sharing not only what we have, but who we are. I want each of you to know that I have felt heartfelt goodness from all of you. Others may ask just how can that be you don't even know these people. I have to admit there has been times when the thought has crossed my mind and I had to sit and think Bev are you ok LOL! Receiving so much goodness from strangers is weird right? I mean here I am a grown woman talking to other women via the computer LOL! I have had enough time now to feel my way through this thing called blogging, and I know that all of you are a special breed of women and I feel good to be in your company! How many can say, that they have friends on all four corners of the earth! Thank you for your kindness, prayers, laughter, beautiful blogs, and honesty to name a few!

I have a few new plans for this new year I am excited about! Although a few hours yet, God has given me another year, I am so glad He is a God of a second chance..... So I am simply carrying over the unfinished or I can just plain start anew! This new year, I plan to stay more focused and completing all my little unfinished projects! No more one sock knitting thing, or an unfinished scarf, incomplete paper projects or a grand idea not carried out! For me this New Year will be a year of Completion! I have told myself....don't even start it, if you don't plan on finishing it! :o)

All the storytelling around blogland has so inspired me to write again. For many years, I have had a longing to seriously share through writing. My dream is to one day have something published. I have been looking into a few institutions of writing, but I am just not sure which way to go just yet. So that is one thing I will be making a decision on this coming year.

Wow! I think 2008 will be a wonderful year! What are your plans? Any new ones, continued ones? Remember with a New Year are new possibilities: I just love what the great Apostle Paul says about moving on and pressing ahead:

Not that I have already attained, or am already perfected;
but I press on, that I may lay hold of that
for which Christ Jesus has also laid
hold of me.

Brethren, I do not count myself to have apprehended;
but one thing I do, forgetting those things
which are behind and reaching
forward to those things which are ahead,

I press toward the goal for the prize
of the upward call of God in
Christ Jesus.

Philippians 3:12-14 (NKJV)

This past year has been a wonderful one, but guess what!! I believe the best is yet to come!! Come and let's share the possibilities...... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!



Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas
to each and everyone
of you!

Love Beverly

See you in a few days!!

Monday, December 17, 2007

The Spirit of Christmas......

The Sights of Christmas

There's no other time like Christmas.

As the season draws near, the yuletide
spirit beckons us to transform our
homes with holiday magic. Out come
cherished decorations, rich in memories
of Christmas pass. And with the
familiar treasures, we're also stirred to
create fresh new tributes to the season
trimmings, that are sure to become
tomorrow's heirlooms. Caught up in
the festive mood, we create a wonderful
atmosphere that becomes our special gift
endeavor that blesses, too.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I look forward to pulling out The Spirit of Christmas each year. It is filled with poems, recipes and craft and such a beautiful book. I wanted to share this cookie recipe with you. Thimble Cookies, tiny little cookies you actually use a thimble to cut out! But don't panic, you like me can use regular cookie cutters! :o) I hope you enjoy them.....

Pecan Thimble Cookies

2 cups all-purpose flour
1 1/4 cups pecans
1 cup butter, softened
1/4 cup granulated sugar
1/4 cup firmly packed brown sugar

Combine the flour and pecans in a blender or food processor. Process until pecans are very fine. In a medium mixing bowl, beat butter and sugars until light and fluffy. Stir in flour mixture. Wrap dough in plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight. Preheat oven to 300 degrees. On a lightly floured surface, use a floured rolling pin to roll out dough to 1/4 inch thickness. Cut out dough using a thimble. Place on foil-lined baking sheet and bake 10 - 12 minutes or until very lightly brown.
Yield: about 50 dozen cookies

Variation: Cookie may be rolled out as directed above and cut out using desired cookie cutters. Bake 20 to 25 minutes.
Yield: about 5 dozen 2 1/2 inch cookies



Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Wishing You A Merry Christmas!

We are getting a few showers here again! This time of year I do get a little excited about cool weather and a few light showers, just enough that makes you want to throw on a coat, a pretty scarf and maybe even a hat! We do not get the beautiful white Christmas here, so we have to enjoy the very cool breezes this time of year brings! Wow what beautiful scenes of Christmas I have enjoyed around blogland. Beautiful trees, snowy grounds, wreaths, angels, lights, snowmen and all so beautiful! I guess you can tell I just love Christmas, for me it is a time of sharing with family and celebrating the birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!

Not a long post today, but wanted to share a few photos of Christmas with you! Above are my snowmen along with a tiny tree I found. I never had a miniature tree before, but this one was so cute! And that sweet little Santa face sits right on top!!

As you all know I love making cards, and they make up a large part of my Christmas decorating and like you I keep them for years! Too busy to make any this year and I try so hard to make all handmade cards for family and friends. I am afraid it will be boxed this year LOL! But here are a few of my pass years. The vintage Santa card was made from images I cut from Christmas gift bags and hand embossed with brass stencils, and the poinsettia I cut using pattern paper and found two perfect die cut leaves to top it off! The whimsical angels are simply stickers and embossing!

And of course, I could not end here without showing you "Winter" a sweet little Christmas beauty my Mom surprised me with on last week! She is all decked out for the holidays with her beautiful blue coat and pretty buttons and of course her silver bell. You all continue to enjoy the season and have a fabulous rest of the week!

A season of secrets and surprises,
Christmas brings out a
Childlike excitement in us all!

From the book The Spirit of Christmas

Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas!


Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Night Before Christmas.....

Hello everyone of you! I hope this week thus far has been a fabulous one. As for me, it has been very nice. On yesterday evening I sat looking through one of my favorite Christmas books that I have had for many years now. It is a beautiful book with a picture of an old vintage Santa on the cover and filled with lovely Christmas crafts and cookie recipes and more. As it often does this time of year, my mind ran back to when I was a little girl.... No one could have done anything to convince me that there was not a Santa Claus. I actually saw his empty cup on the table where he had tea, and the crumbs left on his plate where he and Mom had shared Christmas cookies! If only I did not have to be sleep for him to come, I would have seen him!

I thank my Mom so much for that childhood memory of Christmas, and I think it has a lot to do with my love for the holiday today. Truly the little girl comes out in me this time of year. As children we did not have lots of money, as a matter of fact we did not have lots of anything LOL! So Mom would bake cookies, and of course put Santa's aside, we would join her in making popcorn garland for the tree and filling up our goodie bags for Christmas morning. Christmas was not Christmas without our goodie bags....a brown lunch bag with an apple, orange, some nuts and candy! And before we were tucked into bed, we children would gather around to hear Mom read "The Night Before Christmas". I remember so clearly that being one of the most exciting times of my little young life.

I heard a bird sing
In the beauty of December
A magical thing and
Sweet to remember.

From the book The Spirit of Christmas

Merry Christmas.....


Sunday, December 2, 2007

Busy Me.....

Well hello to all of you! I hope you all enjoyed the meme, and thank you so much Tracy for asking! It has been a lovely weekend, it rained here a little on Friday morning and I must say I really enjoyed the light shower.... Another week is upon us, and I have my to do list out and ready!

Blogging has been on my mind somewhat this weekend, and I wanted to share a little of what has been on my heart. First let me say, I realize I have not made my visits as I normally do for the last few weeks, and boy that is hard for me!! Because one thing I love to do is visit and see what all my blogging friends are up to! :o) Especially since I started the Etsy shop! Wow, I can see myself spending quite a bit of time with Etsy LOL! I am working hard to set it up where I am pleased with what is there, and that has not happened yet! I realize it will take time, and I will be fair to myself and patient as well... So to all of you who visit me, know my heart is always with you, even if I miss a post or two! Etsy is a blessing, I never knew about or even heard of Etsy before I started blogging!! I have many years long prayed for a shop of my own, and along came Etsy!! Though not the store front I so envisioned, it is a wonderful step in the right direction I believe.

Have you ever longed for something and waited and waited, and when it did finally come it came in a form you would have never expected? All of us have those stories, but our heart has to be in a place that does not allow us to miss it when it passes through... Sometimes we want something so badly, when it does not match the vision in our heads, we toss it aside even though it screams everything we ever wanted. I am asking God everyday to allow me to see life through His eyes. In that way, I will have a much better chance at receiving all the many good things He has out there just waiting for me.

I wanted to give you all an up date on my sweet Mother. She has had her surgery on last Wednesday and is home now. Thank all of you for your prayers and kind words. As a matter of fact Honey and I will visiting her this evening. I told her she has lots of praying folks out there, boy she just loves that! Each of you have a fabulous week....

The smile on your face
is the light in the window
that tells people that you are at home.

Jo Petty

Smiles to you...


Friday, November 30, 2007

It's a meme....

Hello to each of you! Wow, this was a fast and furious week. So many things to do, and what seems like not enough hours to get it all done. But Friday is here, and I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend.... As I sit here tiny rain drops are softly hitting the window panes...the morning is cool, quiet and quite nice.

Back in October, Tracy at Pink Purl tagged me for a meme asking Why Do you Craft? I enjoyed hers so much and was delighted to do my own! For this was a topic after thine own heart! :o) So sit back and take a few moments and find out why I love crafting so much!

1. When did you start to craft and make crafts?

You know I really want to say about twenty three years ago when a sweet friend taught me to cross stitch. But I really thought about this question and my mind ran back to fourth or fifth grade when my creative side started to show. I remember ever so clearly loving to write, not just any old writing, but creative writing one would say. I would carefully place little curls on the ends of all my words resembling tiny curly grapevine swirls. Once I completed my work, I would raise it up to take a look and with a big smile pass it in. Needless to say, my teacher was not happy about it at all! Could my tiny grapevine curls have been a hint of things to come...I really do think so! :o)

2. Why did you start creating?

Like my little curls, it just plain felt good! There is so much joy in creating something with your hands, seeing it literally come alive before your eyes. Not to mention to see the joy it brings to others! For me there are few things that can compare.

3. Why do you create?

I do not believe creating is something I chose, it chose me. It is simply a part of my very being... You know, I am one of those that believe God places certain gifts and talents within us. Some things are learned and sought after and somethings are given...

4. What do you create?

Oh my, I am one of those crafters who loves to put my hands in many things! I taught myself to knit about four years ago and loved it! I have knitted hats, socks, scarves, lap blankets and more. Today's yarns and fibers are so beautiful, I cannot stay away from them! I sew a little, and gift pillows are one of my favorite things to make, I also love to make sachets and pincushions! I once made my entire bedroom over with valences, pillows, pillowcases, shams and matching bed skirt....once was enough for me, but it was beautiful I must say. I love to cross stitch, write, and are thinking of learning to crochet soon! But paper is my first crafting love!! :o)

5. Has this change since you began crafting?

Some what, in the beginning of my crafting years I did lots of stitching, and sewing and very little else. But about nine years ago when paper came into my life...I work everything else round it, and no matter what I am fixated with at the moment I always come back to paper....always! I guess it really was something to my tiny grapevine curlies on the ends of all those words after all! :o)

6. What are your crafting goals for the future?

To create a beautiful line of paper lovely things! While still enjoying so many other forms of crafting I adore....yes that's it!! One thing I must say before closing, the most important thing I have learned over the many years of designing and crafting is to be true to thine own self. Embrace the unique gifts God has so graciously given you, and do not forget to share them with others.

There are so many of you wonderful crafters out there, oh my goodness and blogging has allowed me to meet many of you. If you feel you would like to do this meme please do, and be sure and let me know you did because I do not want to miss it! Have a lovely weekend....

Meekness is not weakness

Jo Petty

Smiles to you...


Monday, November 26, 2007

Catching Up On It All.....

Well a big hello to all of you!! I hope each one of you had a Happy Thanksgiving! I know this post is suppose to be a meme, but I am going to have to put it off just a little longer because I have some plain old catching up to do! :o) First let me say, thanks to all of you for taking part in my 50th post celebration. Again, Congrats to Mary Isabella! I enjoyed it a whole bunch!

Many of you may know I won the recent give-away at sweet Lynda's blog Hedgerow Hollow. Well my little birds just arrived in the mail. I have not yet taken photos, but could not wait to share the news! They are the sweetest little fabric birds made with lots of love and thought....absolute beautiful job Lynda! Lynda has recently opened an Etsy shop filled with her sweet birds, they are beautiful on screen, but wait till you get one in your hands...I will cherish mine forever.... I will be putting a link on my blog today for my new Etsy Shop. The note card above and tag are from a line I am creating called "Mother's Garden", a line of garden and floral images. If you love simple but elegant, you will love "Mother's Garden". Please visit, and tell me what you think.

A few weeks back, BJ over at Sweet Nothings awarded me two Awards! The new "Community Blogger Award" and a "You Make Me Smile" award. To see the awards scroll to the bottom right. Thank you so much BJ, and a big congratulations on all the beautiful awards you have been receiving! :o) I know traditionally we are suppose to pass these awards along to specific others, but I want to award all my readers with both awards and thank you so much for all your kindness towards me....thanking you with all my heart.

A brand new week is upon us...what do you have planned? I think I will start to look for inspiration for new line of paper goodies I have in mind called "tea time and roses"! By the way what do you think of the new banner and background! You have a fabulous week...

It seems to me that we often, almost sulkily,
reject the good that God offers us because,
at the moment, we expected some other good.

C. S. Lewis

Hugs to you...


Saturday, November 24, 2007

And The Winner Is........

Thanks so much for each of you who helped me in my celebration!! We have a winner..... Mary Isabella from Daisy Bouquet! Congratulations Mary! Please e-mail me with your mailing address, and I will get your gift off to you right away!

I wrote each of your names on a piece of paper folded them tightly and placed them all in a pillowcase, and shake shake shake! Honey turned his back and pulled out a name and it was sweet Mary Isabella! I appreciate all the lovely and encouraging comments you left regarding my dear Mother, your kindness I hold dear. Hope each of you are having a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday weekend. I will be building myself a large turkey sandwich today....yummy!

Hope you stop by my little Etsy shop on next week, and please let me know what you think ok. My next post I have some award news to share with you and a meme I have been trying to get to! Once again thank you so much, and have a beautiful weekend....

Smiles to you....


Sunday, November 18, 2007

My 50th Post......

Yes it is my 50th post, and I want to celebrate it with my first give-away ever! I started blogging in March, it was my first month and I thought it would be my last. For that was the month my dear sweet Mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, our world was turned upside down... I did no posting the following month, and with much encouragement from Honey I slowly started to post again. It has been a difficult time for our family, Mom is feeling much better, regaining her strength and we all are looking to a beautiful future and long years with our dear Mother.... I cannot begin to tell you just what all of you have meant to me in these last several months. I am honored to call you my friends.

Many of you know I love books as many of you do! "Friends are Flowers" is one of my favorite books, and I have quoted many of its beautiful poems on the blog. It is filled with the most beautiful gardens, flowers, and a host of lovely thoughts and stories on friendships... I wish so much that I could give one to each and everyone of you, but hopefully who ever receives the book will post a lovely sentiment from the book every once in a while for all of us to enjoy. I had to include these lovely embossed soaps of three ladies at tea...these are mine, but yours will be all sealed and unopened...they are beautiful!

To be a part of the give-away all you need to do is post a comment, that's it! The deadline for the give-away is Friday November 23rd at midnight, and I will announce the winner on Saturday! Wishing each of you a Happy Thanksgiving. Have wonderful week!

A Friend Is Someone Who Listens
With Her Heart...

from Friends are Flowers

Smiles to you...


Monday, November 12, 2007

A Tiny Peek.....

A big hello to each of you... I hope the weekend brought nothing but smiles to you and your families. Mine was a great one, lots of little things to attend to... You know those not so big chores, but they must be taken care of... All in all it was a most wonderful, quiet and pretty restful weekend.

What do you think of this sweet wall paper border I found! I have been out looking for fabulous vintage finds, and I must say I have done pretty well with this border... It was enough to make beautiful scrolls tied with a ribbon and accented with a beautiful shell button... Perfect for collage art, carding making, and pretty enough to frame. There are four beautiful images... I also have some vintage sewing notions, embroidery threads in beautiful cherry, rose and a soft gold color... I guess you can tell I am pretty excited! I really am! Just two weeks till the shop opens!

You know, the older I get the more I am learning about me...but that is how it should be right! I have been doing a little more rushing around the last couple of weeks and working longer hours than usual, not too many more but longer... I just felt a little I sat quietly for a few moments on yesterday evening to do a little listening. I do not do well when my "activities of daily living" are not balanced... Too much work not enough rest... Too much food not enough movement... Too much noise not enough quiet moments... Too much chatter not enough listening... So I think I will pamper myself a bit this week! Take a few more quiet tea breaks, listen to my favorite music, enjoy a wonderful movie, eat light and healthful, listen more intently, move more, and I might even make an on-line purchase of something pretty! LOL! What do you have planned for this week...

Laugh a little...sing a little
As you go your way!
Work a a little
Do this everyday!

Jo Petty

Have a most wonderful week....


Friday, November 9, 2007

It's Friday Already.......

Friday already, wow this week flew by! I have been busy in the studio, and my original plan was to post on Monday, but I had to take a moment to wish each of you a most fabulous weekend! I also wanted to share this beautiful poem with you by Helen Steiner Rice a wonderful woman and poet, she is no longer with us but her beautiful work will always remain....

No Prayer Goes Unheard

Often we pause and wonder
when we kneel down to pray
Can God really hear
The prayers that we say...
But if we keep praying
And talking to him
He'll brighten the soul
That was clouded and dim.
As we continue to pray
Our burden seems lighter
Our sorrow is softened
And our outlook is brighter.
For though we feel helpless
And alone when we start,
Our prayer is the key
That opens the heart.
And as our heart opens
The dear Lord comes in
And the prayer that we felt
We could never begin
For the Lord understands
And gives us new strength
By the touch of His hands.

Helen Steiner Rice
from her book "Loving Promises"

Smiles to each of you....have a fab weekend!


Monday, November 5, 2007

Harvest Glow And Thanksgiving.....

Yummy....wish you could smell this candle, it is amazing! Carmel Apple, a lovely soy candle sent to me from Romona at Lots of Little Things... The candle was beautifully wrapped along with a sweet beaded pumpkin and lots of old school know the ones, mary jane, slo pok, bit-o-honey and some caramel and boy was it good!! :o) I tried so hard to get a clear picture of the flame, but to no avail,. But just for a moment imagine a melt in your mouth good caramel apple. The crispness of the apple, the smell of delicious caramel...delicious indeed!

I hope all of you had a most wonderful weekend and a fabulous week... I was quite productive I must say, and although I did not do much blogging I did do some visiting and I must share with you this most wonderful blog. Her name is Cielo and her blog is "house in the roses".... Now this is a new blog, she has only been blogging since October 30 and I so enjoyed her poems, her thoughts and the plain beauty of this blog. I hope you stop by and say hello....

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and I can feel myself getting excited... Family, food, sharing, smiles, words of thanksgiving , a special time for so many of us... I have already started to plan my menu... But one thing for sure I have to have plenty of cranberry sauce for my little grand daughter...she has already put in her request! :o) What is it about Thanksgiving that is special to you, and what is your favorite must have dish. The one you wait all year to enjoy, and enjoy it you will!!

It will be another busy week for me, as I am sure it will be for much to do so little time. I will be spending lots of time in the studio, and when I cannot take it anymore I will move to the kitchen table! Change of scenery does me creatively good LOL! You all have a most fabulous week....

A loving heart is the truest wisdom

Jo Petty

Smiles to you....


Monday, October 29, 2007

Bits and Pieces.....

Well hello to all of you! It is a quiet Monday morning, and most of all a clear and beautiful morning... The task of getting so many families the help they need in effort to get them on the way of rebuilding is now taking place... I have seen so many sadden faces over the past week, so many tears so much pain...and yet I have seen many smiles on the faces of those so thankful their families are safe and together ready to move forward... I've tried to put myself in their place, which I realize is impossible. I would like to say what I would do in tragedy such as this, but the truth is I just do not know...

I discovered a really sweet blog "Lots of Little Things" not too long ago. I am enjoying it so much! Well I won Romona's candy corn count contest... a jar full of delicious candy corn and you had to guess how many was in that jar! Well I did it, I was close enough to be one of the winners and was sent a most beautiful yummy surprise by Romona... I will be posting photos on my next post! But I will tell you this, Romona is a girl after thine own heart!

I am working so hard to open my little Etsy shop... Why oh why does it seem like it's all kinda blurry right now. I want to see clearly LOL! I have been cutting, punching, and cutting and punching, but it seems as though the more I cut the more I need to cut! Honey encourages me in reminders of my set backs in the past weeks, and I guess he is right. I have decided to take a deep breath and enjoy the process. And I have been doing this long enough to know...a work done in joy is bound to be your best work...

I have so many wonderful things planned for you in the shop... So so many paper goodies, from antique papers for collage, vintage paper finds, tags which I love, there is so much you can do with a beautiful tag and I am one who believes when giving a gift that your packaging should be a gift in its self! Note cards, mini tea invites...a tiny note card you slip to a friend inviting her to tea or just for a visit, I just know you will love these! A Couture line using Swarovski Crystals... These crystals are beautiful and add ooh la la to tags and cards... The tags shown have the crystals in topaz...lovely lovely! I have set a grand opening date for Novemberb 25 Thanksgiving weekend. One to one hundred pieces that is the date LOL! I have lots of work to do till then and I will remember to...enjoy the process. :o)

If the whole world followed you,
Followed to the letter,
Tell me...
Would the world be better?

Jo Petty

Have a most lovely week...


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

So much better.....

I am so so much better, I cannot remember the last time I was that ill... Not a long post here today, as many of you may know San Diego is fighting several wildfires and thousands and thousands of evacuations... Most of the evacuations are taking place in the north east and east counties. Honey and I live in the west just minutes from the ocean, we are ok although all schools, colleges and universities in all counties are closed until further notice. To give you an idea just how close we are to the fires, it would take about fifteen to twenty minutes to reach any of these areas by car... We are glued to our televisions and the internet watching the every move of these fires, and have done little else for the past few days... We need your prays, and thank you to each and everyone of you for your kindness regarding my little bug.... I remember my Mom use to say when we were children "If it aint one thing, it is another"... That may be true sometimes, but I am hanging in there. It will all be behind us soon...

Look forward to another post in a few days... I have some good things to share! :o) Some work in progress, and some Etsy Shop news! Talk to you all in a few days...

Lovely thoughts.....


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Oh No....

Fever, chills, headache, nausea, weakness.... I feel horrible. I spent the entire day in bed yesterday. Honey stayed home from work to help me, and will be home today. I am the one who hardly ever gets the bug, but the bug sure got me! I am going to lie down now, I feel a wee bit dizzy...but in a few days I know I will be back to my old self again. :o)



Friday, October 12, 2007

Home Sweet Home.....

Hoping each of you had a most beautiful week. These weeks seem to fly by. With so much to do so many places to be, the end of the week comes upon you rather quickly... My camera was not behaving well yesterday evening, so I had to search my pictures for some photos for my post today. I know some of you may have already seen my first photo some months back, I hope you don''t mind it once more. :o) But to most of you they are all brand new!

You ever visit a friend, or family member who has a humble dwelling. Nothing fancy, but it is something so peaceful and comforting about visiting them. They have little treasures sitting around in the form of things they love and cherish. All these little treasures seem to have a story... This was given to me by my great aunt... My mom she gave this to me when I was a little girl... and you watch her as she carefully places it back in its place, you smile because you realize that's just why you love your home so much... My home brings a smile to my face every time I step through the door, not because it is dressed with the finest in furnishings nor have I been ask if it can be used in the next big motion picture movie LOL! But it has little touches of love all over that really make me smile. That is what I love so much about my friends in blog land... So many of you have allowed so many others to see another side of beauty another reasons for loving your homes so much, and I love that!!

You remind me to continue to appreciate all my little tea cups, linens, family recipes, a bowl of beautiful fresh strawberries to all of my little vintage thrifted treasures. You are an inspiration!! Speaking of little treasures, I found this little basket while out thrifting. The photo does not show its true beauty, it has pretty little silk leaves and beaded berries. I will have to take another photo for you. My little tricycle I have had for a while, but boy do I love that little thing. Sometimes it is the simple things that bring so much happiness to you, your home and those around you....

Yes, it's pretty hard, the optimistic old woman admitted.
I have to get along with only two teeth
one upper, one lower
but, thank goodness they meet!

Jo Petty


Monday, October 8, 2007

Heart Talk......

This morning, I slept in a little later than I had planned. Jumping up looking at the clock, I could not believe it was eight a.m.. The last time I checked it was only six-thrity! It only felt like a few more moments of sleep! So getting out of bed, I sat for a spell and here I am. I decided to do my posting first then have breakfast. I am dreaming of a cup of coffee with whipped cream on top, I am not much of a coffee drinker, and think I am one of a few people who have not had a Starbucks cup of coffee as yet. Nope, I take that morning several years back, Honey picked me up a small cup. Hmmmm for some reason I never had another, and if I was a pretty pricey cup of coffee. :o) I hope my sister is not reading this, she is a Starbucks fan, as a matter of fact, I can almost say one of their biggest fans LOL! Must be something special about them, they have millions of loyal Starbuckers! :o)

I checked the blog yesterday evening, and had the sweetest comment from a new reader Deanna at "My Love Affair With Thrift Shops". She congratulated me on receiving the " A Blog With A Heart Award "on my new blog "A Lilac In My Path" given to me by Phyllis at "Shabby In The City". Now I know many of you know Phyllis, a precious lady with a big heart. If you have not yet visited her please do, you will be so delighted...

Deanna is the designer of this beautiful award, and went on to say she had been reading Tea Time and Roses for a couple of weeks now and feel this blog deserves it too... I still remember so clearly the moment I made my first post to Tea Time and Roses, I was so nervous I could hardly get the words down. I had been reading blogs for almost a year before I said ok I can do this! During that year I never left one comment... So all of you out there who read but do not comment. It is not that bad you can do it! Take it from a girl who knows, once you get started you will be one commenting queen LOL! And hearing from you is such a delight! To see the "A Blog With A Heart" award just scroll down, and it is on the right. Also be sure and visit Deanna... Thank you Deanna and Phyllis so much, and I am both humbled and pleased for your thoughts on Tea Time and A Lilac in My Path...

To each of you out there, who take time and read and leave a sweet word. I just want you to know, I really want you to know just how much it warms my heart. Tea Time and Roses and now A Lilac In My Path is not a means for passing time, for me it is from the heart.... You all are a great bunch of ladies...

A merry heart
make a cheerful countenance.
But by sorrow of the heart
the spirit is broken.

Proverbs 15:13

Have a lovely week each of you....


Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A few of my favorite things......

Hello everyone, I hope your week has been wonderful thus far... For me, it has been very good more house cleaning than crafting! But a wonderful one none the less...

I wanted to share something different with you this week... A few of my favorite things! Of course there is a story behind each little piece. I think I will do this in three parts through out the season. I hope you enjoy it!!

I was so excited when my daughter brought these tiny little boxes home to me! They actually were little sewing kits with needles and tiny spools of thread inside. They make perfect pill boxes, and trinket holders, and she paid less than four dollars for all of them! I have had them now approximately five years and they still look so pretty no tarnishing or fading! I love them so much. I carry one with me when I have a weekend away and leave the others tucked away in my treasure box... Yes, I actually have a treasure box where I keep little goodies I find..

This photo does not capture the true beauty of this locket... The chain is about thirty inches long. The locket opens with enough room for a small picture or another small treasure. A gift given to me from my dear sweet Mother.... Notice the little butterfly on front.

Out visiting our favorite little shops, I came across this bracelet, and the price was just right! After close examination...there was not one stone missing and the bracelet fits me perfectly. I am a big girl and finding bracelets to fit and look good can be a problem at times. But this one was just waiting for me and I love it!

How many of you out there love beaded bags!! I sure do, oh my goodness I sure do! This one had two of my favorite things roses and beads. The roses are all embroidered and so pretty... I am so glad God made me a girl, just look at what I would be missing!

I plan to get some crafting done this weekend and have something new to show you... I have not worked on my embroidery for a while, and I am trying to finish up a scarf I have been working on for quite some time. Remember, I have a few of my favorite things to share with you throughout the season. Have a wonderful rest of the week...

Ones destination
is never a place but rather
a new way of looking at things.

Henry Miller



Friday, September 28, 2007

Precious little book.....

Well hello.... I cannot believe it is Friday already! I hope each of you had a most wonderful week. I am very pleased with the progress I made this week. My mental list is now on paper, and I am checking them off!

I know most of you probably save greeting cards like I do, especially the ones that come from those special people in your life... I still have little notes and hand made cards my daughter made for me in school...that is a long time, but like you I will have them forever. Honey and I have stored away our sweet letters we wrote when he was away at sea as a new sailor! We sometimes take them out and spend an afternoon reading them... You know, I have to laugh at some of the things we said to one another...young and in love.

As you know, I love designing and making cards. These beautiful vintage rose cards were made by using the pages of a little book I had that for some reason was totally falling apart. All the pages lifted from the spine, and no way would I throw out these beautiful pages. I had already read the book with its beautiful poems and thoughts on the true beauty of a women. So I decided to use the pages and make cards... You had a glance at two cards in a distance in my silhouette post, but I wanted to share the rest with you. Making these card were wonderful and I feel like I made good use of that precious little book...I even use the content page LOL!

I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend. It is suppose to be cool here and that is nice. I am enjoying the cooler weather. Autumn, I call it the quiet time of year. You have a fantastic weekend each of you....

I shall grow old, but never lose life's zest
Because the road's last turn will be the best.
Expect the best!
It lies not in the past.
God ever keeps the good wine to the last.

Jo Petty

Monday, September 24, 2007

Thanking you..... getting it done

Thank each and everyone of you for your sweet and kind comments regarding "Silhouette". I wish you could peek in my heart right now... it is both full and overflowing. I thank you so much.

We are at the start of a brand new week. I have been going over a mental list of things I would love to get accomplished this week. I have some projects I really need to complete... Then on to my... I must say the C word here, yes Christmas, not shopping but crafting. I love crafting and designing for the holidays. But first things first....I better get with it, but I must admit, the little bug of procrastination bites me sometimes. But I am so determined that this week I will start no new little adventure, no new stitches, no new knitting patterns, I vow to complete what I know I must do!! :o)

I wanted to share a few photos with you, from raindrops that fell this weekend to the beautiful clouds that followed to a lovely sunset and of course some pretty flowers...

These beautiful raindrops were so welcomed... The picture was taken Saturday morning from my studio window.

Beautiful clouds that formed later that morning after the rain had fallen... The rain washes the sky clean and leaves all theses beautiful clouds....

Photo of a lovely flower taken that very same day... All dried and looking just gorgeous!

A man sitting in solitude enjoying the beauty of a sunset uninterrupted and undisturbed....

What Do You Really Need?

The grand essentials to happiness
in this life are
something to do, something to love,
and something to hope for.

Joseph Addison

Have a most lovely week.....